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Mom's of Many it’s February

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: Mom's of Many it’s February :
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Hello hello!
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Wow - it is Feb. already. I feeling over-worked. My baby will ONLY sleep in someone's arms. He has yet to take to the Kozy carrier or wrap. I am working on getting the correct size pouch. I am hoping that will help asI get NOTHING done each evening. Then when DH goes to bed, I have to start cleaning up, washing dishes and making lunches. DH helps a tremendous amount, but we both have things to complete at night. So much for painting the hallway - that is a ways off.

any advice???
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Hello M-o-Ms! Anyone sick of snow and ice yet? What are you all doing with the kiddos to beat the winter blahs? We usually try to plan a little winter weekender somewhere in Feb. to get us through...This year looks like we'll be heading to the Kalahari indoor waterpark. Should be fun to see the youngest enjoy the water!
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Originally Posted by 3tammuz View Post
Wow - it is Feb. already. I feeling over-worked. My baby will ONLY sleep in someone's arms. He has yet to take to the Kozy carrier or wrap. I am working on getting the correct size pouch. I am hoping that will help asI get NOTHING done each evening. Then when DH goes to bed, I have to start cleaning up, washing dishes and making lunches. DH helps a tremendous amount, but we both have things to complete at night. So much for painting the hallway - that is a ways off.

any advice???
I understand how you feel. I use a ringsling which I prefer over a pouch since you can adjust it to any size, use the tail to cover cold wind, rain, sun, to nurse, etc. We use a zolo and I love it. It helps me get a lot of things done around the house. How old is your babe? Congrats, too! :

So mamas, I have a question...

Those of you w/ a lot close in age (mine are 7, 5, 4, almost 3 and 6 weeks today) how do you make friends?? I am so lonely since we moved (which is why i'm on mdc waaaay too much ) and have no IRL friends. I feel having this many babes so young and homeschooling prevents me from having friends and being able to do many "normal" parenting things (like attend playgroup, go to fun classes, heck even shopping at a store!) Anyone kwim? For example..when we moved I stayed away from the local MDC playgroup b/c I knew my tribe was active and overwhelming for others. I attended twice (once a few weeks before babe was born and the other and last time was when babe was 2 weeks old). Now the playgroup is talking about "too many kids" and "hectic" and "playgroup for little ones only" talk. I feel it is b/c of us and just knew it would happen I just don't know how to socialize my babes with others and not make the whole crowd wish we didnt' attend. *sigh* We also kept up w/ a homeschool group b/c I know that they are able to handle spirited school age kids (and boys at that) easier than mamas who only have one young child. So far that has gone really well (we have yet to attend w/ our babe tho) and it's once a week. Now I feel really self conscious b/c what if people there think we are too much to handle and making the group too crowded?? Ugh! I had such an amazing group before we moved and this was never an issue. It was wonderful to find friends who had spirited kids and lots of them and understood. To not worry and relax with my children for once, just be ourselves and not have to apologize or get after them, etc all the time. I am SO sad to be and feel so alone.

So how do you all do it? How do you let your children play w/ others and make it work? I don't have school to take my kids during the day (which I know would make life a lot easier..but we homeschool and we love it) and dp works days now and so we can't do what we used to a few years ago. (I would take the one or two to age appropriate things like preschool class, library storytime, playgroups, etc and the others would do something w/ dad). I don't have close friends to drop them off with like we used to, I don't have family close enough to help w/ this either. I just feel like b/c we chose to have a large family and homeschool that we in turn "chose" to have no friends and not be able to attend anything. I suppose it is something I have to realize and come to terms with and just be happy in my own world, alone. : I think I'll tell the MDC playgroup we're not attending anymore so they can go back to normal and relax at their get togethers....
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Lemon Juice I only have 2 with me during the day and I feel only a tiny bit of what you are feeling. We don't go to school either so with dd who is about to turn 6 and a 2yo we don't go to any little people things at all because dd1 isn't welcome.

One of the best things for us about home schooling is that I can take them both to any homeschool groups and they can meet children of all different ages without anyone thinking it is odd or wrong to have big and little people all mixed up.
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so......can we talk "family bed?"

Anyone here have one? How to you juggle? How many are in the family bed?

we set up a family bed, but I am not sure it is working. My 5 yr old totally feels that he NEEDS to sleep with us. (And most nights that means he is waking me up trying to get on the queen bed with dh and baby and I. That doesnt work.) I think my 3 yr old would be fine in a room on her own but I have been enjoying her snuggleyness...and I am not sure how the 1 yr old would fare in another bed, as I have never tried it yet.

Dh snores loudly, waking up the kids, and the 12 mo old wakes up occasionally making baby noise which also wakes the kids up. and then everyone wakes up everyone else...

??? :

Bedtime is quite an act around here and I was just wondering if you all could describe what your nighttime looks like.

We are doing bed at like 6 PM also-thats really really hard!!!- because I cannot figure out how to get the kids to nap, and from 3 PM till 6 PM they are so tired they just throw fits all freaking day.

I know they wont be little for long. :
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Naps - nonexistant here, except for the youngest; she will occasionally nap in the afternoon. The 4 youngest (ages 9, 6, 4, & 2) start getting ready for bed at 7. This is clean-up time, get pajamas on, go potty, etc. Depending on the day, I may read a story, but usually they go straight to bed after a ton of hugs & kisses.

Now, if they would only stay there .

Usually, the 6 & 4 yr old end up coming into our room sometime in the night. If they 2 yr old wakes up, I nurse her in the recliner & end up falling asleep there. Once in awhile, the 9 yr old will come in our bed too.

I probably just jinxed myself typing this, but the 6 & 4 yr olds have been sleeping in their rooms all night for the past 5 nights!! It's been very nice, but I've been restless & tossing & turning all night.

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Going to bed is actually pretty swell around here. Thankfully! Our 7 and 5 yr old share a room. Our almost 3 yr old ended up moving in with them b/c she was ready to leave and have her own bed. We still co-sleep w/ our 4 yr old son b/c he's not ready to leave and he won't go to sleep and will party all night if he's not in our bed. We also co-sleep w/ our baby. BUT dp sleeps on the couch. He snores SO loud and figures he gets out of diaper duty.

We had an easy transition into a bedroom for our older ones. We do baths anywhere from 6:30-7pm. We get dressed and let them run around and burn off the bath time energy and play. When they are all dressed we gather into our family bed and read stories. Dp will do it or I will, the other cleans up (dishes, living room, laundry, etc We call it "bath or clean up" and pick). After stories we do potty, teeth, tuck in. I put the baby down and our 4 yr old in my room. The other 3 go into their room. We are usually done before 8:30pm and on a good night by 8pm they are all fast asleep The 4 yr old will go to sleep by himself in my bed too, luckily, so I take a shower or can go downstairs w/ dp to relax or put babe down there. But if he's w/ his brothers all hell breaks loose!
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Lemon Juice, I know what you mean about having trouble connecting w/others when you have all the kids w/you. Mine do go to school, so my situation is a lot different, but there are times when I am in the same boat. When we go to church for example. I joined this great UU church in the hopes of making some new connections & developing more of a community, but when we are there I am so busy managing the kids that I don't get a chance to talk to anyone and I cannot attend a lot of the things that interest me due to childcare. What works for us is to have one on one playdates/get togethers, as opposed to playgroups (since we just overwhelm the whole group, and it ends up no fun for any of us). If we can spend the time outdoors, even better. HTH.
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How much do you spend on groceries per week/month?

Hi MoMs!

I am trying to get a handle on what "normal" is for a food budget with a family of 6. Do you mind sharing?
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Originally Posted by TripMom View Post
Hi MoMs!

I am trying to get a handle on what "normal" is for a food budget with a family of 6. Do you mind sharing?
We spend around $160--200/week on groceries for a family of 6.
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Hi everyone, just chiming in on the family bed. We actually have 2 beds now. We just could not fit 6 in a king size comfortably. So Ds/1 sleeps w/ DH and the girls and DS/2 sleep w/ me and we take turns as to which bed we sleep in. It's sort of unspoken, because both beds are so comfy. But I am getting to the point where I would love for everyone to sleep in their own beds and I am having a hard time w/ that old mantra "it will not always be this way" ! There is a king our room and the queen is in the boys room. All I long for is a full nights sleep, but baby won't have it! He is up randomly and since he is, I think the last, I am enduring!
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He Lemon Juice,

I think we've met IRL a few months ago.

I just wanted to say that I know how you feel. A few weeks ago DH and I were thrilled to be invited to another family's house for dinner. We also recently moved and are eager to recreate a warm, loving circle of friends. A few days before the dinner the mom called me and oh so gently suggested that I leave the two little kids at home. Even though her daughter and the other couple's daughter would be participating in the evening, they were quiet girls (the ages of my two oldest boys) used to going out with their parents.

I'm all for nights out without kids, and and I love family broohahas but I was astonished that this other mom would ask me to bring only 1/2 my kids. Of course I would understand if it were, for example, a birthday party or something similar for her child, but this was billed as a family night.

I told her I'd see, and then sat back in astonishment. She callde back the next day and apologized and re-invited the whole gang. She said her husband was aghast and the more she thought about it the sillier her request seemed. WE all went and had a great time and joked about how overwhelming a big family must be, etc.

I don't consider my family a big family but it is around here (there are one or two families of 5 and 6 kids but I don't know them). It seems people here generally have one or two children within 2.5 years of each other and that's that. So once they are through the baby and toddler phases they want playmates for their older children but they don't want to be bothered with little kids. Likewise, when they have only babies they are aghast at the energy, needs and noise that go with kids ages 5-8.

So no solutions here. But a nod of sympathy.

I wish you lived closer to us!
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Once we had the triplets I thought we'd never get a social invitation again . . . . . I can empathize with social issues - that is for sure!
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you know, the more I think "I dont have a large family, with only 3 kids" the more i realize that most people have 2 or less kids (At least -of the young ages that mine are.) Larger familys around here are generally older familys with older kids. (Often the result of combining "yours mine and ours" But I actually do have a hell of alot of work to do with just 3 kids and I am only now realizing that. :

I love my family.

And to me, its freaking overwhelmingly large.
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I consider our family medium sized, but many is definitely descriptive ; ) So I thought I would jump in here! I've got 5 - ages 10, 8, 6, 3, and 8 months. We homeschool two of them and I totally relate with not knowing where we fit in best - There are homeschool things for the olders I can't take them to because of the littles, and playgroup things for the littles I don't go to because of the older ones. There is plenty in between too, but it is hard knowing how much my kids are missing out on because we can't always do it all. It is nice when we do things with the Catholic homeschool group because everyone has lots of kids, all different ages, so they just expect it!!!
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