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Some Questions

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I have a few questions that I'd like your thoughts on.

I will be delivering at a hospital with midwives. The hospital is literally 3/4 of a mile from my home and is a clear, straight shot. I would like to labour at home as long as possible but still make it to the hospital in time to deliver there (really need insurance to cover this). They have a watertub for me but I have to call in an hour prior to coming in to use it (takes them that long to fill it). I am a VBAC and will be surprising the staff when I refuse to get constant monitoring and request to get in the tub immediately. My midwife said I can birth in the water if I so choose.

My questions are these...
Is it worth it for me to get a pool for the house to labour in? Will I use it and where can I get an inexpensive but good one? And what do I wear?! (keep in mind its January in Chicago!)

Will I know when its time to go the hospital? What signs should I look for? Will I know an hour in advance?

Any other suggestions you may have?

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I guess the first question I would ask is was you c/sec planned or did you labor at all??

Generally speaking, second (and third and fourth...) labors tend to be shorter and easier. And, women who labor at home tend to have shorter labors. I fully expect this baby to come quickly, so I'd be wary of getting a tub to labor in at home, because I'd worry that I woulnd't want to/be able to get out when it was time to go to the hospital. If it were *me*, I'd probably labor at home until I couldn't speak through my contractions without the use of the tub.....I'd probably just use other things (aromatherapy and my DH massaging me). Thats actually what I did with my dd.....I labored at home until it was difficult for me to walk....I could not walk through my contrax but I could in between....and then I went....and I was a good half hour from my birth center. That worked good for me, because at that point, I was transitioning by the time I got admitted. Studies have shown that labor can slow down once you get into that hospital setting, so try to labor at home as long as youre comfortable with so that the act of traveling and being admitted and getting settled doesn't slow things down again.....
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Well, you don't want to use a tub or pool early in labor unless you want your cont'x to slow down or stop (for example, it's nighttime and you want to rest so you have enough energy when things get intense.) Otherwise, you should get into the pool when labor is active.
I would call the hospital when I was in *very* active labor. Contractions lasting 60 seconds every two to three minutes for an half hour before I'd call. That way you'd be guaranteed to get there in true active labor. You could get yourself ready, get to the hospital and be in true active labor by the time you got into the tub. If cont'x slow on the way or once you got there, I'd do lots of squatting, walking, lunging, etc. and get in when you develop a good, strong labor pattern again.
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Thanks for the quick replies. I was induced with pitocin with my son and the reason I had a c/s was because was son has an abnormality and the new doctor that came on shift at 11pm did not feel comfortable with a vaginal birth (I was pushing!). So I'm not really sure what my first labour would have really been like without pitocin but had pitocin at about 10 am and was ready to push at 11pm. I didn't know any better to insist that we finish what my son and I had already started. I'm trying to get much more informed this time around.

Please keep the ideas coming! I just found out that a waterbirth was an option so I'm scrambling to get info (the hospital said I couldn't birth in water but my midwife said no problem, both of them have done them). I'm due in January!

I didn't know that water would slow down early labour! Thanks for the info.
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Good luck on this!
Just want to let you know we have a VBAC forum here that might be of some help to you!
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i just had my second dd 2 weeks ago and i am living proof that those second labors are sometimes MUCH faster than the first ones. my first labor was 36 hrs from the very first twinge or 14 hrs from the time i was admitted to the hospital at 4cms. with dd#2 from the very first twinge around 10 in the morning when i wasn't even sure it was anything it was maybe 6hrs til she was born.

i called the birth ctr around 1pm and told the midwife that i was having contractions, but i was still walking and talking through them. she told me to call back in 2 hrs if they hadn't intensified. i was group b strep positive and they wanted me there 4 hrs before i'd be pushing for antibiotics (my choice). anyway, after the 1pm phone call, i continued to sweep and clean up and about 1:30 sent dh and dd out to the drug store to pick up a prescription. by the time they got back about 2 or so my contractions had really picked up and i got in the shower shortly thereafter. we called our friend to come over to take care of dd#1. i stayed in the shower maybe 30 or 40 minutes til our friend got to the house and then we went to the birth ctr which is 3 minutes from our house. 17 minutes after we got there dd#2 was born at 3:36.

soooo...if you really wanna be in that tub in the hospital you might not wanna wait around home too long. you never know, though, you might not want the tub. i thought i might, but when i got in the shower at home i let the tub fill up and tried to sit down, but couldn't do it. i wanted to be on my hands and knees or some variation thereof.

anyway, i was completely surprised by how short this labor was, but it was great. i didn't want to have anything to do with a tub or shower or anything when i got to the birth ctr, so you just don't necessarily know.

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We set up a tub for two of my births (a Rubbermaid trough, I could practically swim around in that thing :LOL.) I didn't feel an urge to get in until near the end of the labor. If it was me, and I was going to the hospital for the birth and wanted some soothing hot water in early labor, I'd just use the bathtub rather than go to the trouble to set something big up. But in late labor -- yeah, it's nice to have as big a tub as possible. But consider this: are you really going to want to get out of water, be cold, have to dry off, get dressed, go in a drive, etc., when the birth is imminent?

There is no way to know for sure what is the best time to go. The body is just not that predictable. But contractions 2-3 minutes apart is a good guess.
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Thanks for all the info and suggestions girls. And you are probably right blueviolet. It will be cold here in January. I hate going outside with wet hair and I keep imagining that if I have a pool at home, that baby's gonna be born at home. (not necessarily a bad thing I suppose). I'll have to think some more on this. I have been very much into water this whole pregnancy. It's the strangest thing.
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