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So I think I can finally join without jinxing anything...
I'm pregnant with our second child, though this is my 4th pregnancy. We lost two before my son. I think that's part of why I chose not to test, and just let it gradually be revealed that I am pregnant - somehow it made for less anxiety because there was never a moment, just a growing sense. My estimated due date is October 19th. I'm excited for a fall baby - my son is a spring baby, and it was wonderful to hunker down in the house for a babymoon, waiting for it to get warm. With this one, we'll have a few months for a baby moon. We are planning to give birth at the local birth center, where I gave birth to my son. After all of my fears the first time, I'm really excited to give birth again! I just made my first prenatal appointment today, and I've already started making lists.

Sphinxie! So good to see you here! maela is here too!
Hi!! Yay Shanna and Maela are in my ddc :

I'm thinking about how lovely a fall baby will be too
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Hi all

Finally introducing myself... this will be our 3rd child, due around 10/4 So excited to be here!
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I'm here and excited about #3! This may well be my last baby, so I want to make sure I can do everything the best way I can! NO pressure, right? I'm going to start looking into a HomeBirth for this time around. I'm excited and anxious to share the news, but will probably hold out as long as I can. Looking forward to sharing our joy and knowledge with each other!
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Hi Everybody, I'm introducing myself. I'm 25, married almost 2 years, and this is my first pregnancy (due Oct 16th). I'm hoping for a homebirth and planning to start calling midwives next week. I'm a fraternal twin myself, so anxious to see if I've got one or two.

I also took up lap swimming a few weeks before I got pregnant and I love it!! Highly recommended. Even though the goggles and cap make me look kind of like "The Tick."
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