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So, this might be a little premature, but I THINK I belong here!!
I'm a week or so late, but haven't gotten a BFP yet (complex story, but basically I live in a super rural place and can't get my hands on one). We've been ttc, and I haev that gut feeling, but I had two negative tests last week, so who knows. I've always had positive tests within a day of my missed period before, so I dunno!!!
I have a more detailed thread here http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1032208
Anyway, so, yeah, I think I'm pregnant! An MDC mama who lives somewhat near me is goign to get me a test and mail it out so hopefully by next week I'll have proof :
Based on my LMP I'm due right around Oct 1 (based on my suspected ovulation date, it'd be Oct 2 or 3 probably).

Oh, I guess I should add that DS 1 (age 8) is adopted (DH's son), then I had a bunch of miscarriages before finally carrying to term with DS 2 (just turned 2 this month). We've been ttc ever since my fertility returned last fall, so I'm really hopin this is a baby and that it's a sticky one!!
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Can I join?

Hello, can I join? I have just had it confirmed by the Dr that I am 5 weeks pg and due on Oct 1st.

This will be #2. We haven't told anyone yet as I had a m/c at 13wks before DD, but hopefully things will be fine with this one! I am feeling very tired already but DD is also still nursing quite a bit. A little nausea here and there, but I'm drinking lots of ginger tea!

I am so excited to be here and get to know you all - a happy and healthy nine months to everyone!
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Hi, my EDD is October 1st and this will be my second baby. I have a ds who will turn 4 next month on the day of my first midwife appointment He still nurses once or twice a day.
I'm so excited to be here. Nice to meet you all!
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hi everyone : i'm molly, this will be my 2nd baby, edd October 2nd? my ds is 4.... we have postponed having more kids for a while so i'm psyched to finally be pregnant!! i've told my parents, some friends, havent told inlaws yet or boss. we'll tell dh's parents any day now, but i hope to not show or tell my boss until i'm into my 2nd trimester...but friends at work know.... i keep on just getting excited and telling. its hard not to

i'm feeling pretty normal. if i don't eat little snacks i feel very empty and a little refluxey i've noticed, but otherwise i'm feeling okay.
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I'm so excited to be here!!!

I'm Ashleigh (25), and I'm pregnant with baby #3! We have two boys (3 and 15m)...I would love to have a little girl, but then again, another boy would be wonderful too!!! We got pregnant on my 3rd PP cycle. I'm breastfeeding ds, and plan to continue through the pregnancy. I'd love to be a tandem nurser!!!!!
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Hi everyone,
Well, I think I belong here, though I'm shocked (happily). I got a BFP yesterday. We weren't trying at all but we weren't preventing too carefully either. I haven't had much for symptoms but AF was 5 days late and I threw up yesterday out of nowhere so I grabbed a test totally expecting it to be negative and low and behold there was a very clear +. I'm going to try to get in to see my dr today to confirm things but I don't really doubt the pee stick you know? So, this will be baby #3 for us! I'm really excited, I've always wanted three, DP didn't want three but handled the news really well and was more calm and accepting of it than I was - I think I was in complete shock. I probably still am a little. Anyway, we're due October 3rd. I probably won't make it that far, I went a week early with DS#1 and a month early with DS#2 b/c of Pre-Eclampsia. I'm really hoping not to have Pre-E this time and I want to consider a home birth, but we'll wait to see how things progress. It's surprisingly nice to be here with you all!
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My EDD is October 1. I had an IUI on January 8th and tested BFP on the 24th. This is my second baby and my first pregnancy. My wonderful 3 yr old DD is adopted. We were there when she was born. DH cut the cord and I got to hold her first.

We started TTC after we had been married 2 years in October 1998. I had a number of hormone issues that finally got addressed in a non-fertility environment in 2004. DD was born in Dec 2005 and when she was about a year old I suddenly went from no periods to regular ones. I started charting again in August of 07 and this past fall started using clomid and IUIs. My DH has a few issues too. Back in 1999 he had varicele surgery and still has a lower than optimal count. I have peed on many many sticks over the years and this is the first time I’ve ever had two lines.

Even if something happens with this pregnancy just getting to this point is a victory and gives me so much hope.

After I peed on the stick I ran to find DH. We hugged and kissed and hugged some more and then I pointed out that this is exactly where we were standing (and hugging and kissing) right after we got off the phone with DD’s birthmom when she asked us to be the parents. I took that as a good sign.
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Congratulations to all! I'll be joining you too.

I found out Monday that I'm pregnant. My EDD is 1 October. I have 3 children, one boy and two girls but this is my 5th pregnancy. I am excited, shocked and nervous all at the same time. I planning for another homebirth and normal/healthy pregnancy.

Happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all.
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i would like to join. like many of you mentioned i'm hesitant to join (after 21 months of ttc & 1 m/c), but sooo happy to be here. my edd is 10/2 (our 3 yr anniversary is 10/13. this is our 1st (& maybe 2nd twins run in both sides of the family) and we may be trying for a home birth. i can't wait to get to know everyone & tackle all the big questions.
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
After I peed on the stick and I ran to find DH. We hugged and kissed and hugged some more and then I pointed out that this is exactly where we were standing (and hugging and kissing) right after we got off the phone with DD’s birthmom when she asked us to be the parents. I took that as a good sign.
Awwwwwww!!! That part made me cry.
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Hi, I'm Lara. I have a 3-year-old DS, still nursing a little bit (and I'm sooo glad that I'm not as sore so far as I was last time...) EDD is Oct. 1. We're planning a homebirth - had an out-of-hospital breech birth last time, but this time I'd like to be in my very own home!

We're trying for a girl this time, just to round things out (but I still want at least one more after this). We tried the Shettles method, but I'm afraid we messed it up a bit, since I had a double peak. (I guess we'll find out eventually if I ovulated twice, eek!) I was also taking calcium and magnesium, so we'll see.

I'm a stay-at-home mom and I babysit DS's little friend who shares his birthday. I'm a geek and I like gardening, and I spend too much time on the computer. That probably introduces me pretty well.
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Aww Masel, that is a good sign! That story made me smile!

Just saw the dr today to follow up on an apt last week for something unrelated, but got another BFP there and the EDD according to her wheel is 10/2. I'm not too worried about the date but it was nice to have the BFP confirmed. :
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I'm Leslie, 29, this will be our 2nd baby, EDD is sometime around 10/4...my cycles were still not totally regular (18 month old DD, still BFing), so who knows really? Congrats to everyone!
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Hi all!
I'm Sarah and I am expecting in early October. I have a 3 1/2 year old son and have been ttc this little one for 8 months! Needless to say I am still a bit in awe over finally seeing a positive on the test(s)!

We took December off from charting/temping/etc so I do not know exactly how far along I am (my cycles are very long and irregular) but I am thinking because of the faint positive I received on Sunday and the much less faint positive I received today, that I must be about 4-5 weeks.

More nervous about mc this time around. Probably because of how long it took to get pregnant. But I have a ton of pressure and intensity (almost like going from not pregnant to 3 months pregnant!) so I think that is a good sign that things are in full swing!

I do not have a ton of time for mdc but hope to have a chance to post/reply somewhat often. Either way, I will be reading everyone's stories and you will be in my thoughts/prayers!

It is late and that is about all I can think of right now. Good luck Mamas!
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Hi everyone! Well I'm here, I find it funny that I am because we were supposed to start avoiding this month because of the rough ride 2008 gave us. I have read back to back TCOYF and thought that DTD was totally safe while AF was visiting as I almost always ovulate almost a full month after the first day of my last AF. Yeah, I was wrong, NFP *fail* LOL! My first day of my last period was Jan. 13th. 10 days later I had classic implantation bleeding and I waited 2 days to POAS and it was positive::. I am so happy! God willing, this baby wants to be here. This will be my third and probably my last My oldest Son is 4.5 and his name is Davey, and my baby is 14 months and is named Beren (we call him Behr). He is still nursing strong and my boobs are very sore so this should be interesting. I have no plans to wean him though and I hope my supply will keep up. I think I am due around the 12th of October.
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Congrats everyone!

I'm Jenn and due with baby #2 on 10/3, my daughter is 18 months old today. The whole pregnancy thing is still sinking in, but I'm excited to be here and join all of you!
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Hello everyone! I'm due with #2 on Oct. 3rd. So that makes me 4 weeks and 5 days, I think. I'm 27 and I have an 18mo dd (and a wonderful dh and 2 cats!). This was my first time ovulating postpartum, so it feels weird to me to be pg without ever having a period yet. I don't have too many symptoms yet: slightly sore nipples (dd is still nursing a lot), a slight "heavy" feeling where my uterus is, and I think I'm already peeing more often. No morning sickness yet, but that didn't start last pg until I was about 6 weeks, so hopefully I have a couple more weeks to go. I was constantly feeling queasy until I was 16 weeks with my first pg; it was not fun.
I'm not very worried or nervous so far, but I will feel much better when I'm in the second trimester (Mar. 21st, I think! ).
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Hello there

Hi I'm Erin-I just got 2 BFPs this am-I may take another because I think I am in shock(we've been trying for 3 months). I just turned 34 and this will be baby #2 EDD Oct. 7, I have a 28 month old DD. I have only told my best friend because I was bursting at the seams and my DH is out of cell service.

I thought I wasn't pg. totally convinced myself that everyone else was getting pg and I was not, and now I am here. I have been super emotional like to the point I thought that I was crazy. I have had to pee every night for the past week or so-that got me thinking, AF did a no show yesterday, so I tested this am after Dh left for work. Plus I have wanted to go to bed at 8 pm, and sleep until 6am(except for my 3am pee wake up, ).

I am waiting impatiently for DH to get home, I'm feeling a little crazy:.
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OMG - I'm pregnant! I just got a super faint BFP this afternoon at 10dpo after 16 months of TTC. This will be our first baby! I am due on October 12.

It still doesn't quite seem real... I'm thrilled to be here.
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Originally Posted by binkin View Post
OMG - I'm pregnant! I just got a super faint BFP this afternoon at 10dpo after 16 months of TTC. This will be our first baby! I am due on October 12.

It still doesn't quite seem real... I'm thrilled to be here.
Hi Binkin! I just saw this here so, I'm parachuting in from the June DDC to say huge congratulations!::: Enjoy the next 9 months!
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