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Nursing "bear style"

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I recently watched a documentary about grizzly bears in Alaska, and was particuarly interested in watching the mama bear who had twin cubs. When she wanted to nurse them (they would start getting all fidgety around her, just like my little "cubs"), she would just lie down on her back and let them go at it. SO, now we too are nursing "bear style." Luke and Jasper will suddenly start to panic, and I will just lay down on my back and lift my shirt. The boys kneel and nurse. It works very well.

Thought I'd share this postion idea with you all since I don't think I would have thought of it if I hadn't watched the bear in the video.

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Sounds comfy!!!!
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We've done that too. My mom is always telling me I look like a Momma bear with cubs...I guess now I know that I really am!
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How cute!

God bless,
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aka down undah

I would never slept at all w/out this position! we called it the aussie.

I advocate it at the multiples clubs/ twins groups (where apparently now most babies are bottlefed)
and they all look at me like I vomited a frog. hmph.
I managed to convince an expecting mama, tho!

However, now that the boys aren't tiny, it is a bit harder to lay flat with squirming cubs with new fangs. ow

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