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City/Town Recommendations?

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I really want to move. I HATE cold weather and I've been bugging DP to move for quite a while. If he ever agrees, I'm outta here in a heartbeat. Anyone want to recommend a queer-friendly place that isn't cold and snowy/rainy? I need lots of sun.

I'm from Texas, and although I understand that some people consider Austin gay-friendly, I lived there for 12 years and find that it's changed and is more conservative than it used to be (just moved away 3 yrs ago)...and DP thinks it's too hot. Lol. Somewhere in between hot and cold?
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We live in the Bay Area of California and love it. 30 minutes from San Francisco, great weather, and open minded people all around. We walk down the streets of our town holding hands and nobody looks twice.

Only problem...it's SO expensive! We're trying to find a 2 bedroom with a dishwasher, washer/dryer, and accepts cats to rent for under $1000 and it's almost imposible. But I was raised in this area and think it's an ideal place to have a family, so while I'm willing to move a little further away from Sillicon Valley, I really want to stay in CA!
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Wel, I would recommend Atlanta, specifically the Decatur area. Georgia is certainly not queer friendly as a state... but the Atlanta area is great. We've never had a problem being out in public around here! And it's warm most months of the year.
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It won't help you with the warm, but we love Providence! Cool, progressive, affordable...

The downsides are a lack of jobs, and, of course, the winter.

But man I'd be thrilled to have another trans-family around here.
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I'd heard that about Atlanta, thank you! I'd definitely move there. We just went to Florida and it was the coldest it's been in 8 yrs, but hey, it was still a ton warmer than NY!
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Hmm, Tucson has the same groovy feel as Austin, but without big-hat state legislators and good old boys. Of course, if Austin's too hot for ya, Tucson will be too.
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I've just moved to Oregon, and though I don't know it too well, I'm liking it quite a bit. Portland is quite gay friendly. Here it's much more mild than NY climate(I'm from MA and just moved from Long island), lots of stuff to do.

Only problem is that the diversity is seriously not up to par with most other urban areas. That is unfortunately a big issue for me, as I would like my children to see others that look like them. It does exist here, but not as common.
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I've heard great things about Asheville, North Carolina. I'm not sure how warm it is in the winter, but it's got to be warmer than NY.

Also, my sister tells me about some town close to Mendocino, CA that is apparently quite the queer village. . . the name is escaping me at the moment.

This is the time of year when anyplace warmer starts to sound lovely, but I love the seasonal variety here in New England. I don't think we'd appreciate the spring nearly as much without the winter. And it would be very hard for us to move to a less queer-friendly place, which I assume most places would be.

Good luck!

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I would be in Portland in a heartbeat, but DP refuses to move to a different coast.
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Originally Posted by lexbeach View Post
Also, my sister tells me about some town close to Mendocino, CA that is apparently quite the queer village. . . the name is escaping me at the moment.
Could be Guerneville? But it's more inland. It's a total queer village. Very cute and right on the Russian River. I was on a road trip in Northern California in the summer of 2007 and we stopped there for a couple of days. Mendocino is also very beautiful. I love northern California.

Raene, you could always move to the balmy west coast of Canada! Vancouver is mild in the summer and the winter for the most part! But you'd have to get used to the rain.
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I gotta put a plug in for my lovely Albuquerque. Lots of sunshine, not too cold in the winter but there are mountains with snow a very short drive away, if you miss it. It's queer-friendly here too. I moved here from Pennsylvania 8 years ago and have never ever regretted it!
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chiming in on the beauty of Mendocino, CA. i don't live there, but my partner's sister got married to her partner in the woodlands up there and it was the best weekend ever! route 1 up the CA coast is to die for. i swear it's the most beautiful strip of highway ever.

i live in dallas. i would not recommend anything in texas. in fact, we are moving to NYC this year.
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I've also heard great things about Asheville, NC.

It won't fix the winter issue entirely, but Southwestern Ontario, Toronto, that area, has much milder winters than where you are.

I have a couple of friends in Atlanta, it's a little queer jewel in the south, and warm - they have seasons, but none of their seasons is a four month long deep freeze.
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We've talked about Northampton, not that it's warmer, but it's sunnier than here, which sometimes makes all the difference. We vacation there a lot and love it.

It's funny DP went to Asheville to live and only stayed a week, although they had moved all their stuff down. They being DP and an ex. They felt like the city had really bad energy. I've yet to hear that from anyone else. Never been there myself.

Albequerque, wow...that would be sooo much fun. I'm originally from West Texas and we vacationed to A. a lot for the balloon festival! How fun. And the culture is so great. I would love that.
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If you're looking for coastline then Florida is worth considering. We live in Pensacola and though they have the most churches per capita in the state we've had zero problems here. Our children have friends everywhere and we are out in the community and loud about it without any trouble.
Good Luck.
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