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Abe's really into pitchin' a fit. It seems like the more I try to comfort or distract him the more frustrated he gets. He pushes my face and whines and pulls my hair. If I just lay him on the floor he seems to get over it fairly easily. This goes against *everything* I believe/feel, but it seems to work for him.

Why doesn't he need me?
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Abe needs you. He also sometimes needs to listen to his body and mind when they say "We're over-stimulated and we're making you crabby, so get that mommy out of your face, lay down and chill for a while."
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jackson wants to be left alone sometimes when he's upset, like I do. Not always, but sometimes. I respect that but also am ready to give love when he's ready. I just wish he'd stop wacking his head on the floor when he's mad! LOL
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Rebecca does that too - if she gets hurt she'll get hysterical and the whole thing turns into a big screaming fit directed at me, as though I pushed her into the table or whatever. She also does this when she wakes up in a beastly mood from a nap. Hard not to take it personally, but I guess they just get so overwhelmed. Usually I just stay in the room and try to keep talking to her in a calm voice, and eventually she just comes out of it on her own. He does need you, but in a different way.
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This is great! All week I've been seeing posts like "I don't let my baby cry", or "my baby never cries", and I started to think "How do they do that?!?"

Despite our best efforts as AP parents, dd - now 19 mos - still has her moments! She hits her head on the floor, too. Especially when she wakes up in a foul mood after a late nap - 5 pm to 8 pm.

I've never lost my patience with her, always attempted to comfort her, but sometimes no amount of comforting works. She screams if I hold her, she screams more if I put her down. Two things do work: a bath, or going outside.

She's such a sweet girl: helpful, kind, caring, independent...you name it. But, sometimes if you give her the green crayon instead of the red one, or turn the light off instead of on, or put her socks on before her pants....BAM!!! She becomes like possessed!
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I've always thought that the "never let them cry" philosophy was for infants and not toddlers. I'm not saying that I never respond, if he needs me I am always available to comfort him. However there are times when I know he is just mad over not getting his way and throws a fit. I give him a brief, non-emotional explanation of why he can't play with the scissors, or whatever it is, and then I ignore him and go on with my business. Usually he gets over it pretty quickly. A lot of times when he is having a tantrum he won't even let me pick him up anyway. I feel that it's important for me to let him know that "you can't always get what you want."
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Me Too!

Lane's doing this too. I generally try to comfort her first and if she doens't repond positivly, I lay her down somewhere safe and wait a few moments till she calms down a bit. When she's done she'll give me the "look". I pick her up and she hugs me very tightly until she feels better. Holding her during the fit doesn't seem to work, though I wish I could comfort her then too.
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There was a really nice article about this a few years ago in Mothering. It was called "Tempering Tantrums." The authors basic point was that some times kids do this to blow of stem and then they feel better afterwards. My older DD did this. I used to give her a cool wash cloth to wipe off her face afterward. It seemed to help her transition back into normal life.

Treelove, he does need you. Just in a different way.
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I guess all one and a half year olds get "posessed" once in awhile. It is so hard to handle withour obsessing over "what am I doing wrong.???"
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OMG, I was talking about this w Peacemama! I have been just beating myself up thinking it's my fault, he doesn't like me, he's not attatched enough....BLAH!
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I can relate to everyone of these replys! My 2 year old Taryn is at times so intense that it IS hard not to take it personally...But I know that part of it is just me. I agree that the "don't let them cry it out" method is very appropriate for infants, but toddlers need that release. I never leave her alone unless she wants to be and tells me so...I can understand; sometimes I need to be alone to. And sometimes she wakes in such a foul mood that it's hard not to let it affect me..(i.e. make ME grouchy! but that always does more harm that help.) And in those times I sling her up, and walk around our very small apartment and talk to her, we'll get a snack, or look at a book. Their intensity can be so astounding because they are so fully in it; SO present. There is a place for putting them in a safe space, and letting them release...We all need that now and again.
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temper tantrum with toddler

HI mommies

I'd like to get some advice from the experts here on this board.

How do you deal with temper tantrums with your child?
When do you notice your child gets tt?

In my situation it varies

My dd is 22 months and her sign vocabulary is huge. (we are working now on feelings words as we think perhaps she is unable to express what she feels that may be the reason why she has tantrum)

She tends to have tt when she is tired, hungry and sick/teething. THose are the worse. You can't reason with her, explain why you are putting clothes on her, that you're going outside etc.

Or when she wants something and we dont let her have it for safety reasons, or when we change her activities

Methods I've used:
I give her choices...if its a changing battle... or allow her to help me to dress and I help her..or dress her teddies/doll
I give her warning before we change activites and then say bye bye to the game, toys, place etc

There are times she just throws herself down on the ground even if we are in public and in the street. Should I just let her lie there or pick her up? This is a battle for me especially if the issue is that she doesnt want to walk, and wont go in the stroller. I then make a game of doing the 1.2.3 hop walk to make it fun crouch down and open my arms so she has to run into my arms and keep repeating it...its a slow process but makes walking fun. If she throws herself on the ground and I pick her up, then I'm letting her win as that is what she wanted. Any suggestions here?

Many thanks in advance.

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The walking thing is a big issue for us, too. My dd is 21 mos. A couple of weekends ago she had a huge meltdown because she wanted me to carry her. No stroller, no daddy, me! But she's too heavy now for me to carry (and I don't have a toddler sling...wish I did). I actually wrote to Dr. Sears about it because my dh and I both feel that we've done everything possible to avoid tantrums like this (our lifestyle, our parenting style, etc.). His short reply (I was amazed that he answered!) was that I will not break her trust if I allow her to cry. But I'm still boggled about how to handle it in public without getting the "looks"!

Not much help here, just validating your feelings, I guess, and showing you that you're not alone!
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I give in to easily, we've never really had a melt down. At times he's been a real little butt - then we ignore him, or I'll ignore him and daddy will change the focus of attention - or the other way round - whoever has the most patience at the time.
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I give in easily, too. That's why the walking thing has become such a big issue.
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yesterday took us 45 min to walk home...usually a good 15 min walk for me! I didnt want to carry my dd all the way home...and she refused the stroller. I didnt bring the sling with. So I made games all the way home. HEre is what I did.

1) I sat in stroller...she had to push me (I helped by pushing with my feet....I have jogger stroller so big enough for adult to sit in)
2) I had her put her feet on my feet and we walked part way with that
3) We played hide and go seek part way
4) She loves the curbs and loves to jump on and off it... (well toddler jump...she not yet mastered skill of jumping yet) So I had her walk up the hill along the sidewalk jumping off the curb onto street and jumping back up (walking 4 steps between each jump) (I was in the street side)
5) I went ahead a few steps, crouched down and arms held wide open...she would run into them...we kept repeating that a few times
6) Opening my legs wide and having her go thru them when she caught up with me (The tunnel)

I wanted to share these ideas. Well we made it home. Exhausted! But at least less chance of getting a hernia for me. haha. (A heavy 22 month toddler she is!) (I even carry her on my shoulder sometime to avoid too much weight on my knee and tummy).
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Oh we take 45 mins to do a 5 min walk, too! But, unfortunately, there are times when she simply refuses to walk, go in the stroller, be held by daddy, or anything other than being in mommy's arms.
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Just a note--my ds is 23 mo. and I ahve always carried him...we lived in Asia and didn't have a car. I carry him thru parking lots for saftey etc...well, now I have a herniated disc in my back and am in pain 50% of the time. It has limited my ability to teach my yoga classes and I spend hours in and out of chiropractors, acupuncturists, even getting an MRI. Be careful carrying those heavy toddlers (Luke is 32 lb!)
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If we focus on strengthening our muscles, arms, legs, back... from yoga and other mean of exercise...could we then be more prepared to carry our heavy toddler?

I think I'm suffering more since I am not so physically active this winter. In the spring - fall I ride the bike with dd in the trailer. We go everywhere in it. I go swimming a lot. As well the many walks and hikes. But the winter I dont do a lot, being sick a lot due to the flues, colds etc.. its harder to get motivated and stick to training plans etc.

We did go cross contry skiing for 4 days. It was the best. But a drive to get to the mountain. Cant do that too regularly either with a heavy toddler in the backpack. (a small baby in frontpack is easier to go cross country with).

So I'm wondering if we strengthen our muscles are we at less risks when we carry these heavy toddlers?

I'm also postponing any chance of getting pregnant again mainly due to this issue. Dont want to run the risk of miscarriage. WIll wait till my dd walks more and is more comfortable with her walking skills. (my mother almost lost my sister by carrying me...I was a heavy toddler).
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March Mom,

I just wanted to let you know that I think you are a terrific mommy for doing all that fun stuff for your DD. What a fun walk home it must be for her and you sound so intuned to her. I hope to have that type of patience and perserverence with my DD. We haven't really had to deal with any meltdowns...yet..but I know they are coming. Thanks for your great ideas!
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