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Real quick: If your babies are crazy before bed, you are getting them to bed too late. Those are signs of being overtired. Try starting your bedtime routine BEFORE they get like that.
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Originally Posted by PlayaMama View Post
i just joined facebook, oh god! there's so many people from my high school in touch with random friends of mine i think i'm going to be sick. i don't want to talk to any of them and yet there they are. bleh.
That was my EXACT sentiment after being on for about a day. Good to know it's not just my anti-social ways.

Originally Posted by Juise View Post
teeth - Still nothing to add here, still no sign of the darned things.
Same here!

Originally Posted by sarahn4639 View Post
Julie, how are things? How's your oldest daughter doing?
I have no idea and she wants it that way.
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Reading along, hugs for all.

Apparently, if something important gets wet, stick it in a tub of rice, totally submerged, and leave it for a week and that will help absorb all the water. It's worth a try.

Sleep stinks.
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to all

Sorry that Bear is sick again Rynna!

Juise Ash is on the smaller side too. about 17 pounds. She is just tiny. She is crazily active too. She is on the go all day long! I am sure Kaia is fine!
How cute that she blows her own nose
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Hugs to all. I have been MIA a little while - sticky nasty IL issues

I wasn't part of this DDC when you were all pregnant and giving birth.... but today is Hillel's birthday :

A year ago my baby boy was born in a beautiful water birth and welcomed into this world by two very excited and loving parents.... we had a hiccup with a placenta that wouldn't detach... but all in all it was the most beautiful and amazing experience for me. I'm a bit teary eyed just thinking of all that I have learnt and experienced as a mother in this last year. What a journey it has been for me and Hillel and his father. :

: to all the babes that I have missed.

Some snaps over the last year.

I have to say that a nose blowing babe sounds awsome.. Hillel has learnt to sit still for me to squirt saline and declog his nose.... but I would love for him to blow and wipe...

Sarah-lynne -
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Happy birthday Hillel: Great pictures ema-adama
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Happy Birthday Hillel! And Linnea and Steven yesterday!!

Beautiful pics, Ema! I love the one with the apple, and the ones with the water buckets. Sorry to hear that your IL's have been giving you issues. Hope whatever it is resolves well and quickly!!

Helen, . Hope you get some rest today!!

Julie: OMG!!! Molly got your absolutely beautiful, amazing, creative, wonderful and just basically awesome birthday card yesterday!!:Thank you, thank you!! I'd like to say that I will never copy your idea, but I'd be lying! Seriously, you should copyright that design....it's wonderful!

Carrie, so sad, about your dad and where his mental capacity is now compared to where it was once. Alcohol is such a strange thing...so relaxing and sometimes even sophisticated in minimal to sometimes even moderate amounts, but so completely devastating to so many people in so many ways! I have alcoholics in my extended family, but no one in this generation, or my immediate family...I am so blessed in this way! Thinking of you and Applecore!

gotta run, sleep has been crappy here too, and DS has an ear infection on top of it all, so that doesn't help! He needs me again.

Also running around like crazy again in general. 2 weeks ago it was getting reading for dear SIL's bachie party, now it is getting ready for the shower that I am hosting for her. Was supposed to be me and MIL together, but DH's grandma isn't doing well, and MIL had to fly out unexpectedly to be with her. So now we are worried about grandma, doing the shower alone, and trying to get ready for Molly's birthday party that we are having this Sunday...ugh! It's going to be a crazy couple of days!!
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Just a really quick fly-by:

Carrie and Julie, you can block people on Facebook and if it makes you feel any less anti-social, the first thing I did was search for and find an old boyfriend and make sure he couldn'tr find me. It works great! his posts don't even show up on a mutual friend's page.

Raina and Carrie sending you lots of :; we deal with alcoholism in this family too.

Megan i completely forgot that we missed out on Hillel's actual birth day because you justy belong here and add so much to our ddc that it seems you've always been here.

happy belated birthday to Linnaea and Steven!

Terran is better today, but he's had a horrible stomach bug and i'm used to babies who literally never get sick so i'm going to say something horribly offensive about public school if i'm not careful.

Rynna, you're amazing; I hope Bear's feeling better soon. :
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Hugs to all the mommas that need one today.

Juice, don't let anyone tell you that your DD should wean or has a problem based on weight alone. I have a small babe too, and thankfully my pedi has no problem with that. She's beautiful and really active, and her curve is right on schedule. She's just small. To my eyes she's shockingly small, without her cloth diaper on there's just nothing to her. Very svelte. I'm a big girl, 5'9". It's a little hard for my mom to see how little DD2 is, since she's 2lbs less than her twin, and way smaller than my siblings and I were at half her age. But kids are who they'll be. As long as she's healthy, she'll grow at her own pace whatever we do. Keep nursing!

PS - She doesn't eat much solid food at all, and only has two teeth!
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Emily, I hope things all work out for your family with the party. Never having done a big wedding and not having any close friends who have, I am in awe of people who pull it off. And a birthday party for Molly... I would be quite frazzled : (yeah - I am a real green horn at this whole parenting thing.... today I was teezed for being far too careful with DS and his diet)

Anyway, Hillel graduated to a car seat today and not his baby seat (here in Israel it is called a sal-kal, and I have no idea what this is in English). I hope it will improve driving, as he is still not a fan and I have cut driving down to just the bearest minimum. Which is better for the environment, but not so much for me....

I thought I would link my birth story in for those who are curious and have the time... the rest of the website is in Hebrew, so I have no idea how it will come up on your screens. It's basically the set up with the gynae who does home birth in his birthing cabin. Pics.

NOS - I pm'ed you.

Jezzy - thanks - I am a little biased, but I do think he is quite gorgeous
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I feel like I'm going crazy. I feel like my voice has two decibals. Mute and Scream. I don't feel happy. I'm eating like a pig (anything and everything.) I have nowhere to get away to anymore. No place to let out my frustrations.

My best friend (mom) is gone forever now and its a sad lonely world without her.

I'm definitely NOT dealing well right now.

We did nothing for Steven's birthday yesterday. Everyone was too tired/sick/busy to want to do anything. I'm hoping we'll do something this weekend so I can take pictures.
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Ema-adama- Your birth story is beautiful I'm glad that you had such a wonderful birth
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: Sarah Lynne, you are dealing. You are dealing very well.

It isn't fair it isn't right and you are an ORPHAN. Your mom's life was cut off prematurely and unnaturally at a time in your own life when you particularly need her. I feel that this need is biological.

If there's no ocean nearby to scream at, maybe screaming at the freeway would help?

Steven doesn't know it was his birthday. I didn't do much for Terran's either. The boys don't care. First birthday parties are for the parents and siblings.

If you're ready (and you may not be) gather up the little bits and pieces of her and scrapbook, scrapbook, scrapbook.

When I got the news that Sis had passed, my ex's response kind of set the tone for how I would be allowed to grieve:

"Get off the f*cking telephone! Doesn't she know what trime it is here? I have to go to work in the morning!"

I was good. I went grocery shopping that day like I was supposed to. I smiled politely when people said, "But you weren't very close to her anyway." because she llived off the grid and wrote letters instead of using the telephone.

I was good. I didn't make ugly noises or get snot on anyone's shoulder. I cleaned the apartment, cooked the meals, fetched the beers and joints and did everything good wives are supposed to do. I didn't fuss or beg for attention or bother anyone by being a "drama queen".

To this day, I still feel hollow inside. Sis and I were two halves of a whole. We didn't compete, we combined our unique talents into something that was greater than either of us.

Nobody even knows I'm only half a person because I was so good.

Don't you ever, ever pull a stunt like that, young lady, or I WILL track you down, put you over my knee, and whallop your behind!
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Ema: your story is breath-takingly beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with NOS, I'm so glad you found us and are here, and its hard to remember when you weren't!!

Sarah Lynne: I have never lost anyone that was very close to me, so I have no words of wisdom or advice. But just know that my heart is hurting so much for you right now and I am thinking of you daily for healing, courage, strength, bravery, all the things that must be important in this time of terrible, terrible loss.
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Juice, I can't imagine how adorable it must be to see little Kaia blowing her own nose! My 3 yo doesn't even blow her nose! She's wipes it well but doesn't do/get the whole blow part. Cute! Your daycare kids sound really funny. Grace has been giving birth alot in the bathtub, it really is funny and wonderful to have young ones with such healthy views of birth.

Rynna, I'm so sorry he's sick again. Your poor, sweet little man. I'll be sending him loads and loads of healthy vibes.

Emily, you are a busy, busy lady! I hope all your upcoming functions and parties got off without a hitch and are lots of fun and minimal stress! I didn't post James' birthday pics here I don't think. I'll post some now and I put some on the Flicker site too. Thanks for asking! : I'm really excited about Molly's birthday present. I hope you like it!! I need to make one more thing, but I have to get to a store to get the things I need so I'm hoping I get it done in time! I think I should :

Julie, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. How goes the bee keeping journey? I'm intrigued about these birthday cards! Care to post a pic of one?

NOS, I'm sorry Terran's been sick! If it makes you feel any better we had it too and we don't don't have anyone in public school. I doubt it does but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case

Raina, How did it go with your mom?

Megan, great story and Hillel is so cute!! Happy Birthday!

Sarah Lynne, I'm so sorry. Try not to be too hard on your self, what would you expect from a mourning friend? Try to expect no more from yourself than that. Take advantage of getting out when your husband is home, maybe a vigorous walk or run will help vent some feelings, try painting or other creative outlet, talk to your mom, write her a letter.... Maybe something like that can help you as you mourn your mom. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Uhh, Sarah Lynne, forget about everything I just said, and let me instead say a big :: to everything NOS just said!! And, my MIL didn't celebrate my DH's b-day, he was baby #2, and there was just no time at that point in time. And let me tell you, DH grew up to be a strong, healthy, wonderful man, so don't worry about Steven's b-day at all!

NOS: meant to say, so sorry to hear about Terran being sick!! But maybe he is just building his immune system and will be healthier as an adult for it all. Like Bear...surely that kid will one day break scientific rules with his immune system (you know, once it develops)

Gena, Molly eats like a bird too, and, though she isn't too small, she is several pounds smaller than DS was at this age. Even that is strange for me, I can't imagine how strange it must be with twins!!
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Well James has 6 teeth and eats more than Grace does. He is seriously a voracious eater with an apparent hollow leg. He isn't big at all, 20lbs and I'm not sure how tall but he wears 12 month clothes. I was really worried for a while that he would wean early because of it but things have balanced and I'm not worried anymore. He's just so different than Grace was that it throws me off now and then. She was barely eating at this age and was a constanty nurser until my milk dried in pregnancy, it didn't stop her mind she, she just slowed down. I think she'd still nurse as much as he does if I let her.

they both have coughs, snotty noses, and low grade fevers so it's not too fun around here today. Tomorrow is story time at the library and it's going to be sad to miss it. We all love story time!

I'm kind of stressed because DH just called and said he's pretty sure he's getting laid off next week. Ugg, scarey stuff I was hoping we'd be lucky enough to avoid but I guess not. Atleast it should be temporary, he's not being fired just taking a time out of sorts it seems. So good financial thoughts are welcome! This may be just what I needed to get the satalite turned off!

Here are the 1 year pics we had done and pics from his party too.
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Emily - Molly's another non-eater? Izzy's a champion nurser, she just prefers her calories in liquid form. She likes chewing, plain celery can entertain her for half an hour, but put peanut butter on it and she's not interested. No food for her! It's as if she can sniff out calories and avoid them. Belle on the other hand is willing to try anything. Personalities are born early!

Out of curiosity, how big is Molly? Izzy is just under 19 lbs.

Sarah: sorry about your DH. We're kinda holding our breath here too. Good financial thoughts all round!
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Originally Posted by sarahn4639 View Post
How goes the bee keeping journey? I'm intrigued about these birthday cards! Care to post a pic of one?
Beekeeping is a go. My hive is ordered and my bees are ordered, and all I have to do is wait until the weather is warm. : Here? That means mid/late April.
We have baby chicks ordered too though. They will be here in March.

As far as those birthday cards... I think I mentioned that they were very... VEGAS BABY VEGAS! And done in a productive manic all nighter. I could no more produce another "like it" if I had to. I try to seize those moments. Even if they take all night.

I do have another new hobby: Vermicomposting. I bet you never thought you would see someone in this thread HAPPY about having worms.

And I have been not so secretly hoping I end up pregnant again at some point... even if I do want to throttle the hubby 99.7% of the time. Turns out, my "i only want 1 kid" dh likes Ember so much that he would like more as well. : I'm only just now not terrified of getting pg again. I guess we will see how it goes.
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Julie, that's wonderful!!

: sticky

Still no PPAF for me, which wouldn't bother me one bit if I were ten years younger, but it would be reassuring to know if I had company?????

That news story also makes me wonder if I'm too "responsible" (English translation: chickensh*t) to have another anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter that much.

It's not looking very promising on the grandbaby front either. I only raised one daughter so I only get one shot at a matrilinear descendant and she is so not ready any time soon. It may be for the best if her partner finds another girl who is and lets me be an honorary auntie.
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