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Victorian Patch- Your story makes me cry for joy!!! I am so glad for you. Keep us posted on your progress and beta results!!!!:::
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Updated to here

Hi Ladies! I was on a business trip all last week, so I have a bunch of you to catch up with.

christophersmom - I was so sad to see your news. I hope you are taking good care of yourself

nummies - I can't even imagine how upset you are. I'm glad to see that your next cycle is paid for, but that in no way makes up for their mistake. I hope the universe compensates and you get your baby next cycle!

Lola - I hope your Dr. is able to give you some answers.

wtg - I'm an internet information junkie. Researching makes me feel a little less helpless.

by-the-lake - I can't believe your Dr. made such a ridiculous comment. I'm send out some good thoughts for your upcoming IUI!

Laci - Welcome! I hope your stay is short!

DaisyMae08 - : for your 2ww!!! Are you managing to stay sane?

gumby and Victorian patch - Congratulations!!!!

AFM, I guess it's time that I pass the thread on to a new threadkeeper. I had my first ultrasound this morning, and was able to see a precious little heartbeat. I'm finally convinced that we have a sticky little bean. Anybody want a little threadkeeper luck? It worked for Songbird and me!
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I can keep this thread if someone keeps the IUI thread. Let me know!!!
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I can do the IUI thread for March!

Maybe it will bring me good luck.
This 2ww is taking for ever....
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I'm staying as sane as I can. I feel like I've felt every other month we've tried this, so I'm already assuming it's a negative and am just sort of waiting it out. I know it's bad to just assume it hasn't worked when it's less than a week after the IUI, but I just feel like I'll know when it finally happens. I feel like at least something will feel different.

Victorian Patch - Yay for you and your husband!! Congrats! :
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Thank you girls I feel like I am dreaming, I see the home test once and again and again, smilling all the time, off course I'll let you know the Beta result on Wednesday night, :

For the ones that still looking for........I wait 9 years and 3 months....... but never put my arms down, if I was closing the chapter it was a process that wasn't all everything done, one of my secrets we pray together before we did our homework

So go ahead girls
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Hello to all! I just joined today and in need of advice and encouragement. Here's my brief history----- TTC #1 Since March '07 DH 33 (Great counts-Low Morph and Low Motility) Me 22 (No problems!) // 4 rounds Clomid with OBGYN all BFN// IUI #1 with RE Clomid and 2 75iu Bravelle injections--day of IUI sperm count 108 million--BFN Found cyst on left ovary and taking one month break.

Right now while in the wait I'm feeling a bit alone. Worrying myself to death that AF won't come and that I'll be waiting forever to start next IUI. I have no clue what to expect since I only had one IUI so far. This last cycle ended very oddly and even puzzled my RE. After IUI, I was on Crinone for tww and had blood test on day 30 which was BFN. Stopped progesterone on day 32 and (I guess) on day 34 passed the remnants of what didn't get fertilized. Went in for U/S since it was strangly light. RE found that uterine lining was still full and intact and found cyst. Did another blood test, BFN. After that I was just told to wait for AF and that we all had no clue when that would be. So here I am still waiting. When we're TTC we pray for AF not to come and now I find myself praying everyday that it would. What a joke :
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victorian- : Wonderful news! can't wait to hear the beta news!

Libby- I am so happy for you! Yay for hearing the heartbeat! WOOT! You have been a wonderful threadkeeper and you will be missed. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and have a beautiful baby! Pop in from time to time!

britt- Welcome to MDC and to the thread! So sorry about your struggles. You are in the right place. You should read the first post of this thread to find out about all our history, most of us are in the same boat.

So I need some advice. As you all know, we are planning a cycle for next month. I would O around the 22nd of March. Well, on the 27th of March a big group of my girlfriends is going to Chicago and we are generally just going to have a good time. This will probably involve a drink or two. So if you were me, would you postpone your cycle? I really don't want to because I am aching for a December baby. But I also don't want to harm the potential baby by having a few drinks. I wouldn't get drunk or anything and the "baby" wouldn't even be implanted yet as it will be only 5DPO. Your thoughts???
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Oh Nummies, what terrible timing! I know how you feel. Next month's timing for us would be just a few days before the weekend friends of ours who have a band are playing two nights in Boston. We've booked hotel rooms and there are always a few drinks invovled. My decision is to not skip the cycle and to go but not drink. I know it may be awkward and people may make comments, but I don't feel comfortable with even a drink or two (which I logically know would probably be fine). Ultimately you have to do what you're comfortable with. Maybe talk to your doctor just to ease your mind about it?
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Congrats, Victorian!
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NUMMIES Don't worry about it, just have fun and enjoy, I went to a weeding (and what a weeding, from 7 pm thru 4 am, I put more than one drink inside) on march 27th 1999 and on the 30th I got the news that I was pregnant of my son, he is a healthy boy & nothing happend to him. Also when I went to the Doctor and told him about the weeding, he say don't worry about it, Any normal woman that is not looking for a baby, stop drinking, smoking and other things after they got pregnant & nothing happend to their childs, so relax and since now u have to look after both.

If your next cicle is on the 22 and if u get pregnant, until the 29th is not going to grabbed in your endometrious, so I think is going to be ok if you have fun and get distracted by your girlfriends.

good luck and enjoy both things.
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Daisy- Keep it sane!!! How many more days till your beta?

Laci- Hang in there. What DPO are you?

Britt- Welcome, hope things clear up for you. Did you have a progesterone drawn on 5DPO? Did you indeed ovulate?

AFM- IUI done- freaked out at the wetness in my pants (sorry TMI) afterwards, but remember this is normal. Its suppose to be cervical mucus. I swear I saw a hint of pink. Oh great, all my superman sperm ran out!!!!!! Numbers were 20.9 million with 25% motility, which is suppose to improve once in the uterus where its warm, says my doc. AHHH, is this normal???
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Thanks for the support!!

By-the-lake*** Yes, forgot to mention that. I definitely ovulated my progesterone was a 17 which they said anything over 5 meant that I did.
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An AMAZING Beautiful story Victorian Patch! WOW!

We've really been able to graduate some gals on this thread. I've been on since the beginning and lo and behold, it happens. Every time it is such a miracle. : for the rest of us.

Just wondering if anyone has heard from Mom to Alexis?

Thanks Libbylou for keeping the thread so long and CONGRATULATIONS on hearing the

I finally got AF so I continue the Lupron and go for a suppression check on Thurs. Maybe start stims this Sat.
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It gives me hope when one of us makes it.
Congrats and keep us posted Victorian Patch!!!!

By-the-lake I am 7 dpo. Ugh! 1 more week left. This cycle was completely different from my first so fingers crossed!
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Beta Result

Well girls as in the past, my Beta is low, when I was in the 6+4 weeks with my son got 75, I was with abortion symthoms at 4+3 week, so I am from mars.

Today my beta with 4+2 weeks is 88.4 : on Friday I have to repeat it, but is completely positive for us, because we know that I have low Betas. Remember that I had 4 abortions between my son and this little thing that is inside me and will stay with all of us forever, I feel it and I know it because is a miracle.

Thank you very much for all the sweet words about my story and wishing that all the girls get their POSITIVE in the right moment


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victorian- Sounds like great numbers! If by abortions, you mean miscarriages, I am so sorry for your losses.
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Six more days until my beta - so half way there. I will probably poas the morning of, just so I know what to expect when I get the phone call.

I have a follow up visit with the nurse practitioner tomorrow to plan for next cycle. I'm ready for injectibles + IUI.

by the lake, my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!
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Originally Posted by poetgirl View Post
Just wondering if anyone has heard from Mom to Alexis?

I finally got AF so I continue the Lupron and go for a suppression check on Thurs. Maybe start stims this Sat.
I haven't seen MomtoAlexis posting anywhere. I think she should have been on the same schedule as Pookietooth, if all went well with the ivf. She is definately still in my thoughts. . .

Good luck with your suppression check! I hope you find the stims to not be too crazy-making. :
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Poet- Yeah for AF!!! Funny how these things end up, happy to see the red witch.. Hope the supression check is good. Keep us posted!!! G/L tomorrow.

DaisyMae- Plan away!!! Maybe a little reverse psycology. Get it all set up, meds ordered, plans in place, then you won't need it.

Victorian patch- Sorry for your multipule losses, but great beta number!!!! Good vibes to you!!

Laci- How is this cycle different?

AFM- I figured all the sperm fell out, I didn't O, and I am going to have tons of cysts after.

Ok, for real, I have NO breast pain. I get mega breast pain about 12-24 hours after O, but nothing!!!! So I figured I did not ovulate, (despite feeling it and having a trigger shot), but really, it might be the acupuncture releiving the PMS symptoms. I do get a progesterone level done on Sunday. The sperm probobly didn't run out, and I hope I have no residual cysts because I only had one follie. So, the crazies have started. Actually, I'm not so preocuppied, and its only 1DPO.
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