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Originally Posted by gun View Post
Quick question about the magazines - are they magazines you would normally buy? Or do you go to whatever strikes your fancy for some reason?
i don't buy magazines as a rule. i can't afford them and i don't have the time to read them. so i buy what strikes my fancy! it's fun! i actually end up spending like $40 and then cut them up and i don't even end up reading them afterwards

i pick up all sorts of things: herb magazines, mom ones, Pagan ones, homesteading ones, whatever floats my boat. i go to the fun out-of-the-way local bookstores and the health food stores and places i'd never find the offbeat kinds of mags otherwise. it's so exciting just buying them! and then i also peruse the free ones at the library and the co-op. this year i need to try to keep spending down. it's all on credit and that's one area i haven't gotten much manifestation in as of yet. it would help if i got serious about budgeting and debt. i will have to think hard about that this year

go have fun!
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since this is my first time doing one - is there is a place i can read about the different "spots" you are talking about.....like money spots? relationships? etc.. i assume its feng shui but is there a very simple explanation of it? i'm hosting a vision board party and want to be able to explain it to others too!
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Today I threw away a boom box that wasn't working for years, and repaired two chairs.
It's about baby steps
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I am soooo excited!!!! : Last night I finished decluttering and organizing the worst room in our house! That particular room has had various names: den, playroom, sewing room, staging area (for home improvement projects, no garage or basement), extra room... and now I've decided to call it the Project Room for awhile.

Next up in the decluttering plan is the family office. It got started this month due to swapping of furniture with the extra room and it is a usable disaster at this moment. I have a built-in deadline since we are having our DD's birthday party in our home the third weekend in March.

These two rooms are the only messy rooms in our house and it is very typical for me to clean them up and then for them to get out of whack shortly thereafter. I have finally figured out (duh! LOL) that there is simply too much stuff in these two rooms. I gave away a LOT of stuff from the extra room cleaning and organizing project. The family office needs the same treatment!

I can totally see how decluttering/cleaning/organizing is a great precursor to treasure mapping. I am familiar with vision boards and am guessing TM is a slightly more formal version. Personally, I would feel distracted at my desk right now and not get very far if I were to do a TM or vision board right now. I am thrilled with the timing and how everything is perfectly aligned for my success for my first TM!
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Originally Posted by mcmrymoon View Post
since this is my first time doing one - is there is a place i can read about the different "spots" you are talking about.....like money spots? relationships? etc.. i assume its feng shui but is there a very simple explanation of it? i'm hosting a vision board party and want to be able to explain it to others too!
ohh, there used to be a mom who knows a TON about that stuff.... i think i might still have the link she gave? poopy, nope. but if you google it, there are TONS.... like here's one i like. i think most of us do the really basic-- stand at your front door... from there, start at the far left top corner:

abundance / fame / relationships
family & home / self & health / children & creativity
self knowledge & wisdom / life path / helpful people & travel

at least, that's off the top of my head, so any corruptions/mistakes are purely my own, lol.....

yay decluttering! :

i'm sort of doing the opposite, as we got rid of most our stuff a few years ago, for a move/extended stay with family/rebuilding our lives/etc, lol... so i'm starting to get ready to have our own place again, and ready to fill it with new and wonderful things we really love and adore and will really use well.
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Dumb Question Ahead!!!
So since Im in Iowa and it starts at 12:05pm EDT on March 26th does that mean I can start here at 10:05 a.m. ?
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I'm working on the de-cluttering. I'm starting in my room, since since I'm living with my parents right now, that's where all my stuff is. and it didn't get that pre-college cleaning out I planned last summer.... So it desperately needs it. but its rather daunting, because there is SO much stuff. oh well, I'll do what I can.
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RE: Magazines, etc.

Remember that there are lots of freebie magazines like Skirt, the Weekly Reader, etc. that you can pick up for free and use. I find them all sorts of places, grocery stores, doctor's offices, health food stores, etc.

You could pick up the freebies and start from there, then, buy magazines to "fill in" images, etc. that you couldn't find.
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so far my one time a day on the computer has been amazing! i am cleaning like a madwoman and enjoying it too! THAT in and of itself is amazing.......lol

i am going to tackle my craft room today - it is a catch all room too so that will take awhile........but i'll keep chipping away at it. the other rooms shouldn't take too long either.....

how is the journaling going for those who have started??? my boys started journals too and i couldn't be prouder!!!
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Originally Posted by aweynsayl View Post
i think most of us do the really basic-- stand at your front door... from there, start at the far left top corner:

abundance / fame / relationships
family & home / self & health / children & creativity
self knowledge & wisdom / life path / helpful people & travel

ok - last question and i think i've got it..........

when i make my map - i find an image that appeals to me - and i place that image in one of the sections that i think it fits into or that i want it to fit into??? like if there is a beautiful flower i could put it in the family & home section? so what if i do that - thinking i'd like to have a fabulous garden...but in fact the flower was ends really representing a person i am meant to meet named - say rose or something......will it still manifest?

i dont know - i think i am leaning to just gathering images and placing them whereever i feel like it..........then maybe looking at the chart after i am done to see what it reveals about my unconscious placement of the images......kwim?
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I'm not going with a chart I think. If I feel like it at the time, I'll divide it into sections how I feel, but I doubt I'll be inspired to such set divisions.

hmmm *wonders where that sort of freebie mag might be availible since the pharmacy that used to have that sort of thing and so many other wonderful things closed*

so while my piles from everything on the "desk side" of the room are sorted piles, I decided to do my underwear drawer. *huh*? I discovered bras and underwear from when I was 12 years old. Ooops. The bras are oh, 4-5 sizes too small? and the underwear has holes in it. Now I'm just debateing throwing it out. (actually, the bras I might see if Goodwill will take, since they're in good condition. One even still has the tags LOL). I also discovered tens of unmatched socks, and stockings with huge runs. and my "bf" lingerie LOL (which I couldn't find last time I visited him)

I was too daunted by the idea of cleaning my whole room without some visable progress (like woo one drawer cleaned out)
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totally on a decluttering kick!

i cleaned out three boxes of stuff that has been in boxes for our last four moves, that's about 3.5 years, and i threw away most of it!! it's so weird the stuff i was _attached_ to that has been in boxes for almost four years and i find that i don't care about it at all anymore.

next is to work on the sewing machine area. heh. fabric scraps are just so irresistible, for their_potential_ that never ends up happening. bleh.

in positive news my mom's visit is coinciding with the treasure mapping day which is awesome because we're going to do them together, and really, we want our physical locations to be much closer so it seems fortuitous to do our mapping together.
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I just wanted to give a to everyone on their decluttering so far!!! I'm slowly chugging away as well.. My next project is to go through our food supplies and donate what we'll never eat.. Decluttering is hard because while I'm not a hoarder at all, my husband is big time and he refuses to get rid of a lot of stuff

I was wondering how specific one should get with their board. Is it a kind of.. whatever feels right to you thing?
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I just want to thank everyone for the inspiration. I tackled my closet this week. I've lost a lot of weight in the last year, so all the fat clothes are gone. If I have clothes that fit, I won't have the incentive of tight pants if I start re-gaining. So this is helping declutter my house & keep my body decluttered from the extra pounds .

My son's daycare is also asking for any unused toys so I will review that this week. But he's only 1 so I don't have a big stash - but definitely more than we need.

I'll be on vacation for the new moon, but will be visiting my folks. My mom is in an inspiration slump right now so I'm going to get her to do one as well. I think it will be a great sharing moment.
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The last few years I have divided my board up by the feng shui baguas but this this I feel like my map will be much more freestyle.

Sprouthead ~ I also have a dh who hoards clutter, sigh! On being specific or not I think it very much a personal thing. My last 2 TMs have been pretty broad but this year I feel will be much more specific for me. I think you will feel guided to the best way for you.

Tackling ds1s room today, both kids are home and dh is at work so wish me luck!
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I spent 7 hours cleaning the loft room yesterday. Six trash bags full! I'm still not done, and I'd like to weed out my closet from anything that doesn't fit. The room feels so much better!
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My adult son is moving out to his own apartment today! That's a decluttering of sorts.
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Wow, E.V., that is a big change!

My physical/mental decluttering proceeds apace.

I am having my one day a week online and working through my todo list -- kept track of every time I had the thought "I want to google XYZ" and am happy with the better organization of my time.

Now I am having my Sunday coffee with MDC and trying to refrain from getting into a discussion on a topic I have strong opinions about and would ordinarily jump into. I don't need the stress...don't want to use my precious online time in feelings of defensiveness...need to spend time with people whose energy is working with mine, not in conflict with mine....
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i worked hard on my herbal area. and the basement (which isnt a basement of doom or anything, but is very nice.)
then i worked on the kitchen, next is the rest of the house. the shop really needs some work, not a ton or anything, just some work to get it very nice. or maybe it does need a ton of work and i am jsut thinking positive.
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posting to sub and to report my decluttering has started albeit slowly...

i am preggers though so i'm not being too hard on myself about it. we just moved so as i unpack i'm tossing anyhthing that seems extra into a donation box. hopefully can do the same when we start getting some of our stuff out of storage. i'm one that has a hubby whos a bit of a packrat too....
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