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I can't leave the relationship so I am trying to do whatever I can to make it better. I work hard at trying to do everything correctly, to not upset him, but it's not working out.
You can leave the relationship. you really really can. And you will be ok. Once the air clears you will find strength and wisdom and hope you forgot you had.

and you will never be good enough by his standards. but believe me. you are just fine. and you will be great.


I suffered for a long time and tried being perfectly submissive, taking the blame for everything, putting my foot down, giving him freedom, reigning it in and then it started getting violent and then the whole thing blew up. and he was never half as bad as your husband sounds. GET OUT! you don't have to file for a divorce. you don't have to go crazy. just take a break until he gets a grip. take a break until you can think clearly and decide what to do. take a break while you pray about it and see what God wants. just take a break and make decisions later when you can look at this objectively.
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It sounds like your husband is using religion as a weapon against you to get his way and to remain a spoiled child rather than as a belief system to live by to become a good person. Your not married to someone who's going to care about any bible verse that's going to go against his getting his own way.
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Every town, no matter how small, has a shelter or resources for women who suffer from domestic violence and abuse. You need to call your police or sheriff's office and get out now. It won't be easy. But your children deserve better than this. You must show them that this is not right and will not be tolerated. Go and do not look back. For your children.

Domestic discipline is wrong. The church you attend is wrong. Don't let yourself and your children stay trapped in this spot. Do you want your daughters leading the life you currently lead? Of course not.

Go now. Today.
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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post
I have edited my post. I really am sorry I offended. That was never my intention.

Gurumama, I am sorry to you as well, as I took your post wrong (it was posted directly after one of my posts and just read it wrong). I am sorry.

I am also sorry to the OP, as well as anyone else, that I offended with my popcorn smilie. It is just a "standard lurking" smilie that I use to "placemark" my threads that I am coming back to, one that I can type quickly with only one hand while not looking at the keyboard. I did not mean for it to come across wrong. I will attempt to be more mindful in the future.
I have to mark threads all of the time to come back too.
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Still : for you.
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You are in my prayers. You posted a year ago that if you left he would kill you. I pray that you will find a safe place and help from law enforcement. You know that leaving is the time you are the most unsafe...but once you have left and gone some where you can be protected and protect yourself and your children, each day will make you safer.
Please protect your children from seeing their mother, their heart, demeaned, threatened and hurt.
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how are you doing?
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