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Man vs. Food

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Okay, I have to admit this is one of my new favorite shows. When nothing else is on and when other things are on I find myself going back to it. It's cute. And, it's fun to see all the different restaurants. Anyone else?
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absolutely LOVE IT! DH thinks I'm weird because I'm on a diet (lost 11 lbs already) and this is my favorite show. Also Top Chef. . These shows help me through my cravings I guess.
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Yeah, we are a TF family and this is still a top show of mine. I love it when he measures food with the size of his head. I took one of the recipes for country fried steak the other day and made it a TF recipe. I just love looking at all the mom and pop dives he goes too. It would be great fun. I wonder how he stays as trim as he does... :
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We watched this last night. He shoveled three sandwiches in, in about an hour. Whew!
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OMG Ilove this show, its so fat but in a good way!
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I love that show!! Plus I think he's cute so that helps too!
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I love this show, but I can't help but be concerned for the health of this poor man.
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