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For Hawaii we weren't required, nor asked for, any vax's. We are a state...not sure why moving to Hawaii is such a big deal LOL. I do know that other branches require an overseas screening to Hawaii but Navy does not. Tripler is here and can handle anything and there are many unvax families already here.

When we went to Italy I did have to go thru the whole work-up, including vax's,etc. We did not have children at the time.

Good luck, I'm watching this thread too. I'm thinking of delaying/selective our new one and we want Spain orders next.
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Quick update:

We just went for our overseas screening (VA to Japan). We sel/delay vax. We are Navy. We were told we HAD to get kids up to date on all vax per CDC/WHO recs or they would not sign the Form 1300-2 form for the immunizations. Overseas Screening said if Immunizations didn't sign they could not continue with our Depend. Entry Approval. We asked for the instruction and they provided it - it was an Army reg (not sure which one - dh may remember) which clearly stated they must be current per the CDC recommendations. We went up as high as we could - had a meeting with the Regional Head of Immunizations. She herself chose delay vax for her son. I found her to be VERY knowledgeable about vax but, in the end, she said they will only sign the form if the kiddos are up to date. When she was confronted with this decision many years ago she chose not to update her son's vax and spent 2 years w/o her dh. She was very understanding but basically presented those as my options - vax and go to Japan or not vax and stay here.

I asked about religious exemption and she discussed that as an option but discussed the litigation involved and that my particular case would be a bit difficult since we sel. vax.

I also discussed going over as a regular citizen but we would have issues with visas, housing options, housing allowances, family support during deployments, and pay.

The only way out it seems is for a medical exemption.

That was our experience.

Oh, I had to get tetanus and ppd for anyone curious about themselves.
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We are Air Force and moved to Italy in November and myself nor my son needed up to date vaccines...
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Originally Posted by paniscus View Post
Quick update:
We just went for our overseas screening (VA to Japan). We sel/delay vax. We are Navy. We were told we HAD to get kids up to date on all vax per CDC/WHO recs or they would not sign the Form 1300-2 form for the immunizations. it was an Army reg (not sure which one - dh may remember) which clearly stated they must be current per the CDC recommendations.
I would like to see the reg referenced. All that I have read up to this point said that the vaccinations are recommendations (except those required by the host country, which there are none) and are not requirements per reg (though you can be denied assignment for any reason).

K, I just found a copy of they NAVMED 13001/2. That for says that immunization requirements are "assignment specific" and "meet destination country requirements" (there are none required by Japan).

I know at least 3 people on another board who are in Japan or going; and they are all Navy and not vaxing! Not all Navy dependents to Japan are being treated the same. Oddly enough, though they cited an Army reg. I don't know any overseas Army dependents with this problem; it's just the Navy. I'll pm you the board.

I would get documentation of the reason they are refusing to sign your form, or, it should already be on your form.


DOD Form NAVMED 13001/2
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Hi Moms! This has been the most helpful information! My husband just found out we're headed to Italy in August/September. We refused the MMR and chicken pox - both for religious and medical reasons. From what I've read here it looks like I can file a religious exemption with the USN. Is that right? I don't want to jeopardize his orders, but am scared for my daughter's health too. UGH!
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great thread!

I had this very same question come up to me today. This is a great thread that I will have to save as reference. We are a Navy family and because we have a son with autism we have not been able to deploy overseas, so the vaccination requirements have not been something I've been familiar with.
Are any of you interested in writing this all out for the web? I'd love to have it on the military autism website that is in the works.
Lisa R
Talk About Curing Autism
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Be aware that the Army regulation sprung on Paniscus concerned DOD schools, CDC daycares, and other childminding institutions that had nothing to do with dependents getting a medical clearance for an overseas accompanied tour/ to deny a medical clearance for an overseas tour:
(Army Regulation 40–562
AFJI 48–110

It's like saying "you cannot include pianos in your household goods and this regulation, regarding pcsing with pets, backs up my statement."

Valrock and children were recently cleared to go to Japan with her Navy Dh. You should pm her for her "approval" letter; it's a hoot .
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We just did the TX to Japan move 2 months ago. I printed out everything I could find stating we did not have to have all of the vaccines. But we were refused Medical Clearance unless we got the vaccines. We tried at 3 different clinics....2 Navy & 1 Air Force that was 2 1/2 hours away each way.

As much as I didn't want them to be vaxed, in the end. We decided to go ahead & get caught up. It was the best thing for our family.

Good luck!
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If we ever run into the problem, DH will leave the AF. Not worth to us and easily done as he has no commitment.
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I just wanted to chime in here and tell my quick story.

We just PCS'd from San Diego to Guam earlier this year when DD was 5 months old and only had one vaccine and I wasn't getting anymore.

I was seeing a non-military provider for her medical care and when I went in for her last appt I had them write up a letter saying I was aware of the risks but was choosing not to vaccinate fully. I had no trouble whatsoever when at the screening, they didn't even question me. I found that if you don't bring it up to anyone, they won't bother you, at least in my experience.
There are enough stories here showing that you don't have to fully vaccinate to get through somehow!
Good luck and I hope it works out!
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there is some good info on here. Hoping someone can help us. we are NAVY and are in Italy right now. MY husband unit is moving to Spain soon. Our sons(3 non vaccinated) did not pass the overseas medical screening. I never brought up vaccinations, I didnt even make it in for the appt with the overseas screening person. Our dr called us to tell me that it had become an issue because it was recquired that they get vaccinated. He quoted BUMEDINST 1300.2A. I can not seem to find a working link to it anywhere on the net right now. But it says somewhere in there that there is no mechanism for requesting a waiver for dependents. We need to figure something out an fast sa we have less than a week to report back to his CMC. chances are my husband will move with his work and they will send me and the boys back to the states. Not ideal! We will NOT vaccinate our kids, no matter what. If you can help us out, please direct me somewhere to get some answers to get us through this. thanks!
Oh, when we came here to Italy, it wasnt an issue, the dr's never brought it up during our screening.
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I'm posting without reading, but if you have med clearance TMO will issue tickets.

This is how I suggest approaching the vaccine/med clearance issue.

This thread was started by a Navy OP that eventually received med clearance for Japan.
I am just so tired. (http://www.mothering.com/discussions.../multipage.gif 1 2 3 )

This OP is working on it.
We got declined for Japan.
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We r army pcs-ing to HI. I've done a significantly delayed sched with my 3 yr old due o obvious concerns as well as myself having a reaction to pertussis vaccine as a child... Im 33 now and my doc back then decided NOT to continue after my significant reax. My daughter is very behind on hers and I have always done only one at a time to ensure no reax. She hasn't had any since before or shortly after 12 ...anyone know if this will be a prob? We pcs in Oct
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