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Poll Results: when was your first PP period after multiples??

  • 4% (2)
    6wk - 3mo postpartum
  • 13% (6)
    3mo - 6mo postpartum
  • 13% (6)
    6mo - 9mo postparum
  • 10% (5)
    9mo - 12mo postpartum
  • 6% (3)
    12mo - 15mo postpartum
  • 10% (5)
    15mo - 18mo postpartum
  • 4% (2)
    18mo - 21mo postpartum
  • 4% (2)
    21mo - 24mo postparum
  • 2% (1)
    24+ mo postpartum
  • 23% (11)
    I'm still waiting
  • 0% (0)
    I can't remember
  • 6% (3)
    I'm not a mother of multiples but can't resist the urge to vote anyway
46 Total Votes  
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I'm 9 months PP and no sign yet. DS1 was 14 months when I got it with him, and that was right after we night weaned, so no doubt there what caused it.
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My cycle returned at 16 months pp after the twins. It was 13 months pp with my first child, so I guess that is just what I do. I am curious to see how long it will take this time. Baby is only 2 weeks old, so I am sure I have a while to go.
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19 months here and really enjoying no signs of her return.

I think we'll start doing some night weaning in the next few months though so who knows what will happen. I night weaned at 20 months with my 1st so I could ttc again and then did the same at 20 months with my second to ttc. Both times af came back within 6 weeks of cutting back on night nursings. Once pregnant I got tired and we went right back to our regular all night nursing sessions with no ill effects.

(I am a twin mom. The 19 month olds are the twins. Just for clarification.)
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I had a little breakthrough spotting at around 2 months, when the twins were getting supplements, but once we got them back on the boob completely, it went away.

Then it happened again around 7 months, when they got really into solids and cut back on their nursing. (Both of them took to solid food easily and got really into it.) Once the initial thrill wore off, they went back to mostly nursing, and the spotting stopped.

Then at just past 10 months I nightweaned DD2, and started cutting back on the night nursing with DS. I had a few months of odd periods, that were really short and light. I think they were probably anovulatory, since the twins were still nursing at least 8 times a day each.

Then at 16 months I weaned completely, because I needed to get back on meds and was really debilitated. Anyway, it was about two months more of the short, light periods, and then when they were 18 months, I started having periods that were normal for me. I think that once I got back on my meds, I could maintain my body weight better, and so I was able to menstruate normally.
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Mine came back at 18.5 months pp. With both my singletons (who nursed around the clock and had zero solids or formula) it came back at 4 months, on the dot! I have no idea why! I was quite shocked b/c of those previous experiences that it did take so long for AF to show up with the twins. They were first introduced to solids at 9.5 months old but did continue to nurse very frequently for a very long time after that. So really, I just don't know why it worked the way it did - but I am thankful for it! Periods have been lighter than before since then BUT they're super weird in that they last about a full 2 weeks, will start up with some spotting which will subside after a number of days and just when I think AF must be over for the month, I'll get a heavy flow for like a day, then another day or two with less, then it will be gone. Very, very strange - I can't figure it out. If anyone has heard of this, I'd love to hear more.
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11 months here, while exclusively pumping. I can't remember if it correlated with dropping a pumping session or not, but the timing seems about right.
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With ds#3 I said to G-d, please let me not get my period until he's 18m. old. Lo and behold,18 mo to the day, it came. With the twins (#s4-5) I said to G-d, last time You gave me 18 mo. this time it would be great to get 2 yrs. The day after their second b-day, it came.
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NOw that's some answered prayer LOL
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