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a cut on his penis?

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When I changed my son this morning (6 months) I noticed on the side of his penis, a cut. It is horizontal (meaning it looks like it would go around (if it were that big). Honestly it looks like one of the folds of his foreskin split--- like a spilt lip. I am guessing when getting changed he must have grabbed himself and his fingernail got it. I can't think of any other logical explanation. What should I do for it. It is red, but it doesn't seem to bother DS. I called the pedi and got the nurse she said to keep an eye on it keep it dry (right!) and put triple antibiotic ointment on it. Is this right? HELP! I dont' want it to get infected.
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I think if you keep it clean, change his diapers frequently, make sure he doesn't sit in any poopy dipes, maybe let him go diaperless for a while to air out (sit him on a prefold), and use triple antibiotic ointment as a barrier, it will be fine and won't get infected. That's what I would do....plus cut all his fingernails really short!

Poor little fella.
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thanks!!!! I plan on cutting his nails... again! I wish mine grew as fast as his. I air him out plus I have him wear just a prefold (w/o a cover) too periodically through the day. thanks so much
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It probably looks worse than it is. Kids heal quickly and the foreskin will heal under the right condition. Like the pp said, let him be without diapers whenever you can. Put nothing on it unless you see it getting infected, which it probably won't. Give him a bath whenever he defecates so that he is clean.

Absolutely do not fool with the foreskin. Don't pull back, don't retract. I assume you did not do any of that. Make sure no one else did or does.

Don't let the doctor pull it back when you go for a check up. I do hope it will heal on its own and you don't have to take him to the doctor, because who knows what they think needs to be done.?

Let us know in a day or two how it looks.

Here are a few links just in case:

Retraction-very good site



And this one you can print out and give to your pediatrician

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