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I'm nine weeks and I don't think I will be going for another three to five weeks. I'm old hat at this by now, though! I may go in sooner because I love visiting with my midwife so much. I was sad after my last appointment with her at 3 months postpartum because I didn't think we would have anymore children and it was so final. I'm excited to get to see her so often again.
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My first appt is on March 10th and I believe I will be 7 weeks at that point. I couldn't imagine waiting until 12 weeks......I need to know this baby is ok.
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Well, I understand. I spoke with a CNM about an early ultrasound and she said there is no clinical reason to have one so I opted not to. I have a doppler if I want to try to listen to a heartbeat, but it is still to early for me to hear for at least three more weeks. Going to the midwfe wouldn't tell me much about viability at this point and in the last few days I have a good feeling that everything is going well in there. I can feel my uterus growing and I still have nausea, although it is less severe since the middle of this week. I'm finally beginning to allow myself to bond with this baby. I'm still a little hesitant, but everyday I'm feeling better about this pregnancy. So yeah, waiting another few weeks just doesn't make a difference in my case.
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we're gonna stop by in another two weeks-ish (round week 10) to try and hear the HB on doppler. one of my best friends will be my midwife, so it's extremely informal
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i met the midwife for a quick Q&A and had an ultrasound for dates at a clinic. But as far as prenatal care, I don't plan to start that till 4 or 5 months. pregnancy and birth are not illnesses and no matter how much blood they suck out of you, if you are going to lose the baby, you are going to lose the baby. (I know, I;ve been down that road numerous times.) So I don't stress anymore. I just go with the flow and let what will be, be.

My m/w is a traditional (lay) midwife. She is licensed but not a nurse. And she it toallyokayw ith me doing a mostly UP. She said she'd do my prenatal care if I wanted to UC but I'd rather have her assistance att he birth, since I tend to kind of freak out a little, and this will be my first non-medicalized birth.
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I just called my midwife friday to let her know we'll be using her for this baby, so she doesn't book up entirely, but won't likely go in for prenatal visits until at least 12 weeks. I'm well aware of what I need nutritionally, and DH is there for my emotional needs, I see little point in most prenatal testing so won't be doing any of that, and really don't see much point going in before that. Any issues likely to come up will show themselves, or will likely show up on the 20-wk ultrasound (me giving in to curiosity, and fending off family concerns). Of course, if anything feels "off" in any way, I'll call up my midwife before that, of course, but... just seems kinda silly for me, in my experience.
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I have found in England they don't really take your pregnancy seriously until after 12 weeks. I don't really feel like rushing myself in to see the midwife only to have a five minute chat and BP check. I will call in to the practice around 10 weeks in time for them to book a 12 weeks scan. I hope I can wait it out that long anyway..I just keep reminding myself there is no point in going any earlier.
Like people have said, if you're going to lose the baby at this stage, there is not much they can predict about it or do about it.
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Originally Posted by Carlito's_wife View Post
Well I haven't officially been to the doc yet. I have just seen my family practice doc to get labs but he hasn't seen me personally. Just put blood work into the computer for me. We are in the middle of PCSing to Fort Carson and by the time we get settled in I am guessing I will be close to 10 weeks or more so I might be nearing my 14th week before they even get me in to see an OB. I am ok with that.

I was kind of hoping to learn a little more about MW's because I almost want to have the baby at home and not deal with all the hospital junk. I have never done a natural birth but it seems worth it to me to go through the pain in order to have my angel at home and not have to beg for three days to go home so that I can take care of my other children. My last birthing exeriance was kind of nerve racking because although DD and I were just fine I had her on a thurday and they didn't want to let her out of the hospital until she had been there for 48 hours which went into the weekend so of course they held me there until monday. I threatened to walk out and they had the nerve to tell me I could leave anytime I wanted but they would have to call security if I tried to take DD off the floor. :

I don't need that hassle and by now I am pro at popping out babies so I just want to do it at home.

Maybe this post belongs in the "birthing plans" thread.
I just wanted to pass this on to you as my husband and I just did our research on HB and have learned about all the wonderful and safe outcomes from having a little one the way God intended us to. We watched "The Business of Being Born" (you can rent it on Netflicks or buy it) It was amazing, it is a documentary educating woman on childbirth and the options. We then went to a midwife center that was recommended to us and attended a seminar on the difference between in-hospital birth and out-of hospital birth and I am shocked at what takes place in hospitals to women giving birth. Hope this helps and enjoy educating yourself in this area, it is truly enpowering to discover the "other choices"!!
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I'm planning on doing a HB, so I was going to wait and call around until I was 8 weeks. I *think* everything is OK in there, but I do feel the occasional twinges, but I tend to hypochondriac. But with my EDD I guess there is a big MW convention in CA during that same time, so there may be less availability. ?

Just didn't want to start too early, but an appt can always be set up a few weeks later, and when I don't even know who I want yet, it's probably a good idea to start talking to some!
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