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Advice on Twin Cities hospitals and midwives

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I am trying to decide where to have my baby and where to get my prenatal care. With my previous baby I saw an OB-gyn and birthed at Abbott Northwestern. The birth went great and I was able to not have any medical interventions, like I wanted, but it was a bit of a struggle to keep it that way if you know what I mean. So this time I definitely want to see a midwife.

Two options in my network that seem interesting to me are HCMC's midwife unit and North Metro Midwives (delivering at North Memorial). St Joe's is also in my network, but I'm having a hard time finding a midwife in my network that delivers there unless I want to drive pretty far for every appointment. Anyone with any recommendations? I am interested in having a waterbirth and that seems to be a possibility at all three of these hospitals.

So, if anyone has any experience to share I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Healtheast Midwives and St. Joe's - Hands down.
Or...you could always have your baby at home! Hehe! The Twin Cities is home to a fantastic home birth community!
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Here is a pretty extensive discussion from a while back, this should help:

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Thank you MrsJez and Ophelia!

I am now leaning toward St Joe's since I've heard so much good about it. Now I'm going to check out that thread you linked to, thank you!!
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I go to North Metro Midwives and I had a lovely birth last time (Kathrine Simon attended the birth). I planned a homebirth but transferred care at the end of pregnancy. I had such a great experience that I stayed with them for well-woman care. If I hadn't started seeing Kathrine, I would be planning another homebirth, but I clicked with her so well that I will happily have her attend this birth as well.

If you want to keep your birth as natural as possible, they will definitely do that. They very much respected my birth plan last time, even the crunchy parts (no vax, no eye goop, delayed cord cutting, save my placenta so I can take it home). They do waterbirth. The staff is extremely friendly (always smiling, called me when I left my son's mittens behind and saved them until my next appointment). They have a copy of The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth in their exam room (which gives you an idea of the the attitude towards birth that they have). I can't say enough good things about them!
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I've given birth at St Joe's and HCMC. I had a very positive experience at both places. I would recommend HCMC over St Joe's for a couple reasons. First, the Midwives at HCMC always have a back-up Midwife available to come in to help if things are busy. When I gave birth at St Joe's in 2005 my Midwife was caring for 3 women in active labor. All 3 of us wanted to use the one birthing tub that was available. The nurse kept trying to take away the telemetry unit I was using (I was on pitocin) because someone else wanted it too. The Midwife at St Joe's was also responsible for patients at Woodwinds and she had no back-up to help her. I'm not sure if these Midwives are still expected to cover 2 hospitals at once, but it would be worth asking about. My Midwife was with me for about 20 minutes total because she was just so crazy busy. The Midwife and Nurses were very kind to me, but I was disappointed that the tub was in use when I wanted to use it. During my prenatal care I got the impression that the St Joe's midwife group is not very cohesive and their relationship with their consulting doctors is not as good as it could be. My Midwife at HCMC was wonderful. She spent a lot of time with me, and followed my birth plan as closely as possible. Her patience and support helped me to have a vaginal birth although my labor was long and difficult. She consulted with the doctor at times and they seemed to have a very good relationship.
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I had both my babies at HCMC with the midwives and they were both positive experiences. I had wanted waterbirths both times, but I was too far along in labor by the time we got to the hospital. With my second we had the wrong phone number for the midwives line, so my ds was born in the OB unit 5 minutes after we arrived. Even on that 'side' they were accomodating and let my dh catch the baby, cut the cord and they didn't say anything about saving the placenta!
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Fairview Health System

Did anyone catch that the Fairview group is taking a stand against elective inductions? I saw this via an article in the St Paul Pioneer Press a week or so ago. They included statistics on how the babies may look healthy on the outside, but internally their organs are not fully developed, which is bad for many reasons ranging from health to insurance costs. Reasons for not doing an induction include refusing on the basis of a doctor's schedule or that mom is too unhappy at 37-38 weeks, proving once again that 40 weeks exists for a reason! Though this was a great move in the right direction for better births...and for the public's attention.
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I would only work with a Family Practice doc at any hospital. You get good continuity of care as well as someone who you know at the birth! The midwifes are too large of a group to get that at either hosptial. You could birth at Saint Joe's with a MD who does waterbirth. That would give you someone you know, who knows you, and someone who does waterbirth and is pro natural childbirth.

Plus, then you have the family practice aspect of them knowing your child from the very start!
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I used Generations at St. Joes and was happy with them. They just released their 2008 stats and they were very good.

That said, next time around I am going to consider a FP doc. I currently see Dr. Hammes at the Health East Rice St. Clinic. I chose her bc she was listed as being amenable to homebirth back-up. I think a homebirth friendly doc might be a good choice for a hospital birth. The list of homebirth friendly docs was from the Childbirth Collective.
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I gave birth at HCMC and the two midwives I had committed acts of abuse towards me. PM me for details.
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I am currently expecting my first baby and I see the Midwives at HCMC. I like the care that I am recieving and they seem to be fully supoortive of my birth plans.
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I also used Generations. I'll admit though, it wasnt quite what I was expecting. I think that had a lot to do with minor complications with my daughter. I delivered at St. Joes and thought the nurses were spectacular.

However, I will be giving birth at home next time.
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