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Oh Theresa!!!!! :::


Oh, what a joyous occassion. I am beyond thrilled, for all of you. What a blessing that he is home now, and I am sure his story so far will help shape him in more beautiful ways than you can imagine. I don't know if you remember, but my one-woman show is called "Birth Story" and is all about how each person's birth story affects who they are as a person so much, sort of dictates the path they start on...In a good way...kind of a certain way of thinking of all of our destinies. So, anyway, yes, I believe Fox's birth and early days, though so so difficult, will give him many gifts, in ways you maybe can't imagine now. I am so honored to know him and his story (and you and your story), and look forward to seeing who Fox is

Also, I'm sorry to all the mamas I forgot in my post.

I hope Ez is better, Gunter!

And Susannah, I am glad things are looking up with Allison, and I hope they continue to get better...and yay for potty learning!

And Fern, it's so good to have you on the boards more.
Now if I can find a way to stay on top of it more.

Mel, like the others have said, it is perfectly great to be private about the pregnancy...and I, too, want to see pictures! But seriously...why not keep it close to you and then really step out when the wee one arrives

On weather from us...it's raining here, and you'd think there was a tornado or something with how the news and people act. It's just rain, sillies! (And I love it).

Finley needs, so I must sign off for now.

Happy Friday to you all!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
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Originally Posted by HoneyTree View Post

AND... Our own babymoon can finally start, because


It's been a long journey. And Fern, I really hear what you said about this being his own little life story to date. We had to work pretty hard to convince them to release him, and as I suspected (love that mama intuition!), once we got home his breast feeding really took off and he gained 3.5 ounces in 24 hours!

He's doing great. He fits right in. We're all finally relaxing after three and a half weeks of what seemed like holding our breath and straining to understand. I thank you all again so much for your words of love and support; I'm glad you all know his little story, too.
welcome home fox!!! and theresa, slow deep breaths!! let the stress and fear and all of the bad out and bring the goodness of it all in. you have grown as a person, as a family.. im so happy for you all.
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teresa- YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! So glad that Fox is back home with you all!!! I know your arms were aching to hold him...not to mention those breasts to nurse him, eh? so happy for you all! i have a little somethin in the mail to you tomorrow.

send some of that healing to my city. there's a little babe in our circle without a mama around right now. the mama needed to get some professional help so we are all trying to pump and nurse her little one. nothing can replace a mama though.

oh, and the client was my midwife's client...not my doula client. i went as the midwife's assistant. does that make sense? they didn't hire me directly but i work for the HB MW. man, post partum work is heavily calling for me this week, i see! love to be there but hate that it's so necessary.
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Gunter and more We had a mama in our group of friends sectioned for PPP last year, it's tough. Are there any mother/baby units near you? It really helped when I was admitted after Isaac was born being able to take him with me.

Skye kind of liked the snow.
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Welcome home Fox!! I'm thinking of you, HT, and the family together as you should be - finally!! :

Gunter, sending thoughts out to the wee babe and those who can care for him/her.

Helen, that's a great pic.

I hope QoC doesn't mind me posting a link, but she finished my baby boy quilt last night, and it is AMAZING!!! I you, Jen!!
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Oh, Helen, that's lovely! I just adore how they LOVE snow. No "oh crap how are we going to get anywhere", no "omg this is going to get tracked all over the house" just pure delight.

Teresa, I'm so glad Fox is home. I hope you have a wonderful babymoon and spend many, many long hours parked on your couch (or recliner, or bed) with a baby on your breast and a happy, sleepy smile on your face.

I finished my very first real knitting project the other day - see? It turned out beautifully, and Rowan actually wore it yesterday so I think it's been "accepted". Yay!

barcelona - I thought of you yesterday... I was listening to the radio and they were talking about a party at the Canadian Consulate in LA and how half the guests didn't show because of the rain - they were going on about the epic, biblical-style rainstorm and I kept thinking of your "it's just rain, sillies" comment and giggling.
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Amy, and Jen, that quilt is so cool! I love the colors and the design.

Sarah, I can't believe that was your FIRST finished project! What an ambitious garment; I didn't get past baby hats for AGES. It's adorable, and Rowan looks darling.

Gunter, that poor mama and baby. But what a special way to be able to hold a space for her for when she can come home.

We're continuing to adjust, enjoying what might be the last cold snap by snuggling together inside.
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Oh, Amy, I'm so glad you like it! I'm sorry I didn't get in to the post office today, but I'll be able to put it in the mail on Monday. It was a joy to make, and I know it may sound silly, but I really focused on sewing love and joy into it.

We just had a Lunar New Year party with my in-laws, now we're off to visit my grandmother, and tomorrow we're going to a movie/party at the library. Busy, fun weekend!
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Lovely dress, Spughy Honeytree, I'm loving your latest FO And Jen's. I need to get some pictures up fast... I'm currently knitting a million miles of stocking stitch for a felted bag, though, so it isn't going to be very interesting, and my other project is top secret because I'm submitting the pattern for publication

Mentioning knitting, does anyone have any use for some medium longies? Boy colours, not long in the legs? If so, LMK. It's taken me forever to finish them (they still have no elastic in them, but I'll fix that before I send them to you) and I really just haven't got the heart to frog.
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im in constant amazement at how many talented mamas there are in the world.

i look at that quilt and say "wow! beautiful..i wish i could do thaT"

Im not a confident sewer..but i do hope to be one day. elwynn has been asking for a quilt for some time. there is a book we read often called "snug as a bug" and the inside cover is this patchwork quilt all of nature squares. its so sweet. i hope that i can make him one like it some day before he is too old to love it.

theresa, lovely photo!!!: and nice socks too!

sarah, i commented on your blog a few days ago.but again, you rock.i doubt if i could knit that.

amy: that's just beautiful. jen. amazing work.

helen, rad!!! where are you going to publish it??!!

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I'm submitting to Knitty, and if they decline it then it'll have a blog and shop all of its own. Any cash I get for it is going to be donated to the Friends of Durham Cathedral, for a fairly obvious reason- but right now, I'm surrounded by a few million swatches of ribbing and it's driving me dolally.
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My fellow beginning knitters - you could ALL knit that dress. And Fern - you are so way far ahead of me knitting, seriously, it is a very easy pattern - just 4 flat panels with small increases & decreases, some easy seaming and that little neck insert (which I took out, because although it looked nice, it made it a snug fit over the head which Rowan hates.) Here's the pattern. I chose it because it didn't have any words or abbreviations I didn't understand. The sleeves look all fancy but it's just self-patterning yarn, it's all just straight garter stitch and stocking stitch. The only thing about it was that it took me 2 months to knit, it's just a lot of knitting.

Jen - LOVE the quilt. Wow. It's just gorgeous.

Teresa - Woody and Fox look so wonderful together! I bet Woody is happy to have everyone home all the time
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OoOh. i have a tidbit!

i had this feeling that i just had to peek into the october 2009 DDC.. hopeful thinking? no! and guess who just posted there yesterday? our very own zjande!!!!! aubrey just tested but got a positive POAS. i had to share. its so exciting. so lets all go over there and shower her with : and aslo remind her that we all love and miss her over here in this DDC
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Oh wow, yay for Aubrey! I hardly check up on her anymore. :

Fern, we have the Snug as a Bug book too. It's so sweet!
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Thanks for the reminder about updating my siggie after Neela, Helen. I also dropped out of posting on our DDC from almost 20 weeks in the middle of my pregnancy, too. And never posted belly pics until about 36 weeks. But for those who want to look, here is the link to my flickr account, with belly pics and some sewing/knitting/general crafty stuff, too.

And :: Welcome home, Fox! :: May you enjoy this next step in your lives together

I'm also loving peeking at everyone's projects. Rowan's reaction to her new dress are much like Neela's to the skirt that she asked me to knit. It's not flowing enough, and she wouldn't even wear it long enough to take a photo. I should just do a photo minus the model to show it off
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Mel, there's something new on my nice shiny new blog. Beautiful photographs- I love your paper lotuses.
The universe is kicking my uterus in the teeth this month. I'm 99% sure I haven't ovulated, due to the latex episode and the thrush episode and everything else, but AF turned up right on time, and it hurts I thought I'd get another week or so and could make myself some pretty new mama pads, but no, not a chance.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
The universe is kicking my uterus in the teeth this month. I'm 99% sure I haven't ovulated, due to the latex episode and the thrush episode and everything else, but AF turned up right on time, and it hurts I thought I'd get another week or so and could make myself some pretty new mama pads, but no, not a chance.
im sorry helen! when i got my Af last month i was so bummed! i have a few cloth pads, but not many i just used my keeper mostly. sorry its bad. i think that being pregnant and PP is a lot more fun and a lot less hastle than Af but thats just me
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Fern, you're crackers but I love you. Want to trade kids for sheep?

Seriously, if I conceived now there's a chance that I could fill in that pesky and annoying gap on the 25th November and we could have three birthdays in three days I can't believe I actually sat down and figured this out. No more babies. Babies bad. Other people's babies good...
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: Welcome Home, Fox!!!!! : That is the news I've been waiting for! He just looks so right, there with Woody. I'm so happy he is nursing well and you can all finally be in one place. Looking forward to more updates, Teresa!

Congrats, DiD! Loved your birth story, and I'm so happy he is here safe and sound! Hope you are feeling well also!

Helen, loved the pic of Skye! I was listening to a news story about the snow in England and wondered how you all were doing with it. We've had ONE snow so far, the kids want more, more, more! They had such a blast sledding, it was gone all too soon ( almost seventy degrees today! :

Mel, loved the belly shots! Thanks for sharing!
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Mary, we're struggling. We've had two really mild winters here because of climate change, and now this- so the councils don't have enough rock salt to grit with and we've had to import more. Steve and the boys were each off school for four days last week, and there's more heavy snow forecast for tonight. With rain first. Oh, and there's thick ice on the ground It's getting slightly worrying, I can't believe how badly set up for snow we are nowadays.
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