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I don't know what to call this

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My 5.5 yr old has started doing something, I am not sure what it is. Perhaps someone here has experience with it or has advice about what to do, if anything?

He has SPD (sensory defensiveness was the diagnosis a year ago). We did OT for a couple of months and then stopped because he was doing better. I initially did a lot of regulating work at home with him (I'm SAHM) and pulled activities out of the two sensory books I have.

He is currently seeing a chiropractor regularly and just recently a craniosacral therapist (we are only going to be able to afford six sessions).

He has been walking on his toes since age one...

Anyway, DH and I have noticed that at night time, when we read bedtime stories to him and his sister, that while we're reading, he starts a hum (very brief, a couple of seconds?) and then stops, right at the beginning of every sentence. He says that he cannot help it, and that he cannot stop it. It is annoying to say the least, and I am worried.

I am homeschooling him this year but honestly, he is such a challenge that we are going to enroll him in the local public school (we are hoping to get into a magnet). I find that all my days revolve around him and his behavioral issues (melt-downs I call them), that I have little time for his little sister let alone myself.

He takes weekly swimming lessons and tai kwon do classes, and really enjoys those. He has a trampoline and crash pad but rarely uses them (mainly because he demands that his sister and I join him, and sometimes we are not in the mood to jump and crash).

Anyway, can someone tell me what that humming sound might be? I am planning to go back to OT after CST is finished but that is two months away.
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Wow, I thought there would be some thoughts posted here. I asked our Craniosacral therapist today about it and she called it a "tic."

I am going to try to place a call in to an OT (our old one moved away last year) to figure out what this is. I have a feeling it is sensory-related.

If anyone has any ideas about this, I would sure love to hear them.
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My mom says I do that. I don't notice it though. I *think* I do it cause the conversations in my head move faster than the ones in real life - like I pre-empt a joke I'm going to make with a little tiny stiffled laugh in the back of my throat, or I respond to something I have said or am going to say in my head and a little sound escapes. I also make moaning sounds in my sleep sometimes that coorespond to speech I'm making in my dream. I've even woken myself up with that one. I wondering if maybe he is making the sound cause he is reading along with you in his head, and his voice isn't sure if he is supposed to be speaking outloud of not. Sounds nutty, but it's a theory.

ETA It's very hard for me to not do it, because I'm not conscious of it. When I'm trying to notice it, I don't do it.
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I read your original OP and hoped someone else with experience would come along.

Andrew has vocal things like that (not that exact one...but say he repeats sounds at the ends of words or says a particular nonsense word...it changes). He will spontaneously make weird noises and hum. In his case I believe they are vocal stims. Just another of his sensory seeking things (he's on the autism spectrum).

Why I didn't reply though was your son's report that he can't stop/can't help it. My kid says he likes it. And I take it this is consistent and has been going on. That seems more tic-like/tourette like to me. But I've never heard of a child being that consistent and specific to one situation with a tic. That said I don't know much about this area.

OCD crossed my mind too but his report that he can't help it doesn't exactly seem consistent with that. But what that means to him (he "has to" or he really has no control) might be hard to sort out. Usually it would be to avoid/prevent something or neutralize some thought or something similar for OCD. Is he only doing it at bedtime stories? If so that makes me think more toward OCD. But the I can't help it makes me not sure.

Basically, I thought about it originally and I just don't know what fits that!
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So maybe a good question is - Is it conscious or subconscious? Is he only aware of doing it when you point it out?

If he is aware of it, but cannot physically stop it - that's one thing. If he is aware of it, but "has too" cause he feels a need to - that's another thing. But if he can't stop it, cause he doesn't know he's doing it - then that might be more of what I'm describing.
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My son has Tourette's and cycles through a variety of those kinds of sounds (the worst was a gagging in the back of his throat noise he did awhile back, when I was newly pregnant & sick -- ugh lol). He describes the sensation as like an itch you have to scratch -- he can put it off a little while, but then he needs to "scratch" it and make the noise or do the movement.

That said, tics are pretty common and many kids can have transient tics around ages 6-8 particularly. No one will worry about it or do anything about it unless it continues for longer than 6 months or a year or becomes intensely disruptive to the child. Mine started with tics around 3 (eye blinking, primarily) and developed vocal tics at 5 or 6, and since they have continued since he is considered Tourette's (needs both vocal and motor tics for more than a year). Honestly the TS is not a big deal to him, he has yet to feel any social implications and the tics don't bug him unless they happen to interfere with his video game playing. lol

I'd just keep an eye out, but its probably harmless.
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My dd just started this in the last few weeks. I'm thinking it's stimming, because I have a brother who has Down syndrome (and pretty significant sensory integration issues) that does it as well, and has been for years and years. He doesn't seem to know that he's doing it. We just ask him to stop and he will (for a little while). DD seems to be doing it mostly when she's tired. HTH
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I am thinking tic or OCD as well. In our own lives, with my now 8 year old son, the distinction between the two has been very difficult to make.
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I came across this when researching SPD tonight and instantly thought of your post:

"The person may make their own noise, in an attempt to block out other unexpected or untolerable noises. By controlling their sensory input, they feel better."

So your son may have an uncontrollable urge to make noise in order to process the noise of a book being read aloud. Just a thought.
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Very quickly wanted to stop in and thank you for all the responses! Lot of information to digest and I will print this out to read over. It has been a stressful last few weeks and we are all trying to cope and wind back down.

Interesting about the OCD as his father (DH) has it and takes medication every day.

By the way, he makes the sound all day long now even at night. The other night DD woke up in the middle of the night asking (loudly) for "milky" and it woke him up (we co-sleep) temporarily and he made the sound a couple of times before falling back asleep.

I will try to get back on later to talk some more. I am so glad you wrote your ideas! :
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