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I still haven't decided what to do about NY. Most likely will cancel well actually reschedule. Somehow I need to try and come up with the right dates to go.

Question for everyone is it normal for AF to be soooo bad? It's like I'm a water faucet. I have a Dr. appt today for an ultrasound (that's gonna be fun) but I am starting to think I may need a blood transfusion.

I have so many questions. Hope the doc doesn't get annoyed. Has anyone done clomid and injectables? He wants me to do 5 days of clomid and 3 days of injectables then and IUI. I am curious to know why he is adding the injectables.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and rest of the week!
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Meadow- Congratulations!! That's so great for you!! :::

wtg- Please don't give up! You do still have some options, just maybe not what you were hoping for..... it makes me so mad when the "professionals" in this field are rude or insensitive!

crystal- "move on" to where after ivf? Was he talking adoption? I know that is frustrating. My doc basically t old us, 1 round w/ letrozole and 1 w/ injectibles and then we're off to ivf, which for us is not an option because of $$. We have zero insurance coverage, so it has and will be all out of pocket...

Daisy- so sorry...what a crappy feeling when you are just waiting for AF. I was there last week!!

poet- ugh! I know what you meean about staying positive. It is so hard to train your brain!! For me, I have been trying yoga and meditation.

CD1 was Saturday and I started the femara on Monday. THey did not tell me to come in for any u/s or anything until I surge, and we will then go in for u/s and iui. It almoat seems as if they are "humoring" me and going through the motions?? I say this because usually they don't call in my scrip unless I have a negative beta within 48 hours of AF and this time he went ahead and called in the femara on Thursday and AF didn't show til Saturday, and my negative beta was the previous Tuesday....but they didn't ask me to get another one before starting the femara.....

Also, I am starting the acupuncture today, so I am way excited about that!! DH and I have not given up hope, but we have started to delve into researching adoption in our area, just to be prepared.......anyone else been there yet?
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post

Poet- I felt like that pre-IVF. Like how could I possibly think postively when all I have been dealt has been negative. I turned it around by doing everything I could to ensure success. Pineapple juice (who knows but it made me feel good), bedrest for a week post transfer, accupuncture, relaxation exercises, etc. Good luck to you! IVF was hard, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, but so worth it. Our embies became this sweet boy.
Thank you so much Nummies. I think maybe it's par for the course. Accepting that the IUI phase is over, that the Big One is here and that it's really a lot to wrap your mind and heart around. I am actually rally grateful for the long protocol because it is giving me a chance to be afraid, vent, decompress and hopefully accept. I feel progressively better about it. I've been doing a ton of guided meditation and it's a relief to be able to do yoga again. I used to teach it and was told to not do it during the IUI cycles and that maybe was not the best idea. I went back to acup. last Sat. and I'm going weekly before ER. I'm drinking my Kombucha, kefir, wheatgrass and nettle tea so I know my body is flooded with good things. So, hearing that you turned it around by doing what you could to bring success helped me realize that I am also doing that. It was also : to see your embie pic and your boy pic. Day By Day. Thanks for your message.

p.s. I have my mock ET tomorrow...
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I had my transfer on Tues -- they transferred 3 embryos (due to my age, they said it was the best chance one would take), and froze the other 8 -- all 11 that fertilized made it to 5 days! I guess all those supplements I've been taking, and the acupuncture, have been working.
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Pookie- That is awesome!!! good luck!!!

poet- You're welcome! It sounds like you are doing everything right.
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nummies your temps look good! you plan on poas or beta??? good luck!!

poet i really hope this can be the end of this painful journey and the beginning of wonderful rewarding motherhood journey for you!! s

lola i took it as "move on" and forget about having another child. I am only 29... I think I have a few more years of hope left!!

afm looking for some opinions... of course yesterday I was dead set on not taking Clomid cause I wasn't getting an u/s to recheck the cysts. But of course today I am questioning myself. Should I just take 1/2 dose of clomid? (which would be 25mg ) or just sit out completely?? I hate to waste a month, but I also hate to make things worse... ykwim?? I use to be such a decisive person... I hate this!
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Pookie - I will be thinking about you. Good luck!

AFM - I'm out for a cycle...going to NY. Turns out I have a cyst and I am back on BCP for 2 weeks. Now I have a tww to see if the cyst goes away.
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Good luck Pookie, it sounds like things look pretty darn good for you this cycle!

Poet, know that I am thinking of you. I truly hope this is your time.

AFM, spotting started tonight, so day 1 tomorrow and back on Letrozole on Sunday. Getting back on the horse, so to speak.
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I am freaking out right now waiting for AF to show up so I can have my surgery on Feb 13. I stopped my pills 4 days earlier on request from the surgeon. No signs of her yet. I am afraid that they will cancel my Or date cause of the no flow. I am upset and depressed to see alot of BFP and I am not even close to having a bfp. I might even have my OR date cancelled and I will be waiting forever. What is happening lately, there are tons of bfps. I seen alot of BFP in other boards, on the ttc thread etc. Its like an explosion! I see a few girls who have been trying a 4-5 yrs on other boards and just today got their BFP. This is so weird. I wish I was in this group of happiness. I guess the good lord just passed me again. Don't take me wrong I am happy for everyone but I am so sad. I feel like it will never happen. I need to really force myself off the boards. Its to depressing. Dh and I are fighting cause of IF.
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Wtg I know this is hard for you. I have only been trying for a short while and I am so envious of all the BFP. I am happy but it makes me sad. You are probably like me wanting to have a baby more than anything in the whole world. It has all I have thought about for 10 years. Waiting for the "right" time than thinking it was the right time and having problems. I don't think the good Lord passed you by. I believe everything happens for a reason. Not sure what the reason is why we are going through this. It will all work out for all of us. We all must find peace and take care of ourselves. Although I am so tired of hearing "live your life" We must find a way to be positive and relieve the stress. Maybe we should start a thread that doesn't talk about the trying process...It could be about what a good day we had, or something we plan to do. I don't know I feel like I myself am obsessed with this. Hang in there!
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ok, i've had a three days in a row :

and best wishes for all. even though the BFP has happened, as i've said in other threads, i'm afraid to be happy yet.
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wtg- ((hugs)) I'm sorry hun. We are hear for you!

Cat- Congrats.

AFM- Another cycle down the tubes. Meeting with Dr. B next week to discuss what we want to do. Feeling
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WTG, I understand completly! I had to step back from the forums, and from friends, DH and I seemed to be in a rut. After 7 years, I knew the signs and would have to pull myself away. I hope you find the time to heal. I pray your sx goes great and you are back on the TTC road real soon.
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Crystal-mommy- What did you decide?
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So Saturday morning I got a message from my friend on facebook telling me that she's 11 weeks pregnant. After taking a moment to process things, I called her to congratulate her. She got pg on the first try. FIRST. And as always, I'm happy for her, but sad for me. DH doesn't understand how that can be and says I should just be happy for my friend which makes me feel like a big meany. I truly am happy for her. But I still think I can be sad for me at the same time.
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nummies--I am so sorry. I feel so bad for you after you benn through a few iuis. Maybe next time will be a charm. You never know.

Daisymae08--I right with you girl when it comes to all the announcements. I have been getting sick and tired of all it to. Of course we are happy for them but we want to be happy also for ourselves. Don't ever feel like you are being mean and wrong. You have all rights to be ticked.

Cat--congrats what a surprise. You were just beginning to see an RE?

by-the-lake--done with bcps? GL with next cycle.

thanks meadowmom, becky8824 for your kind words. I have been reading here and I feel such warmth from everyone.

poet--you are in my thoughts. I am also feeling depressed and trying to be low-key about staying on here.

pookie- how are you doing?

crystal --how are you doing and sorry for af. Argh

AFM--no af yet. I am praying for my period to come that I do not want to interfere my long awaited OR date. Its on friday the 13th, yikes! I am afraid I will have red tsumani when my or date comes. How wonderful that would be. I have very very slight spotting. I stopped bcp 4 days early and wonder if that was a great idea. It was the surgeons suggestion. Hmmm
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I'm doing OK. Have an appointment for a beta on Thursday. Using the progesterone suppositories. Fun. Not near as bad as the shots, though.
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Pookie- Best of luck for your beta. How do you feel?

Wgt- Any AF yet? Hopefully there won't be muh of a tsunami because BCP's make AF lighter. Not that that makes it any better

nummies- Sorry for AF. Really sorry.

AFM- Cyst gone, estrodial level perfect, looked at my report on the donor sperm..looks great too. Over 20 mil per vial!!! Start Gonal f Thursday, 75 units, u/s and estrodial Monday!!!
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Originally Posted by by-the-lake View Post
AFM- Cyst gone, estrodial level perfect, looked at my report on the donor sperm..looks great too. Over 20 mil per vial!!! Start Gonal f Thursday, 75 units, u/s and estrodial Monday!!!
Yay!!!! That is good news.
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By-the-lake-- good you asked, yup I got a very light period today. I am so happy and relieved. I was very tense the last few days I thought I was going to lose my sanity. Its not much of AF, but I will take it. Phew it arrived. I didn't expect much since last cycle was clomid ( thinned my lining) and short changed my bcps. Congrats on no cysts and go easy on the gonal-f this time
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