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Hi all. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my question, and I apologize in advance if it has to be moved!

I'm looking for recommendations on a capsule that contains blue and black cohoshes and a place to buy it online (the only health food store nearby doesn't sell any combos). My midwife recommended Dr. Christopher's, but from what I can tell online it doesn't contain blue cohosh (only black).

The reason I'm looking for a capsule is that tinctures can be a little too much trouble for me.... Someone in Health & Healing recommended Birth Drops, but I'd really prefer a capsule.

I'm looking to have something on hand (for next week) to start "encouraging" my body to prepare for midwife suggested I start this around 39 weeks (slowing building up) to help my body not go past my due date (we're pretty confident on my dates and I've had a pretty uncomfortable pregnancy). I'm going to have trouble finding anything locally, so I was hoping for some recommendations on a trustworthy website....

I should add I'm already doing everything else I can think of (RRL tea throughout 3rd tri; EPO x 3 daily + 1 vaginally; regular light exercise & housecleaning; still working full-time; sex), and my body has been entirely unaffected so far, so I'm not really worried about it inducing labor until my body is ready. FWIW I'm refusing a "medical" induction, so this is sort of my only option...

Any advice is much appreciated. TIA.