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Anyone know about kidney stones?

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My midwife suspects I may have them, but I don't want to get the diagnostic ultrasound until this baby gets here. Are there any ways to bust them up naturally? She mentioned something about lemon juice. Anyone had em? How did you know?
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My father suffered with these. He managed to pass many of them without the help of the med establishment by simply drinking water NONSTOP. Eventually he ended up in the ER though. He is fine now. He is convinced that sugary drinks worsened his condition. I will ask him how he battled them tomorrow when he comes to try and make my damn scanner work.

Ouch! I know they are painful. Sorry you are experiencing that.
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Actually, I don't feel a thing. I've had a UTI for 3 years (yes, YEARS) now, and my preterm labor symptoms point to stones, I think. I've been taking dandelion root and cranberry, but they're not even touching the infection. Now i've got ketones, lucocites (sp?) and blood in my urine. But I don't feel anything. Beats me.
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Oy, I suffered chronic UTI for nearly two years. I ended up on an intensive antibiotic therapy. Bad news I guess.

Hmmm maybe it is not. Sounds like it is to me too, but maybe not. They only hurt when you pass them I think. Anyway, I will see what my dad says. But in the meantime I am sure you will get some much more knowledgable answers. Take care. How far along are you?
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