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Should I ask/tell?

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I am going to see my sister in two weeks!!: (she is actually DPs sister but I call her mine since I'm an only child) Everything is already arranged and we have plans for Vday (I think it's a meaningless day, DP agrees, and her husband recently left her so she needs some cheering up) so I am definitely not backing out of this. I was talking to her mom this evening and found out that her aunt "recently" watched her 10.5 month old daughter and she (the aunt) had chicken pox and my niece did not get it. I'm not sure what "recently" means but it had to have been within the past week, and I have read that chicken pox can incubate for up to 24 days before it shows itself.

So here is my question. My sister is vaxing, but due to the family situation (moving etc) her daughter is behind in shots and hasn't gotten any since at least thanksgiving. I do not vax, but I haven't told that part of the family. I am wondering if I should ask her if her daughter has been vaxed, if she's even getting the vax and how long ago "recently" was. I am only curious bc if she was, then I am going to bring some natural remedies (if I ever find anything, so suggestions on how to make baby comfortable during chicken pox would be much appreciated). Really, I just want to be prepared. And up there (northern WI) I can't get anything that I normally get here (hence why I am stocking up wipes, cloths, and emergency diapers before I leave) so anything I would buy, would have to be here.
I just don't know if I should ask, or how I should ask. I don't mind if my baby gets exposed to chicken pox, but I also don't know how to tell her (or not tell her) that I'm not vaxing.

Any suggestions??

Thanks for any help/information you can give me. I really appreciate it!!

ETA: I am leaving in a week to see a friend in Green Bay and then going to my sisters about a week after that. I'm in Reading, PA so this is a big trip and has been planned for quite some time, so cancelling the trip is not an option.
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I would just take what you think you would need and avoid the discussion. I'd take some SA and Cod Liver Oil.
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Hmm .. that sounds like a good idea. I'll do that. Thanks!!
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I agree...since you know you are already going, getting into whether or not she is vaxed is irrelevant. Just bring whatever you think you may need
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personally, i would avoid it. it's liable to become the topic of debate for the entire visit, making it potentially very unpleasant for you.
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also, i agree w PP...SA and cod liver oil, also i'd take some zinc and Simply Saline spray. i like SS because of the lack of preservatives.
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I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I find it makes visits with family and friends a lot more pleasant. The people who matter know, and those who don't, don't. It is a heated issue, and life is too short IMO to debate something which (again, IMO) should be a matter of personal choice.
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