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Whew...it's been a busy week for us. Thanks doularn and emans for coming last night. I had really wanted a playgroup b-day party for B but he wanted a big boy party (my words not his.) He wanted to invite all his 7 and 8 yo friends from our homeschool group and soccer. I know he didn't want to do the pool, but I think he ended up having a good time.

Tonight the boys are at a Dangerous Book for Boys club with dh. Someone from our hs'ing group organized it for the sons and dads. I think it's such a cool idea but am feeling a little jealous that I can't go. So it's just me and A at home and she's driving me crazy!!! I'm so used to having the boys around to entertain her. She's eating a cupcake now. That should buy me about 5 minutes.
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Blue, thanks for that link!

COMommy, glad he had a great big boy party.
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The dangerous book club for boys are they reading how to books on knife throwing

Guess what I'm home tonight, it's the first night all week.
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how do I connect with the local "tribe"?

Hi, I'm liking the idea of finding local like minded people to connect with through this forum but I'm having some difficulty figuring out the way. Are there regular meet-ups for playgroups, etc? And how do I find out about them?

A little intro about myself: I'm Vanessa and I'm mommy to Calista who is 12 months on the 19th. I'm at home with her and we are interested in baby sign, breastfeeding, elimination communication, attachment parenting, etc. etc.. I'm a nurse and have been a student of midwifery (homebirth and then CNM) for a long time. I was at UNM CNM program but stopped after the first year to have my baby and stay with her.

Anyway I hope to meet some of you soon,
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Hi Vanessa! We already know each other I was going to Connie's for a while, but had to stop because it conflicts with my school. I don't like to put my name here on the forums but I'll send you a PM revealing my identity
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Welcome, sounds like you'll fit right in.

Did our taxes tonight, we qualify for nothing and pay for everything. We'd be better off if we bought an expensive house and paid intrest rather than sinking all this money into a money pit. I'll have more wine and not rant about things.
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Hi Vanessa! You know me too, but I don't want to put my name out in public either. I run the local babywearing group Did you know I had my LO? It has been a few months since I saw you last, so I wasn't sure. We had an awesome home waterbirth : (and Connie got there about 20 minutes before DS did! ) Welcome to the group, I think you'll fit in well with us. We meet most weeks for playgroup, and an MNO every few months.

MIL has to leave early tomorrow. FIL is being a royal A$$ and doesn't want her gone any longer. I have a bigger rant about it, but not here.

I also need a root canal on that tooth that was giving me problems several months ago.
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HI everyone, thanks for all the hugs. I am a lot better. Although at work yesterday one of my co workers said "you aren't yourself today". i just said the first two days of the week kicked my butt.

Haven't heard anything more about the house. Need to do taxes (so sorry Eman for the sucky taxes). Kitties seem to be better now that I have taken over all the antibiotic dosing. They are pitiful with the cones on and seem to have surrendered to their fate and stopped whining about it. the cones keep them from licking and tearing the stitches, also less climbing on my good chairs. Wonder if they can keep the cones forever....

We are in for the 13th. Our Annual Sugar Overdose Party. Lets start the sugar early so they all crash together.

What can I bring for those mommies that need to stay sane?

The other day DH implied that I didnt have a sense of humor, I toldhim that "If I didn't have a sense of humor we wouldn't still be married". i think I might have been a bit harsh...
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LOL DoulaRN, I think they need a kick in the pants every now and again. Last time I lost it with Dh I told him I'd get more help if we divorced. I think yours was much nicer.
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Morning everyone.

Welcome Vanessa.

Sorry your taxes suck Eman. I think we're doing ours this weekend and I'm not looking forward to it.

The party this week: is everyone bringing cookies or just a few people? How about frosting? I just remember the year everyone brought a bunch of frosting and cookies and then having to take it all home. Since I'm trying to limit Little S's sugar intake (he toe walks more when he's had a lot of sugar) I'd rather not bring home a whole bunch of cookies.
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vgrandy - you may not come to playgroup unless you rename your kid - there will be too many Calistas then

i will get sandwich fixings for both kids and adults (meats/cheese/etc)
it would be great if a few people brought cookies
a few tubs of frosting
some drinks
some snacks that are not sugary (maybe fruit or veggies and something else like chips and salsa? or pasta salad?)

off to class - i will try to be nice but there are no promises.

oh and doularn and emans i actually lol at both of your comments to the hubbies.
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Today I told him that his job was jacking my life around and I didnt like it. Note I didnt say HE was doing it. His response was well You can work and I will stay home. LIKE I DONT "WORK" AND STAY HOME!!!!!
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Wow, I can hear the ice cracking under his feet.

We will bring basic sugar cookies cut out in hear shapes because we HAAAVE to make them, and I'll bring something in the fruit or veggie area.
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I'll bring frosting. ASF, do you have sprinkles? I seem to remember you had the motherload.
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i do have some sprinkles but it is only what is left from last year so i dont know how much.

dd wants me to tell yall that while you "can certainly wear balen-times clothes since it is a balen-times day party you should have dirty clothes to paint in."
ahem - she wants to paint the driveway if it is warm enough to be outside since all the painting from last year is gone. so if it is warm enough and we have time we can hang out up front for a bit and let them paint so painting friendly clothes might be a good idea.
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Since I wasn't around last year. . .Is everyone bringing cookies, like already made? Or are people bringing dough and baking them there?
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Eek cookies? I will be my usual Friday hung overself from work. Assign me something benign that doesn't need to be cooked or baked or prepared.

Good news, the birth center is closer to opening. i will post when I know more. i could be a happier woman soon...
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Yeah on the birth center, I dont want another baby I don't want another baby .....

On cookies a few of us bring cookies premade and the kids decorate them, we had tons last year, something to counteract the sugar is always good.
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Doularn, how about you bring sprinkles. It's easy and all you have to do is go to the store (which is why I took frosting )

We went hiking yesterday and climbed a (very small) mountain that was really rocky. On the way down, I slid about 2 feet and my thigh is now covered in bruises and it hurts to sit down. Other than that it was lots of fun.
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Ouch, Elm!

Hooray Birth Center!
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