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Feb '08 - is it really Feb '09 already?

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January thread here.

Busy group - a lot going on - and a lot of birthday posts! Ember & River the most recent...

Here's a link to a lot of the birthdays - not all of them, though! I think I stopped posting shortly after R was born...bad DDC member. Somehow, time just sort of...passed.

Starting this month with a time of reflection. Our friends said goodbye to their darling daughter, Hope. She was about 6 weeks old. She fought strong, and her parents loved her with everything they had, but this time, this life was not her for.
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slgt for you and all of Hope's family and friends.

james is going up the stairs now. he hadn't even tried the stairs. i was in the kitchen and then came into the living room and didn't see james. i checked all over and started to panic. i looked up the stairs to see if he was on them, no, checked every where else again, panic increasing. i went and checked the stairs again and there he is at the top holding a toy looking for me because i had been calling his name. okay, james has the stairs figured out evidently! no going down yet though.

rynna i'll pm you about facebook too. anyone else want to meet up on there?

nos, no ideas, i like nos i hope everything else is looking up for you.

i can't believe there are still babes without teeth! so cute!!!
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Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to River!!! I missed it yesterday! I still remember the day he was born, and hearing all about your crazy, lightning bathroom birth...but most of all, I just remember being happy your prodomal labor was done!!!

Sarah...good luck with your little stair climber!

NOS: I'll have to think about the name change...good question. Hey, how's nursing going?

Gotta run...Molly mouse crying...
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Happy Birthday River!!!
NOS Ill think on an idea....
Sarah I'm on Facebook too!
slgt, sweet Hope, I'll think of her.
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Originally Posted by lovetobemama View Post

NOS: I'll have to think about the name change...good question. Hey, how's nursing going?
I think we're going to be okay. It was kind of like flipping a light switch once I found out what the Benadryl was doing: the poor baby was hungry and he didn't know how to tell me! The daytime meltdowns where he'd just pitifully throw himself on the floor sobbing have stopped and he seems so much happier.

I've got fenugreek (how much do I take again?) Mother's Milk tea, and I'm about to make myself a humongous bowl of oatmeal.

I never leaked or felt full or pumped,so I don't have those external signs of "drying up" or "increase in supply". I am aware that this is a prime age for nursing strikes which are sometimes mistaken for child led weaning and that there are benefits to getting past them.

I so want to apologize to Rynna for insensitive things I have said in her presence--and also to Dea and anybody else who has had nursing difficulties. I know I have said thoughtless and hurtful things and I am sorry and I hope you know that none of it was intentional, I just didn't understand.

Jezzy I'm uploading photos/videos right now and should have something to share with you soon.
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Subbing... :
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oh. my. gosh. he is simply yummy!!
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I wanna eat that baby up! He's SO CUTE!!!
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[Smacks herself around the head thoroughly]. NOS, I had no idea that you didn't know that Benadryl will kill your milk supply- that's why I asked if Terran could take it. [smacks a few times more for effect. Allegedly diflucan does the same thing if you take it as a course of medication rather than a one-off dose./] And yeah, nursing strikes are a bitch at this age. Alex was on again off again constantly from the point I got pg again. From what Jenn said, take the fenugreek until you smell like maple syrup and that's your maintenance dose...

I'm on fb too, you know my surname, right? I found Dea and NOS already, so that should be enough to make me pop up annoyingly in your "people you may know" window.

Oh, there's pictures of my rabble under the travelling circus bit of my sig

Emily You know I feel slightly cheated that I never really got a chance to try out my river pictures and see if they actually worked? By the time I got the board put together I knew the next time was going to be the real deal

Oh, and I'm off the sugar-free bandwagon. I got thrush Not in my nipples- not yet, anyhow- but it's bad enough that I'm craving sugar in every single form.
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Hey everyone! I just thought I'd pop in. It's hard from me to stay caught up with such chatty ladies, but I will try.

I still havea baby baby. He doesn't talk yet, still creeping, not pulling up yet (we did just start PT). I'm enjoying it though. I cna't believe he's almost 1. He was just born yesterday :
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ACK NOS! The cute!
His hair is so similar to Trixie's, kinda funny!

So when I was taking fenugreek I was taking 8 capsules at a time, but I was warned that it can cause gas pains, which I thought it did, but it was gall stones, blah blah blah. Anyhow apparently a whole fistful is okay.
Also do you have any nutritional yeast (brewer's yeast) it's yummy and it can help too. Remember we had a nursing cookie recipie? Mostly is was oatmeal cookies with brewers yeast and flax seed, made the cookies nutty, really yummy.

Also I never took offense to anything you said. Actually I sympathized. I think I understand what you were feeling.
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OMG NOS!!! He id´s BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing!

I will try to get some pics of ash up too. Just need to find the time

: Happy birthday River!!! :
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I think we all need reality checks from time to time. I've got ISSUES about birth. I mostly keep them to myself, but many of the things I hear on MDC bother me. Breastfeeding was easier for me to "get," though I never had supply problems and of course all of my kids could tolerate breastmilk before Bear. I still have issues with regard to child development, but I recognize now that my perspective is very, very warped. We live, we learn.

I have gotten *on* the sugar free bandwagon, and I actually feel decent. I'm still surprised by this. I'm also tired and i should be doing four other things (sleeping chief among them-- it's 3:20 a.m. here) but i am not in large part because Mike is posturing, but refusing more cake icing (the cheap sugar fix... much cheaper than glucose gel, which is ridiculously expensive). He hates the stuff. I have to stay awake until he's normal. : I also have to keep him from waking the kiddos and such. Ugh. I don't want to get up. He's cognizant enough now to recognize the taste of icing in his mouth, so... i guess it could be worse. I know it could be worse.

Rachel, do enjoy it. I only had one baby-baby at this age, and I'm glad I got to experience it.
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slgt - for Hope. I remember you posting about her just after she was born.

NOS - Terran is beyond gorgeous. Wow. What a handsome boy. I am so relieved your nursing relationship is back on track. That must be so scary.

I too am on fb - Raina found me

Hillel is charming his mum and dad most of the time (excpet when he won't go to sleep). His cutest is that he *loves* cucumber. When we are eating a salad he picks through until he finds the cucumber and pops it into his mouth.
He too has discovered stairs and can do a whole flight very quickly up.... IL's have lots of stairs, which makes for a very busy someone to be with Hillel as they aren't babyproofing their house.. But with having discovered stairs, I no longer can have Hillel on my lap while I am at a table/desk. He just wants to climb up all the time.... gone are my laid back coffee shop chats with friends - I'm running around after Hillel as I snatch gulps and try and keep the conversation flowing

Helen, with thrush. That is very yucky.... Do you do garlic and yoghurt and TTO?
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Yes, in tzatziki- well, not the TTO, obviously. I mostly do canesten in the vagina and diflucan in the mouth, but I haven't got either at the moment so I'm making do with a yoghurt and lavender tampon and going back to see the doctor this afternoon. Steve and I are still arguing the toss on family planning, but it looks like a friction burn helped set this bout off Nice, huh? I'm currently playing the fun "how much can I delay ovulation this cycle?" game. It stinks.
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Oooh, yum, tzatziki.... I am a bit clueless with names of drugs. Hope the doctor helps.
I've been a fan of olive oil and TTO tampons.... thrush is nasty
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for dear little Hope and her family. Poor babe.

Ugh, Helen, yeast sucks. I"m so on and off the sugar wagon here too. IT's hard with Mr Toona the sugar addict in the house. Happy Birthday to River, BTW, however late. I am still reeling over it being a year!

OH NOS, wish I could see those pics from here, I always love looking at that little cutie. Maybe this will move me to check this from home. I"m so glad you haven't lost your nursing relationship. I know that's so important to you two.

Hiya Sarah! Love the little climbers! Senara likes them too, except twice now she has gotten excited and when she does that she leans back a little, loses her balance and well, kerplunks down a few steps.

Hiya Rachel! so good to see you! Thanks for the update on your sweet little boy.

Rynna, I don't know how you do it. Here's to hoping little Bear is doing well.

Ema-adama, isn't the amazing magnetism of steps something? HOw cute is Hillel and his cucumber lovin' self! I can't wait til they're in season again.

Lookin back at that birth thread, in some ways seems like yesterday and soooo long ago! I had forgotten how very many mommas we had in our group. I hope they're all around and doing well. Has it really been a year? One year ago people were telling me it would be soon and I was telling them, it would be later. Heh.

Senara has discovered the things that gross people out are funny. She's found when she sticks her finger in her nose it makes people get all crazy with the "eww yucky!" statements and it's even more funny because she can pull out a boogie which makes them gross out even more. Also, she's quite amused by farts.

My nephew took two isolated steps this weekend, so I figure 'Nara's got 3.5 week until she does. It's wierd, it works like that often. He does something new, and a few weeks later, she does, it's almost exactly 3.5 weeks later, which is their difference in age. We were all at my dad's house this weekend and Austin and Nara kept my brother and I busy chasing them up the steps. We have his bday party to go to Saturday.

And yeah, have I mentioned her temper? Boy she can throw some fits. I have taken to either setting her down and/or trying to talk to her in a calming voice until she settles down. It's so wierd because I see SO much of my temper style in her. Wish she was more like her daddy, that dude never gets angry.
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I'm so overwhelmed remembering this time last year and all of the excitement and anticipation!! I can't believe the baby that was still growing inside me this time last year is standing next to me eating crackers.

I think it would be great if we could share birthday pictures from this year AND reminders of their REAL birth days so we can see how far our February babies have come!!
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