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Should I toss the pepper seeds and start again?

Poll Results: Should I toss the pepper seeds?

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    Keep the peppers going they still might sprout
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    Toss them and start fresh
  • 50% (1)
    Give up on seeds and just buy plants!
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Hi fellow gardeners
about 3 weeks ago I planted up a seed tray with several kinds of peppers. The seeds came from Shepherds Seeds and were supposed to have a great germination rate.

I used peat pots, covered with a plastic dome on a heating pad to jumpstart them.

Well... it's been awhile and only 3 seeds have sprouted. I know peppers can take a long time but this seems to be too long.

They might be too wet. Could they be too warm.

Do I toss and start over?
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Well, peppers are tough. I think the standard for them is about 55% germination. The people at Shepherd's are pretty helpful, maybe you could ask! I think my peppers took nearly a month in the greenhouse window this year. One variety had high germ rates, the other was only at 50%. I say keep the ones you have to see what happens, and try some more if you have the seeds.

Here are some hints from a great book, "The Gardener's Table"
To get your pepper seeds to germinate faster, you'll have to soften or nick the seed coats before they can begin absorbing water. To soften the seeds, scatter them on a wet towel or piece of paper, roll it up, and place it in a dark, warm spot for a couple of days. You don't want to sprout the seeds, just soften their seed coats. To nick the seed coat, either cover with a towel and gently roll them with a rolling pin, or place the seeds in a tall jar lined with a roll of rough sandpaper, coarde side facing in, and shake the jar for a few minutes.
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thank you SoHappy. I never knew peppers were that tough. I heard you had to nick morning glory seeds but I assumed veggies would be easier.

My dad just seemed to be able to do it every year so I thought it would be easy. (Yeah right!)

Lettuce, broccoli and eggplant sprouted okay. Now I'm on to tomatos and cucumbers.

Any hints about them? I'll look for the gardners table book too.
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Sounds like you're doing great! The tomatoes and cukes will be very easy, and the cukes come up so fast it's almost like you can see them growing!

I have nicked seeds w/ a razor blade and then soaked over night in warm water before planting. Your peppers may have hope left - but I agree w/ calling Shepherds. They may give you new seeds if it comes down to it.
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