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NOS: If you haven't realized it, I'm pretty sure its safe to say you are honorary Auntie to every one of the babies in this DDC. At the very least you are to mine

I did an hour on the Wii...which included the Free Step game (2337 steps), the 10-minute boxing, and the long distance run, as well as, soccer balance game, zen, and a few strength and yoga games.

Still not feeling great, but the emotions aren't overwhelming at the moment...
I just wish I could find a better way to muddle through all of this.

I'm finishing last nights episode of Nip/Tuck and then it's off to bed.
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Sarah Lynne - I think NOS totally got it, and I wish I could be that eloquent and honest in my writing. Yay Wii (although I have never actually seen it in action, is it like eye-toy?)

for feeling so welcome here. You ladies totally rock and thanks for all the recognition with my birth story. It is something that still gives me strength when I remember it. For me it was such a defining experience

Still no PPAF here.... I think until Hillel slows down on the night nursing it's going to stay away (he also has the barest of tastes of food - he's a mama milk man).... I am already thinking of number two as I am SAH and I want the children to be playmates and the idea of being pregnant and having a newborn no longer brings on an anxiety attack... DH still gets anxiety attacks at the thought of another newborn together with Hillel - and I think he has a bit of PTSD after our transfer to the hospital. I am really keen on home birth at home and he is really keen on a hospital birth. So we'll see - I do know that too much planning doesn't always work either

sarah. That must be really scary to be dealing with unemployment. I have friends whose husbands lost jobs in the IT market here as customers were largely from the US. It is tough. : coming your way.

I've been a bit out of the loop - but what has Molly been up to? I remember you were concerned that she wasn't crawling and then suddenly she was crawling and creeping all in one go... Hillel is happy to push chairs around and occasionally stands for a second or two and then grabs something. He has learnt to get down steps which is fantastic, although problematic as he has also learnt to get off the bed making nap time that bit more challenging when he keeps wriggling away and sliding down the edge of the bed as he chuckles his little happy I'm doing what *I* want to do chuckle.
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Juice, I wouldn't worry about Kaia's size. I don't think what or how much kids eat (within reason) really plays that much of a part of how big they are. All of my kids eat insane amounts of food, and are all at the bottom of the charts. Actually, I think they all have *two* hollow legs. Twyla's about 18lbs., and she's my big baby. The other two where still wearing 9 month clothes at this age. I think you're in tune enough to know if things aren't right. Your mama siren will go off if she's failing to thrive.

Sarah Lynne, my thoughts are with you. It's okay to be struggling right now. How could you not be?

Sarah, how scary about the possible lay off! Yikes! We've been there recently, too. Scott's a plumber, and construction work is slow right now. It makes you realize how easy it would be to end up in total poverty. I have my fingers crossed for you guys.

Julie, worms, and bees, and babies, oh my! :

No PPAF here either. I'm expecting it any day. Twyla eats A LOT more than my other two, and AF came back at 18mos. and 13mos. respectively.

Well, the intervention went well last night. We all read our letters, and my mom agreed with everything we said. She's committing to going to meetings and counseling, and not accepting prescriptions for pain meds. I'm still nervous that she's giving it all lip service, but hey, at least I spoke my truth. What else can I do?

Twyla's started saying, "nurse" but it sounds like "nice." So cute!
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it's been awhile, so here goes...

:: to all!!

one year already... we had an awesome party for J on his b-day (31st). I made carrot cake, he got a ton of presents, and it was a blast!

nursing/food: J is still going strong on the boob, and after a couple of weeks of being really into food, he is back to nibbling. He has become completely fascinated by my armpits and likes to poke his fingers in there while nursing. Which is totally cute during the day but keeps me awake at might He says and signs "milk" all the time and will wake up saying it in the middle of the night.

sleep is horrible the last few nights, not sure whats going on...

He's walking quite a bit now and I got him some pedipeds...so cute!

ppaf: I got #2 last week after an interesting bit of cramping on the 5th (when I expected af to show, but didn't).

NOS, I've been thinking about you and hoping you have your supply back and those mites are getting under control.

Dea, So sorry to hear about your bfn. I will hold you in my thoughts for next time

Sarah-Lynne, a big . I've never lost someone that close to me so I don't know what to say.

more I wanted to say but it will have to wait, J is awake
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applecore, glad your intervention went well, I am hoping for the best! I've never had to deal with that in my family either so I guess I have had things pretty easy all the way around...

J is playing in the kitchen with his cups and spoon and things so I have a few more minutes.

I have been reading and thinking about all of you but I haven't had time to post. J is not a fan of the computer unless he can sit with me and push buttons. He is really into pushing buttons now. He has turned off the computer on me several times in the last day or so.

A scary thing happened a couple days ago. One of our dogs tried to bite Jackson. J likes to try to climb on the dogs and usually they will give a warning growl, so I can realize what's going on and get him away, but the other day either I didn't hear Joey growl or he just went ahead and snapped at Jackson! : Jackson started screaming bloody murder and I picked him up. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt beyond a few scratches. They are already almost faded today but yesterday he looked like he was in a fight with scratches above his eye and on his head. So lesson learned, must not let J play around the dogs unless I have both eyes on him...

lay-offs... thankfully dh is not in a position to lose his job. Every time I hear about the economy on the the news I am thankful things are not bad where we are, at least for us.

and on baths... I used to bathe Jackson 2-3 times a week honestly because he liked it and it was something to do not because he was dirty. Well, we were dealing with some mild eczema on his legs and so since lotions were not working I (on advice of my ped) stopped bathing him and lo and behold the eczema went away, mostly. He still has a spot on his back but the stuff on his legs is pretty much gone. And I realized after looking at some pics of eczema that the diaper rash we were dealing with for several months until I started using mostly sposies was and eczema rash. Who'd have thunk? Anyway, I was just glad to know what it was finally, and glad I didn't put antifungal cream on there like the ped said... But back to baths, J hadn't had one for over 2 weeks until Tuesday and he was fine, his hair was not greasy or anything, although I have to say he doesn't really have any maybe a baby with more hair you would notice.

flickr, I have a flickr and I suppose I will have to go back and read your post on how to join because I already can't remember what you said.

b-day pics are up though

lots of love, until next time
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Sorry about your scare with the dog firecat glad that Jackson wasn't hurt to bad. Dogs can be really fast. A girlfriend of mine had a german shepard. She never let her daughter play alone around the dog "who wouldn't hurt a flea" her words. Well the little girl I think she was around 1 3/4 back then pushed her way past the dog who was standing in the doorway. Well the dog bit her in the face. She has had 6 operations to reconstruct her face and isn't done yet. She will never look normal again. He bit her just once and did that much damage... If your dog is done giving warning growls I would be really careful. It can happen so fast....

Your pics are really cute!
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yea, I totally get that...so horrible what happened to your friend's daughter. Its hard, I mean on one hand I don't want J hurt, but on the other the dogs are part of our family, yk? :
thanks on the pics
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anyone need some Mother's Milk tea?
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just have a sec...Molly is having a rough night and I need to go to bed now.

1. Sarah!! I hope that a lay off is not headed your way!!! When will he find out?

2. Dog stories...yikes!

3. ... gotta go, DH is cursing! That's my cue!

But one last thing, can anyone guess what I am looking forward to for Monday? Other than Molly's birthday? (yes, I'm a big nerd, and yes this thing will be exciting for me strictly because I am a nerd, and yes I am saving it for Monday, and yes, it might take a little planning.)
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I Know! I Know! Now it better be good!
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Originally Posted by salt_phoenix View Post
I Know! I Know! Now it better be good!
! Now the pressure is on!! I'll see what I can come up with!!
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I think I know! And like salt_phoenix said, it better be good! I know what I would do though... :
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I know, I know!! :

This is one of those things that makes me feel rather "old." : I'm sure you can understand why!
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Anyone care to share with the rest of the class? I, for one, am horribly confuddled.

Ugh I just had to chase down the @^%&!@# dog because she found a hole in the fence. Almost got herself run over in the process. *sigh* I'll have to talk to DH about that when he wakes up for work. Ironically she was out there for most of the day with no issue and then I put her back out for 20 minutes so I can make dinner and not have to worry about the kids messing with her and she takes off.
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Would it be cheating to give hints?

I bought shoes for Mike and all four kids today. Bella's feet have not grown at all. You know how you're supposed to buy kid's shoes with about 1/2" in the front, for grow & wiggle room? Bella still has it in a size 7 (toddlers). Insane, huh? I'm also very proud of the fact that I found a pair of steel-toed, reinforced sneakers for Mike for $29.99. For those of you who are not in the know, that's insanely cheap for steel-toed anything. Mike was very impressed by the fact that they look like sneakers (I had told him that he is too old and too fat for sneakers... because it's true). They're much sturdier than typical sneakers, though, because they're reinforced for someone who's working a job that necessitates a steel toe (in other words, actual labor). So mad props to me. :

No, I did not buy myself new shoes. I like shoes, but I like what I like and buy it when I can, and pay what it's worth. I'm wearing a pair of six year old boots which are no longer waterproof... but aside from that, they're still fantabulous.
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Emily, I don't have a clue either, but you'd better spill the beans before I go nuts trying to figure it out!
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Alright, alright...here are a couple of hints!

1. Playamama should definitely be able to figure it out...she knows all about it!!

2. I haven't posted much today because I have to be careful about this issue!

3. I guess you could just say that it is a sign that I truly love all you guys, and I fit in well here, because we are a chatty bunch!

Anyone else got it?

P.S. I love you mamas!!!: Thanks for not kicking me out for my excessive nerd-dom!!

P.P.S. Rynna, great job on the steel-toes!! That IS an awesome deal!
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how did anyone guess!?! i got it now though! i tried to do something like that last year but i couldn't help myself and i blew it.

busy but good day here, another busy day tomorrow, i'll try to update soon.

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I can't figure it out
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