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Hi all!

I just started in this new home-based business. It is a direct sales business, but differs in that there is no inventory or monthly buy-ins. That's all processed through the central office.
The products are transformational personal development products coming from some of the most successful people in that field. I am going through the course right now and it touches on several key topics like success in finances, relationships, connecting with your spirit, meditating etc. It's very inspiring and is definitely helping my family be happier, calmer, more purposeful and joyous.
What I like about it is that the majority of sales can be easily done through the internet. You can do home parties if you like, but most people don't because it's not necessary. So, I don't have to make the house sparkle (which is near impossible with a 14 month old baby!) and can do much my work with her right next to me.
The company is also great, because it gives 10% of profits to charity and many of the founders, contributors and representatives either have their own charity or contribute greatly to one.