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After tasting dried cranberries, and enjoying the taste, I bought some raw ones at the store. They are really bitter.

How do you eat it? Prepare it? The recipe on the back is for a sauce, and it needs a lot of sugar. I tried with less sugar and it's still bitter.

Thanks, Ana
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How about another sweetener like honey or stevia? Dried cranberries from the store are usually treated with sugar which is why they taste so yummy.
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I make a cranberry butter with honey. It's like apple butter - but, with cranberries. You can eat that with anything - on meats, on toast, plain, etc. I like mine tangy, so I don't add a whole lot of honey either. I find, when cooked, the bitter taste goes away.

I don't know if you make any jams or jellies or fruit butters. But, the fruit butters are VERY easy to make.
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Yeah, the dried cranberries are prepared with a large amount of sugar.

You can try cooking them in orange juice. It's still going to be a lot of sugar. If you don't like them unless they are very sweet, it might be better to just try a new fruit.
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I make cranberry sauce with much less sugar than is usually called for, but I sweeten it by adding diced-up fresh apples too, in addition to the cranberries. Use a variety like red delicious or whatever that tends to be sweet rather than tart. You can probably also try sweet pears, or any other sweet fruit, to allow you to cut down on the amount of sugar you use.
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do a recipe search on fresh cranberry walnut loaf or fresh cranberry white chocolate cookies....yummo!
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Thanks everyone. I'll try cooking with some fruit, and if it doesn't work, then off to something else. I'm trying to have less sugar, and baking here, not more!
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You can make a cranberry/applesauce on your stovetop.

I usually just peel and slice up apples and add the cranberries with water. And just cook for sometime checking every once in awhile & stirring of course. Adding water if needed, etc.

Also I bet using Agave nectar as needed would be yummy.
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