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Good luck by-the-lake!! Fingers crossed for ovaries staying in control!

I had my u/s and bloodwork today (CD11) and have only one follicle (23) and 7.9 lining. All in all, not bad. I'd have liked 2 - 3 follicles, but that just doesn't seem to be happening for me with the Letrozole the last couple of months.

So, ovidrel tonight and IUIs tomorrow and Wednesday.
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daisymae08--that one follicle looks good. You only need one and plus your lining is good. Gl with the IUI.

by-the-lake--the good news is that you are not making alot of big ones now. GL with this cycle. You have been through alot lately. I hope you can do the march IUI since I am out. I never got to do IUIs. I wish I could have join you gals here. Argh. Can't do natural, can't do IUIs only IVF.
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Hey everyone, I just had my first IUI today, so I thought I'd butt into this thread if you gals don't mind. I've lurked around, but never posted. We're dealing with male-factor due to a spinal cord injury, so it was a natural IUI, my positive opk was yesterday. (I also did an ultrasound on Sat, and my egg was 16mm, and my lining was good)

I just wondered if anyone had any advice or stories or links even, about low motility and success with IUI. after the wash it was 20 million, but only 8 % motility. Before the wash it was 30 mill, 23 % motility. So, we're just trying to deal I guess. The doc says to give it 3-6 months of IUI's, and look at it as a process. I'm really trying to.

I don't know, I feel so lost, I'm not even sure what I'm asking here, but just felt like I needed to try. Thanks for listening.
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Welcome, though I hope your stay is short. I am dealing with MFI, so we are using donor sperm. Your numbers don't sound too bad, and many people have had success with numbers similar to yours. I will add you to the 2WW list.
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court- Welcome! Those numbers aren't great granted, but not horrible either.

AFM- CD 10 just waiting to O.
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Welcome court!

I went in for first u/s today and it is cd10 I have one egg that is 18 mm so IUI tomorrow afternoon. They usually have us trigger 12-24 hrs before but I told them that I ovulated 8 hrs after the last one so they had me trigger this morning at 9:30 for a 3 pm iui so that is almost 30 hrs. Gl everyone!!!
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Could you add me to the ttw

I had my second IUI w/injections on 2/13 and 2/14
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First IUI was this morning. DH had great numbers - 148 million and 70% motility. One more tomorrow morning and then onto the tww!
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Those are great numbers Daisymae. This is very high numbers. This has to be your cycle. Its got to be.

Welcome Court and Suka.
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome ladies
Good luck everyone!
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laci- Sounds like a good plan!

daisy- Those are awesome numbers!!! YAY!
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Nummies--Gl this cycle. You are ovulating "naturally" this time. Its sounds like a good plan with adding progesterone.

Laci--I am shocked that they don't follow the usuall 36 hr IUI after trigger. I never go this far with them anyways. I always thought you trigger at night and do the IUI in the am (not next day but the following day) I hope this does the trick for you. Were they surprise when you mentioned that you Od 6 hrs later?
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Court and Suka, welcome and best of luck to you! Court, I like what your dr. said about seeing it as a process. I keep trying to remind myself of that!

Laci and Daisymae, my fingers are crossed!! I'm hoping for lots of graduates this month.

WTG, I am sorry to hear your update. It must be a shock, though I'm glad you know what the deal is and won't waste time with IUIs. Bon courage and good luck with IVF.

AFM, I'm well into the going crazy stage but I only have 3 days left to wait to know. Getting the bfn with iui #1 was awful so I'm a little afraid as well as anxious to know.
Blueyezz, I'm afraid I'm not as productive as you were during your tww, I have not done a ton of cleaning, mostly just distracting myself with dvds when DS is playing or otherwise occupied.
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Daisy I am thinking this is your month for a BFP...anxiously waiting to hear

AFM I'm back from NY and hoping I am cyst free. Appt tomorrow at 3. Been on BCP for 2 weeks but AF is still lingering. Making me think I still have the cyst. Guess I will see tomorrow.
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It looks like IUI#2 wasn't successful. I got impatient and used an early pregnancy test strip this morning (12 dpIUI) and it was a BFN. I will still test Friday as I'd planned because I want to be sure before I stop the progesterone. Then I'll call my dr.'s office to schedule an appt. for her to find out what's going on with my cervix. I don't know if she'll need to do that around ovulation or if any time in the cycle is OK.

Anyway, at first I took it fine this morning (probably as I was still waking up) then I had to rush around as DH called to say some people were coming to evaulate our house (since we've done renovations) in half an hour so I was cleaning like mad and had no time to think about it. Once they left though I started making something to eat and it really hit me. It took awhile for me to calm down enough to eat! And I did feel better once I did that. So, looking ahead now and reminding myself that this is a path that requires time and patience and as much hope and optimism as I can muster.

I hope to see several new IUI graduates by the time I'm ready for IUI#3 in April! Good luck ladies!!
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So sorry Needle in the Hay. It's just so disappointing. Time for a glass of wine I would say. Take care of yourself.
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Needle I concur with the wine, although I'm planning on a huge mudslide if I get a negative.
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Just got back from day 2 of this month's IUIs. Today's numbers were good also. 113 million and 71% motility. So, fingers crossed and onto the tww!
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Does your clinic usually schedule a beta after the iui's? If so, how many days post iui? Do you ever poas, and if so, when is the soonest to get a positive?

For those that trigger, how long until the trigger leaves your system?

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Originally Posted by Julia'sMom View Post

Does your clinic usually schedule a beta after the iui's? If so, how many days post iui? Do you ever poas, and if so, when is the soonest to get a positive?

For those that trigger, how long until the trigger leaves your system?

J's Mom, I tested once (after trigger) at 12 dp trigger when it should have been out of my system (I was told 10 days) and got a faint line. The next day it was gone. So I've always waited until 13 dpo since then. But some women say it's gone 7dpo. I hope you know I'm sending every positive thought your way!
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