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red area under eyes on two year old-ideas?

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My two year-old son has red bags under his eyes and sometimes the red area will expand on his face. He is rubbing his eyes (I don't know if the rubbing is causing the redness or if the redness is causing the rubbing).

He has had this for about a week. I goes away completely over night and comes back over the course of the day and looks better after a nap.

This is just on the skin below his eyes, his eyes are clear, no drainage. He is acting normal, no other symptoms.

He had allergy testing this summer when he was 23 months old because he had a eczema rash on his body. The only allergy was to pollen and the rash cleared up with a little steroid cream and hasn't returned.

Any ideas?
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This does sound like an allergic reaction to me. I know when I was a child I would get purple circles under my eyes when I ate too much sugar (for example). My Mom could always just take one look at me and know.

Maybe it means that spring is coming early (wishful thinking I know).
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What do you think would be the cause? I can't think of anything that changed in our diet or environment.

What about the previous allergy testing?
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Allergic "shiners" are often caused by food allergies. And if they are delayed-reaction allergies (as opposed to immediate-reaction/anaphylactic), they will not show on a conventional allergy test (RAST or SPT). There are some alternative tests you can do, but none are 100% accurate. The best way to find food allergies is through elimination diets and food journals. Check out my blog for more info (link in sig.)
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Thank you, I am reading your blog now.

I think I am going to call for an appointment in the morning. His face looks pretty red right now and he now has a runny nose (which may be related or just an additional cold).

He had the skin test over the summer. He went on two different days for testing. The plastic trays with brushes were put on his back and 30 minutes later looked at by the allergist. They did additional testing for cat allergy since we were concerned about the cats.

My husband doesn't have allergies, I am allergic to penicillin and my husband's cousin's kids have allergies and asthma.

I had weird hives several years ago but I never found out what was causing it and it never recurred. (I kept a very detailed food and product journal to try to figure it out.)

I'll start a food journal tomorrow for my son, too.
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