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Do you believe in the possibility of it? Through my own research I have come to the conclusion that it is certain. I will go into more detail about that later but I want to mention that it is becoming a common occurence for very young children to out of nowhere and state things they could not have possibly have known. What are your views?
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I'm a Christian so it really doesn't fit easily into my beliefs, but it is an interesting topic of discussion. DH and I have kind of tossed it up because DD1 often says when you get to be a baby again and come out of my belly I'll take care of you. Or when I was big I did that (about whatever topic). She has even said when I was a boy... I don't believe she is reincarnated because of that, but just interested in what will be or could be in her life if...
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I would have said "no" until just about a month ago.

My mom took my neice (2.5years old) rock climbing with her. My neice saw a rope hanging with a loop. Without warning she grabbed the rope, put it around her head, tilted her head to the side, hung her limbs limply, and closed her eyes. She was acting as if she was hanging herself.

My mom went on to do some research about how young children can sometimes show signs of having a past life. It sounded like what she was doing. Maybe she saw someone get hung in a past life.

Anyway, I am not a religious person, but this made me wonder about reincarnation...
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I am open to the possibility of reincarnation.
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Originally Posted by SquishyBuggles View Post
I am open to the possibility of reincarnation.
me too! I have heard so many stories that makes me believe in reincarnation. Also, death doesn't intimidate me at all, for some reason I am very curious to know what it is like but don't get me wrong I don't want to die just yet.
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Originally Posted by eastkygal View Post
I'm a Christian so it really doesn't fit easily into my beliefs, but it is an interesting topic of discussion. DH and I have kind of tossed it up because DD1 often says when you get to be a baby again and come out of my belly I'll take care of you. Or when I was big I did that (about whatever topic). She has even said when I was a boy... I don't believe she is reincarnated because of that, but just interested in what will be or could be in her life if...
That is very interesting what you posted. While what your daughter stated may not be to dramatically convincing of reincarnation but it is a possible sign of something. The most dramatic case I heard came on a radio program in which Carol Bowman who is author of the best seller Return From Heaven was a guest. One of the callers is a chief of police and one time when his son was 2 they were watching a documentory on the Vietnam war and out of nowhere the 2 yr old stated that he flew helicopters during the war and had died. Very puzzled at what he just heard he decided to ask the boy more questions such as what unit he was in and the boy mentioned a unit that was indeed invovled. The father himself had been in the military so he was blown away by the answers the boy was giving and the boy could not have possibly have known these things unless he had been there. The boy who is now about 8 no longer remembers anything about it which is common. As children get older these memories become erased from the consciouness mind.

If anyone here has a similar story to tell I would love to hear it.
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Yes, I believe in reincarnation.

I once accidentally regressed my husband to what I believe was a past life. It startled us both so much, he came out of hypnosis & we've never tried again. The most startling thing (for him especially, I think) was that he was a woman in NYC.

Both my kids have said things that make me wonder about their past lives. Just random little comments here & there. Most recently, ds2 has said something about living in 1918.

I remember reading something years ago that there was evidence reincarnation was mentioned in the bible, but the early church removed the references because believing in getting another chance at life didn't give them as much control over people as they wanted.
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There was a Christian belief in reincarnation at one point, perhaps not popularly accepted but it was definitely discussed. (During the tumultuous years before things got "settled" at Nicea.) Origen is the name most connected with this teaching, the briefest internet search will turn up a bunch about him and the idea of reincarnation from a Christian perspective. It's quite nice, actually.

My stance is: either the soul is immortal, or it's not. And if it's immortal, it just as easily could come into this world in various lives as it could reside forever in some supernatural realm. Reincarnation just makes more sense. Not much point to the other, IMO.

Or the soul, perhaps synonymous with Ego, is therefore finite, and it dies with the body.
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I believe in it. I don't have any personal stories to share, minor tidbits have come across my thinking for myself though.

I read a book about a guy that was hypnotized, discovered a past live while under, and went hunting for the facts of that life. He found enough things to give him personal evidence...including the grave of the man he was. Talk about interesting!
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I'm open to the concept of reincarnation.

as far as children and past lives... I think children pick up more then we give them credit for. Although, if you are LDS some believe that the 'veil' between worlds is thinner in a childs mind.
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I'm Jewish and I believe in it. It's mentioned many times in the Zohar (mystical Jewish text), and it even goes into specifics about HOW a soul is reincarnated and why it would or wouldn't be reincarnated. Interesting stuff.

Consequently, it was one of the things that pushed me towards converting from Christianity to Judaism. Reincarnation just resonated so strongly in me as a truth.
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I believe in it. I haven't verified anything, but I have very distinct memories of my former lives.
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Originally Posted by mychildstory View Post

Latinalonestar-  Your story is so  chilling but also so fascinating. I just had to reply to this because I am a producer for a show about real reincarnation stories that aired on the Bio Channel last fall.  We are currently looking for families to tell their stories for our next season, and this just sounded amazing.  If you are interested in talking more, contact me at 323-410-7580 or mychildstory@yahoo.com     If you haven't seen our show, you can watch it here- http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x13kqkz_the-ghost-inside-my-child-s01e02_shortfilms     THANKS! 


I love that show. 



I believe in past lives. I like to think earth is a place for our souls to learn. We come here until we've learned all the lessons we need to learn, and then we move on to the next relm. I also firmly believe in God, and Jesus, and thus I'm a bit of a religious mutt.


 I've dreamnt of at least two of mine. When I was a small child, I had a recurring nightmare, up until my teens, that I was being killed. It wasn't just a "dream", these are different. They are real and horrible. I was really tiny, and I was being trampled. I just remembered that even when I was really, really young, I'd feel so sad that I was leaving my family. 

When I was pregnant with my son, I had another. It was in what seemed to be the 1800's. I was a woman, but I was dressed as a man because I was hiding from someone. My husband was there, and my son (who hadn't even been born yet) was there, but they weren't 'them'. I knew it was them, but not physically them. Anyway, I died in that by being shot to death by the person I was hiding from. There was also one more. I've always been pretty intuitive, I sometimes dream of things and then see them in the news, so maybe that's why I've made those connections. 


My daughter, she's an old soul. She's never been a baby. She does these things that just make us scratch out heads sometimes. She'll talk in this accent (she just turned two but she's a very advanced talker) that sounds like an old Irish woman. She calls a pizza a pizza pie. She hasn't heard that anywhere, and she's always done it. Little things like that, using words that we don't use that aren't' something she'd hear on tv, in the correct context. She's been on this planet a while. lol 

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I don't believe in it & hope that it is untrue, because I find the idea of having to do it all over and over and over , endlessly to be ghastly. If I am wrong, then I will have to become a Buddhist in my next  life & all subsequent lives and work and work and work to get off the dharma wheel.

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My religion is kardecist spiritism and we all believe in reincarnation. If you are interested, you can find Allan Kardec's books on the internet. Its really positive and open minded and it is a religion relatively common in Brazil. I know it may seem strange to many people as we each have our own beliefs and it sure did to me at first but it just felt right when i first got in touch with kardecism. I don't usually go around talking about it and suggesing that people read books on this subject because religion is really personal, but since you've shown interest in reincarnation, i've written the info on 8ne of those books at the end of this comment. II was one of those children you mention and i could remember many things since an early age. As a cientist i've been and atheist for many years and couldn't find an explanation to some phenomenons and i was always reading, doing research, etc.

The Spirit's Book by Allan Kardec is really interesting and is all Questions and Answers, wich makes it really accessible and easy to read. You can download it in pdf format for free on the net. Sorry if i sound pushy,that's not what i mean at all! Feel free to PM me if you want.
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Oh, forgot to say... but nowadays i can see spirits of people and animals rarely and i see a colorfull light surrounding people, animal, plants and evem objects when i am at a good day. It's beatifull and peaceful but it all scared me a lot when i was a teenager and i thought i was crazy, so my mom took me to a psychologist and a shrink (many shrinks, actually) and they all said i was fine and had no explanation to what was happening. I learned to deal with it all and my parents always supported me. My mom is a catholic and my dad is an atheist! My religion is christian.
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mommashakespeare - i believe what you believe, that we are here to learn and that we move forward and then learn more stuff and move forward and so on. Also believe in Jesus and God. Have no fear of dying and my daily life feels so full of meaning because even when i'm struggling i feel there a reason for it and there's something i need to learn so i can be a better person.
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This may surprise a lot of the readers here, but, I can back it up for hours.


The Bible says that a soul that sins (that means everyone) dies.

Genesis 2:7 states: “God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul.” Notice that the man himself was the soul; the soul was not immaterial, separate and distinct from the body. “The soul that is sinning—it itself will die.” (Not fry or fly)  :) (Ezekiel. 18:4, 20) And a deceased person is referred to as a “dead soul.” (Numbers. 6:6--while most Bibles say "dead body" the actual word is "soul" in Hebrew the original Bible Language) At death, “his breath goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do PARISH.” (Ps. 146:4) (Some Bibles say "plans parish", but the word is "Eshton" meaning "thoughts")...So when someone dies, the complete person is dead; there is nothing that remains alive and that could pass into another body.


So, According to the Bible, the soul is the complete person. Even though a person may have done bad things in the past, if he repents and changes his ways, God will forgive him. (Ps. 103:12, 13) When a person dies, nothing survives. Death is like a deep, dreamless sleep. () churches are not telling people the truth. There will be a resurrection of the dead. This is not a reincarnation but a bringing back to life of the same personality. The apostle Paul spoke of a resurrection of the future long after Christ went back to heaven. (Acts 24:15).... For most people, the resurrection will be to life on earth: Psalm 37:10,11,29. That's right! There is going to be a reunion with your dead loved ones right here on earth..It will take place after God brings the present crazy UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT as it were.... Sickness, suffering, even the necessity to die, will become things of the past. (Dan. 2:44; Rev. 21:3, 4) Please look up these scriptures --Just Google them.


Not preaching just sharing from 47,000 hours of Bible study with many religions in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek

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