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your first PP period after multiples

Poll Results: when was your first PP period after multiples??

  • 4% (2)
    6wk - 3mo postpartum
  • 13% (6)
    3mo - 6mo postpartum
  • 13% (6)
    6mo - 9mo postparum
  • 10% (5)
    9mo - 12mo postpartum
  • 6% (3)
    12mo - 15mo postpartum
  • 10% (5)
    15mo - 18mo postpartum
  • 4% (2)
    18mo - 21mo postpartum
  • 4% (2)
    21mo - 24mo postparum
  • 2% (1)
    24+ mo postpartum
  • 23% (11)
    I'm still waiting
  • 0% (0)
    I can't remember
  • 6% (3)
    I'm not a mother of multiples but can't resist the urge to vote anyway
46 Total Votes  
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When did your's return? Feel free to explain why you think it did - start solids, night wean, drop a feed, because that's what your body normally does, etc etc.
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i had a definite period at around 50 days pp, but then next month i had just spotting ( which freaked me out because that is what happened when i was preg. with number two just two months after birth! but, no, i have a neg. preg. test this time round)

so, my theory is:

1. my period has always returned pp by about 6-8 weeks bar with one child.
2. this time round i was exclusively pumping for 4 weeks for preemies
3. i guess the spotting is my body trying to work out what is required of it now i'm exclusively nursing

but i do like a nice regular cycle
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I just got mine 2 days ago after the girls turned 18mo. Mine came back after DD at 14mo and DS at 13mo so I figured I was wired that way. This time around I noticed fertility signs first and was totally suspecting I'd start this month and I did. BUt it's not this crazy heavy period I thought it's be like with my other two kids.

The trigger for it to start? Either I'm wired to just start back up later or it could be that the girls are finally eating a little more solid food. Still nursing every 2 - 3 hr during the day and every 4 or so at night.
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Mine came at 21 months postpartum, 3 months after attempting night-weaning. I assumed that the night-weaning was the cause, but then with my singleton I also got my first PPAF at 21 months despite the fact that he was (and still is now at 26.5 months) still nursing through the night. So maybe that's just what my body does.

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Well I am 10 months PP and I am trying to trick my body into cycling with one round of BCPs. Dunno how that will turn out.

With my son AF came back around 9 months and coincided with STTN.

I assumed the same would happen with the girls but one sleeps in her crib and sleeps all night but the other sleeps with us and takes little nips all night.

It's annoying though because my supply was never enough for the two of them - I really don't even know if I am producing enough for one kid now - but I think they are still nursing frequently enough, even if it's not much, that my body says no cycles for you. That or it's PCOS...

Anyway no votes - 10 months, no AF.
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6 months pp. Shukr - glad I'm not the only one with an early return. I was absolutely shocked that it came so early. We had started introducing solids, but it was more like playtime then eating until a month or two ago. Even now at 11 months they aren't really nursing any less than they did as newborns. Those first few back were horrific.
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17 months post partum... or maybe 18. I started to nightwean at 17 months, and it came after that. Hmmm... you would think I could remember these things...
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still no sign at 27 months but we still nurse quite a bit
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Just after 15 months. The babies had started to nurse a little less at that point.
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Originally Posted by maxymum View Post
still no sign at 27 months but we still nurse quite a bit
Maybe you're preggers and just don't know it.


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10 1/2 months postpartum . . . I think it's just what my body does. Got it at 6 months PP with my first, and 9 months with my second, still nursing strongly all three times. I think my body just insists on being fertile.

(I was disappointed to get it at only 10 1/2 months PP with the twins - I thought I ought to get at least a year off!)
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Twins are 7 months and I'm still waiting. I got it back around 3-4 months pp with my older dc's so I'm enjoying this. If it's based on how much they're nursing I'd say I'm safe for a little while longer. I just spent 2 hours lying down with both babies who refused to unlatch . But, I'm sure it will come back before I'm ready.
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Originally Posted by christyc View Post
Maybe you're preggers and just don't know it.


oh HOHOHOHO christy you are high-LARious
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Mine returned 16 weeks pp. It's natural to me, and yes I exclusively breastfed, as needed not on a schedule.

With my singleton my period returned 8 weeks pp. She also was nursed exclusively until she was eating table food, yet I still conceived by 16 weeks pp (had a miscarriage though), and then later conceived my multiples while I was still exclusively nursing her.

I was more careful after I had the boys.
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6 months : I started cycling every other month at 6 months. The twins were EBF with no solids until just before they turned 6 months. I got it back at about 5 with my singleton. You ladies with the year and a half reprieve are so lucky!
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7 months PP & I was bitter! We had started a tiny, tiny bit of solids, but they were nursing all night long & very frequently during the day.

With Ian, I don't think I even got 3 months without cycles. So it seems like it's just what my body does. Lucky me!
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12 months Monday and no sign of AF. It's awesome. I've forgotten what periods were like!
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13 months and still no AF! YAY! With my first I cycled at 12m and got PG w/ #2! With #2 i started cycling around 14 months I think, she nursed more, though, and weaned at 25 months, got PG w/ the boys the next month!
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3.5 months - grrrr! I got a mini-period a couple weeks ago, thought "that wasn't bad" and now it's back again with a vengeance. I only BF one of my twins, but she sleeps well at night and she also takes a pacifier, so that could be part of it. This is about when AF returned with my singleton as well, so maybe it's just me. Lucky lucky me. :
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It was right at about 6 months, but I was working nights and pumping. With Rivka it didn't come back until about 20 months, and it's still away now (he's almost 1) and he sleeps pretty decent (one or no wakings a night).
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