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I still have my Ysabel and I don't want to part with it despite it being unused.

I always try to get really stunning / vibrant carrier prints because my wardrobe is mostly dark brown and gray. So I let the carrier be the fashion statement. I had a Cocoa Butterfly Beco 4th Gen that turned heads all the time! So did my Ellaroo Mei Hip.

My dh caught on to a strange phenomenon and monopolized it. He'd wear a girly print carrier...ranging from pink daisies to dots to swirlies, to blossoms all because of the # of women who'd stop him to go goo goo and gah gah over the baby. I thought it was funny. He's such a boy.
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if i could afford to, i think i might
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No, not consciously in either case. As far as the carrier and I, if you count my buying a carrier in colors that reflect my everyday wear (muted, blacks, browns), then I match my carrier. The baby's lucky if her outfit matches, let alone matches the carrier!
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