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The social security website is interesting. I love the list of the top 5 names over the past 100 years. It's amazing to see how long some names have remained in the #1 spot. Emily has been #1 since 1996!!!! And Michael was #1 from 1954 all the way till 1998, with the exception of one year (David was #1 in 1960). Can you believe that? That's 43 years!!!!! Mary was #1 for a really long time, too!
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Originally Posted by Julia24 View Post
and I just remembered another I've always liked - Emmerson! (could call her Emma if I really wanted to - but not sure that I would)...
We have an Emerson, but he's all boy. Another German boy name
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Originally Posted by Julia24 View Post
we thought we were totally sold on Charlotte for a girl, but now we're having second thoughts We both like Evelyn (e-vy, not Ee-vy, again).... and I just remembered another I've always liked - Emmerson! (could call her Emma if I really wanted to - but not sure that I would)....Cecelia and call her Cece....see that's the problem with Charlotte- I DON'T like Charlie for her, or Char....and I like to have shortenings, yk? Oh, and Eleanor (and call her Norah)

HEy - btw, 2boyzmama - how about Cullen? I have two girlfriends who do the 'celtic' names....one more 'out there' than the other....there is: Kady, Tierney, Christian, and Cullen from one friend - and Kiernan, Lochlan, and Sorcha from the other....I REALLY like Cullen!!!

For boys we're totally stuck. WE can't seem to agree. Robert? Jack? Max? eh? Really lost.

So -there's where we are. WE like classic names. In fact, we went and printed out the top 100 names from the SS index from 1900 to 1910 - it's just easier to find names we like that way
HOLY COW!!! Another Lochlan? One of my older brothers is named Lochlan!!! AND, one is named Keir!!! What are the chances???? Seriously, they're the only ones with those names I've ever met.

Anyway, Cullen is a great name, but our last name is Block, and I already was hesitant with Connor Block, because of the hard "C" start and end. It just felt too abrupt to me. But I didn't dislike it enough to nix it, and my husband really liked it. So hence Connor's name And for some reason I think of culinary when I hear Cullen!

I think we've agreed on Gavin for a boy, I had been tossing it around in my mind for a while, finally mentioned it to hubby who liked it, and then I looked up the meaning and it means "white hawk", Connor means "wolf lover", so I like that the name meanings are somewhat linked, you know?

And we're still going with Evelyn for a girl.
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Some great names here...

We are stuck and have decided not to even talk about it until we know the sex. I've never been stumped like this before-the others just WERE their names. My biggest problems are finding another that 'goes' with my other three (Luke, Tessa, and Quincy) and letting go of names I love but cannot use (our last name begins with an S and I hesitate to use a name beginning with B, leaving the initials as B.S. Also, I seem to love A names but want to use a family name beginning with S as the middle name and then the initials would be really bad as well! Finally, our last name ends with an "on", so any names ending with -on, -en, , -an, or -in tend to sound funny. My husband thinks I am crazy, but this poor child will have to live with this name for a very long time! Oh, the pressure!!!
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I'm envious of you guys who have already started a list! DH and I are AWFUL at finding names that we both like, and it gets grouchy. He's talked me into finding out the gender, so we're going to wait till then and then only have to come up with one name, should cut our torture in half, LOL!
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Oooh - turned on the TV this morning and happened to catch the last 30 seconds of a "Baby Story" and the baby's name was TESS!

I don't know why we hadn't considered that one before. I immediately called dh and he is kind of stuck on it too - his top three right now are Tess, Brooklyn and Charlotte....I like them all. ugh! So hard.

LOVE harrison - whoever mentioned that - with Harry for short is ADORABLE!
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I am beyond stuck. I think I like plain old Hayley for a girl. But I am having a boy, so perhaps that is why picking a girl name is so easy.

Boys names I have are...Declan, Finnley, Liam, Luke, Noah, Callan, nothing is just striking me.
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stuck here too!!

girls names come more easily...here are my picks:

boys...more difficult...

i loved reading this thread--great names listed here!
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Susanna Michelle


Levi Ryan

Our son is Gabriel Ryan and we are sticking with using dh and my first names as middle names for all our kids.

We didn't even have a girl name picked last time and we didn't find out the gender. We liked Michaela but we obviously could not have used Michelle as the middle name.

I just hope we don't change our minds this time! We had the names picked out before getting pg and haven't talked about it since.
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