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NOS, probiotics and yoghurty goodness? We were advised that the lactobacillus in yakult will help fix c.diff so it should do everything else as well.

I'm doing better, thanks. Jezzy, aspirin thins the blood so I've always been told it's more effective for migraines. I'm feeling slightly hormonal and concerned and stuff as well, though. I've not been good about charting this cycle (though we've been very good about condoms) so I have no idea where I am in relation to anything.

to everyone else. I will do a proper multi-personal post soon, I promise, but right now it's nearly midngiht and I should be asleep.
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NOS, I second the probiotics. That is what we do to help recover from a stomach flu. Sorry I can't offer more help!

Helen, so glad to hear that the migraine is gone. I have had lots of headaches in my life, but never a migraine, so I don't have a bit of advice! Hope no more come any time soon!

Julie, the bees and the garden sound wonderful! 12,000 bees! That seems like so many, but I'm sure that it is just a drop in the bucket for what your land could sustain. I am fascinated about this whole process!

Playa, the shoes sound awesome! I am jealous of you and Julie's sunshine. We are still quite cold and mostly gray here, but it is St Louis. It could be in the 70's tomorrow for all I know. (Sadly, though, I don't think it will be My kids are SO pent up!!

As for us, so I survived the weekend!! Singing at church went really well this morning, and then our extended family b-day party for Molly went very well. She enjoyed the icing, though didn't eat much, and never got to the cake part, even, but she seemed to really enjoy so much family all in one place, and did a little crowd-surfing, though she was mostly in my arms, like always...such a mama's girl! She got a couple of beautiful dresses, and a lovely knit doll that is gorgeous! I will post pics some other time. Our camera battery died, so all the pics are on my parents camera.

So as tomorrow is her actual b-day, I am thoroughly looking forward to posting! Good night, mamas.
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Carrie, I love all your deal tips! Keep them coming! I love that you've been able to be outside!

Julie, bees sound so fun and I love using honey, someday I'll have more land and then I'll be calling you for bee keeping advise! Your story about Ember and the difference in your parenting views on dangers made me laugh. Dave and I just had this conversation! Dave freaks if James picks something up off the floor and puts it in his mouth, okay yes, that's gross but it's not like I haven't vacuumed in a month or something! Then I'm cooking and I hear a weird noise and it takes me a minute to place it, it's splashing, yeah James is in the bathroom. That grosses me out! He was splashing in the toilet and it had pee in it!! :vomit Dave was like, yeah the floor eating is worse, ugg it's all gross!

Emily, I'm glad you've made it thru, this was a big week!! Happy Early birthday to Molly! I hope you get her gift tomorrow! I'm excited to see some pics!!

Dea, we got your gift! Thank you so much! We love puzzles, Grace has a lot, but we don't have any for this age, it's perfect. I'm super excited to try the body polish too, that was very nice of you!

I'd like to hear about the other swap gifts or maybe we should do pm's if other's don't want to hear about it?

Helen, I hope you got a good night's rest and are feeling better!

Heather, I agree with the probiotics. I'd also try some BRAT foods to firm his stools up. Banana Rice Apples Toast You should have the nursing tea Monday or Tuesday. I haven't had a supply problem, I actually get samples because I'm a doula and I just don't have the clientel to distribute them properly so I wanted to give some to you guys! There's a good sized box on it's way to you! I have some more if anyone else needs some.

Lauren, I hope to get to meet you Wed, I'm not sure if I have a baby sitter for the day or not, but if I do I'll be at the capitol!

Raina, I'm glad to hear your mom's doing well, I hope it continues and her surgery was a huge success!

Thank you all for the good thoughts with our recent job scare. Julie, truely words of wisdom, poverty does scare me a lot so it was good to hear your words and reminders of what truely important.
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Happy Birthday Molly!!

I'm awaiting for the big reveal Emily!
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Alright...here it goes...

:Happy 1st Birthday to my darling daughter Molly!!!!:


Here I am!!!

Gotta LOVE MDC (though does anyone else also think that the nice little mama holding this sign is topless?)

I am so excited that my sweetest little Molly has reached this milestone, and it is unbelievably fitting that I reached the 1000 post milestone on the exact same day.

Here is why:
I had a natural birth with DS, but there were things about it that I really needed to heal from. But because he was healthy and technically my birth went according to plan, I wasn't able to accept or deal at all with my feelings of disappointment and sadness, and that spilled into my early parenting of him. I was lost for a long time, and even had decided that if I had any other children, I would do it with drugs for sure, and I would never try co-sleeping again, much less the rest of AP living.

But we knew that we wanted to try for at least one more child, and I knew in my heart that rejecting natural birth and AP living didn't feel right. Well, somehow, I stumbled upon MDC and the Birth Stories thread. This was months before I was even TTC. In about 15 seconds I was addicted. I read birth stories every night for weeks, hours at a time. Just reading and reading and reading. Immersing myself in a community of women who were willing to share their stories...the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Story after story, some of loss even.

But somehow, day by day, within the stories I began to find myself again. I began to realize that even with the "perfect" birth, there is no telling how you will feel afterwards, and I also began to see that it doesn't matter one bit how your birth actually ends up going...at some point, some day, it is simply woven into the story of YOU and the birth of your child...and I came to see that it is beautiful, no matter what the story actually is, because it is your story and your child's story, even in the face of loss sometimes, and the beauty of creation is there, and is as simple as that. :

So, after reading for weeks on end, I finally decided to join MDC, because I wanted to be able to reply to the stories and thank the mamas for their stories. And, as it happens, DH and I became ready to TTC again (go figure). So, I soon branched over to the TTC threads, and first met some familiar names like "flapjack, sarahn43969, jezzy, alsmere"...those were some of the very first screen names that I began to recognize by sight.

And, as luck would have it, we did conceive the first time we tried (Molly was meant to come to me!!), and I followed the familiar screen names into the DDC.

Finding the DDC was pivotal again for me, because I now became immersed in a group of women who, generally, had no doubt that they would birth naturally, and then AP their babies.

And as I journeyed with you all, I realized that I desperately wanted to birth naturally again, but I was secretly terrified of it still. But as the months went on, and after I found Hypnobabies with Sarah, Amy/True Blue, Green Rose (I think), Playa, and a few other mamas, I began to gain control over the fear, and began to plan again for a natural birth.

As I read all of your thoughts, and heard you talk about talking to your own babies (NOS and a few others), I realized I already had a relationship with Molly, and I could go ahead and trust her. And as soon as I did, I was hit with an overwhelming feeling that she wanted to be with me, and that she was bringing me a natural and healing birth.

Well, 1 year ago today, she did. It was lighting fast, and nothing like I expected, but also everything I hoped for, and she brought me healing and peace and changed everything!! She and I have been AP attached from the very beginning, and we are really just getting started!

This year has had it's ups and downs. I'll be the first to admit it. But seeing my darling son become a brother, seeing myself become the mother of a daughter (same for my DH), seeing me overcome fears and become more comfortable in my own skin...really it has been a year of complete blessing for me!

And I know in my heart that it would have happened very differently if I hadn't found MDC.

So, to end, :
Thank you to each and every one of you...the ones who have been here since the beginning, and the amazing voices who have joined along the way!!

So, how's that for a 1,000th post? Is my senior title going to be "Beware this member, she is overly talkative and overly sentimental!"
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At the risk of having the thread temporarily monopolized (where is everyone?) I have a question. James started running a fever last Monday night, this was accompanied by a cough. The cough sounds like a deep chest cough. His fever spiked at 103 overnight and then ran between 99-101 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with the cough and runny/stuffy nose. Grace also ran a low grade fever Tues-Thurs. I wasn't home with them Fri afternoon but Dave didn't think they had a fever. So no fever but still runny/stuffy and cough thru the weekend. Then last night he was up for 1.5 hours in the night with another fever. He was really hot and felt like he did when it was 103. I gave him ibuprofen and he fell asleep after the fever came down a bit. This morning it was 99 and he had a soft stool and then diahrrea. Do I keep letting this run it's course or is it time to take him in?
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yay! it was great and very moving! i'm glad you found mdc too!!
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Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
Not as far as Raina!
I think I have really far to go too! I don't get to post much, period

Originally Posted by PlayaMama View Post
linnaea has one of those chuckles too! her's is like this "heh. HEH. heh." and then she runs away with this huge smile on her face!
i'm thinking about buying a grain mill.
i just planted a bunch of my seeds today!
Oh my, Jackson has a cute laugh too...his is ha HA! and he gets this wrinkly nose grin!
Grain mill sounds *awesome* don't have one though
I saw the seed packets in the grocery store the other day and thought about you! I also need to get some starters going inside!! My garden is pretty small, so we don't get a ton of food from it but it is fun and we can supplement w/ fresh fresh vegis

Originally Posted by sarahn4639 View Post
So that's way more than any of you cared to know but things are looking okay here for now so I'm very, very thankful for that! Thank you all for the good thoughts.
I am so glad to hear it's not as bad as you thought it might be! :

Originally Posted by salt_phoenix View Post
I mean, the likes of poverty that we see in this country anyway. Our poorest of poor still lives better than MOST.
Local news: We had high temps and sunny days yesterday...
Ember spent the ENTIRE day crawling around the ground and teetering around the wood piles and poles and climbing on stuff.
I'll be getting my beehives this week, so I will be able to decide on their location as well.
I am VERY busy getting excited about the baby chicks that will be here in less than a month and the colony of about 12,000 bees that will be here the month after that.
I also have a LOT of ground that will have to be worked at some point.

It may be only February, and there may be snow in the forecast... but for ME, spring is HERE. I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER than a month ago. Maybe it's the progesterone cream, maybe it's the growing daylight... Maybe it's a little of both, but I'M THANKFUL!
so true on the poverty angle
I can't wait until it's warm and all this snow finally melts and J and I can play outside! The only things I worry about w/ J outside are dog poo and the deck... we will have to babyproof our deck and stairs. Dh wants to do slats, I want to do some kind of screen. Probably I will get to do the screen because I will be the one puitting it up
bees and chicks :sigh I so want to have chickens but I don't know how the dogs would do and we are in bear country... have fun with that!
good to hear you are feeling better. We have snow in our forecast too and spring will not truely arrive at least for another month. Which is ok sometimes, and not ok other times :P

Originally Posted by noordinaryspider View Post
Fortunately, my supply seems to have recovered from the benedryl "enough" that I hear plenty of gulping, am ravenously hungry myself, and don't see any signs of serious dehydration in my babe.
Yay for your supply recovering I also wonder if probiotics might help the poo issue?

Originally Posted by PlayaMama View Post
i just got her some soft star shoes for 75% off! they were $11 for a pair of made in oregon leather shoes. if anyone has a babe with really small feet they still have some left. there are also a few pairs in size 7, which is what i got linnaea. it's softstarshoes.com lazlo has some and they are really cute! he looks like a little forest elf.
I think I will have to check those out!

Originally Posted by lovetobemama View Post
As for us, so I survived the weekend!! Singing at church went really well this morning, and then our extended family b-day party for Molly went very well. She enjoyed the icing, though didn't eat much, and never got to the cake part, even, but she seemed to really enjoy so much family all in one place, and did a little crowd-surfing, though she was mostly in my arms, like always...such a mama's girl! She got a couple of beautiful dresses, and a lovely knit doll that is gorgeous! I will post pics some other time. Our camera battery died, so all the pics are on my parents camera.

So as tomorrow is her actual b-day, I am thoroughly looking forward to posting! Good night, mamas.
Ok I saved the best for last!! : Happy Birthday Molly!! Sounds like a wonderful party! (can't wait to see your post )

In our news, we went to Telluride and went snowboarding Saturday... It was pretty fun, we took turns riding and watching Jackson since who can afford

(ok...wait for it...)

$120.00 for daycare!!!
I get a free lift ticket through my job so we didn't have to pay for that so it actually was a cheap day trip for us, just gas and food Very fun weekend.
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Oh Emily, that was an awesome post! Yay for you and your family

Sarah, how is he acting? sicker and lethargic or normal just w/ fever?
normal = he is probably ok
acting sick & lethargic = go to doc
(at least in my book)

Although, despite my advice I would probably be taking him in just in case, since my dh would be worried and seeing as how this is his second fever spike...

I hope he feels better soon.
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Emily, that was a great post. I didn't think it overly talkative or sentimental at all.

Sarah, how does your little man look? Is he acting like a sick baby, or does he seem mostly "normal," but perhaps a bit more worn out than usual? That's usually how I decide what to do with Bear-- if he seems like himself but tired, we stay home. If he's not himself at all and/or there are obvious compounding issues (i.e. dehydration along with the diarrhea) then he goes in.
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Emily Happy birthing day, and we love you too.

Sarah, it sounds like he's through the worst of it but after a week, I'd want mine seen.

Firecat, I'm glad you had a good day!

I just made the momentous discovery that hotels exist with rooms big enough for four children and two grownups, and some of them even take dogs This is quite exciting to me.
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Emily, thank you for adding a little talk and sentiment to our lives. I love your posts, especially the big 1-0-0-0. Wow.

Happy Birthday Molly! :


Sarah, don't know what to suggest, but hope James is doing better now! Do you have a pedi you can call?


I'm a little peeved about my pedi. I like him a lot, although he is a little too mainstream. For all sorts of reasons, we decided to go ahead and vaccinate. Which I have mixed feelings about. But my girls both had a bad reaction to the chicken pox vac. (Why do kids even need this? I kinda liked having chicken pox, it was a rite of passage.) Anyway, Belle (DD1) had a slight fever and some redness at the injection site. I was worried, but not too much and it passed quickly. Izzy, came down in mild chicken pox, hundreds of little blisters all over her body. And she was uncharacteristically out of sorts for a couple days. It passed and she's back to her beautiful and happy self. But I'm annoyed, mad at myself for putting her through it, and mad that my pedi didn't call me back when I left two messages for him when she was looking her worst.



Spring? Julie and Carrie are so lucky with your nature girls and your good weather! Can't wait to have some of that!
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okay thank you all. he seems to feel okay but he had taken a long nap now (but we were up a lot last night), he has been a little more cuddly thru this but i wouldn't say lethargic. his appetite has varied some though.

i called the clinic and they can't get him in this afternoon so i'll call in the morning if he doesn't seem better.

cheryl, that is crazy day care! i supposed they think if people have the money to go skiing that have the money to be ripped off for the daycare while they do it! it sounds like you have a nice day!

helen, that is a wonderful discovery! we have hotels with suites that often have pull out couches and 2 beds and kitchenettes that are great for groups of people to use to stay. where are you off to?

rynna, thank you, that's kind of how i've been thinking of it. i just hate that it's resurfaced after thinking we were mostly over it. i'm going to keep an eye (ear?) on his lungs and make sure he's not raspy or anything that could lead to pnemonia or something really scary!

gena, sorry i missed you, that does suck! i'd be peeved at your ped too. grace (my 3 year old) had really high fever reactions to vaccines at 2 months, i had to dose with tylenol and motrin to keep it under 102, then at 4 months she did well for the first 24 hours then fever spiked and again was only able ot keep it from being dangerous but couldn't get it down, then she had a seizure. my mom was holding her, i didn't see it, i immediately called (it was the weekend) and was told it was normal, just keep treating the fever. none of my kids have been vaxed since. i think when vaxes go well it's easy to just be swept thru by the prevailing ideas and recommendations of peds but when something goes wrong is when many people start to question. it sounds like you are questioning. i hope you are able to find a schedule or lack of one you are comfortable with. vaccines are a really tough topic!
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I've got ISSUES with the chicken pox vaccine...but of course, that reminds me that it's time to start looking for the poxes around here. Thanks. Now would be a fantastic time for all four of my kiddos to get the pox. Well, not *now* now. I want to get Bear's picture taken this week... :
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Happy birthday Molly

: :

What a beautful post and I am such an idiot for not having a clue what you meant with all the hints.... I wonder where my 1000th will be?

I hope James continues to feel better and you don't need to go in to the doctor. It's so scary when such wee ones are sick.

Gena, I'm not sure the pedi could have done anything. Not that that helps.... I'm happy to hear that your girls are doing just fine now. Whatever you decide, vax is a very very tough nut to crack.

Popping back out... very very tired after having entertained one side of the family over the weekend and Hillel has a cold and is not sleeping properly, and there are thunderstorms most nights so our dog is suffering in a hysterical kind of way..... sleep, wonderful sleep. I need to sleep.
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Happy birthday, Molly! Congrats on 1,000, Emily, and thanks for your beautiful post!

Sarah, that sounds a lot like what Ronan had. His fever was over 104 at one point, which is my comfort level cut-off. He got some fever reducer then. He was really sick for a number of days, and it was a full week before I would say he was back to 100%. I didn't take him in because my gut said he was fine, and, well, we don't have insurance. So I have to actually be worried for that to happen.
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Sarah N - a fever induced seizure! That's so scary, Episodes like those definitely put a parent off the vac-track. There wasn't anything my ped could have done for us Friday, but I had a question I wanted a real live doctor (and not the internet) to answer. Needed to know whether my pox-y babies were any danger to my immuno-challenged mother. She went ahead and took the risk of caring for them today, but I hate to do that to her.

It's all OK, but it would be better if I could count on my ped when I needed him.

That said, finding a new doctor is #495 on my list of priorities. Rising, but still really low.
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Well, 1001, here we go...let's see if I sound smarter now that I am a "senior" member

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes today. Molly and I are having a good day together, and she and DS are getting along, so things are going well so far with my little 1-yr-old! She just discovered she loves cream cheese. Why didn't I think to try it before?!?

Sarah, I'm so glad that James seems a little better after a good nap. Poor sleep does always seem to make things worse. I'm glad you called in, especially with it lingering like this. That's usually when I worry. Either if it is lingering, or lots of high fever. Hope he feels completely better soon!

Ema, You're getting pretty close to your 1000 too. I had actually forgotten about that milestone until just recently. When Carrie hit it a week ago, I looked at my count and was surprised to see how close I was. I read from your blog that the birthday gathering went well. I think that the xylophone looks beautiful! So glad the day was a success!

Rynna: good thoughts on when to take kids in...you certainly know your way around kids and illnesses, both minor and major. I'm sure your instinct is perfectly fine-tuned by now! Keep us posted on the pox search. It hasn't been around here for a long time, and DS is only 3, so I'm not really worried about looking for it yet, but some day I will have to cross that bridge with my kids too. We'll see what happens

Gena: thanks for the very sweet and kind words! I love reading your posts too!! And I'm so sorry to hear about the ped experience. The whole thing sounds bad, but especially the part about them not calling you back even. I would be ticked!!! Poor Izzy...I'm glad she's ok now!!

Helen: ! Good news about the hotel...do you guys have some exciting travel plans coming up?

Firecat: the snowboarding sounds awesome! I LOVE to ski, but I always feel silly saying it since it seems like such a money sport sometimes. And that freaking daycare charge just further illustrates the point!! But we have only been a few times, and we used cheap, rented gear, and slept on friends couches and got our lift tickets off e-bay and things like that. So even though I do really enjoy it, it is sure cost-prohibitive most of the time. I've never tried snow-boarding. Looks like a lot of time on your butt to me!
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Raina, sorry I missed you! Thanks for the kind words! And a fever of 104 sounds terrifying. Neither of my kids has yet to be over 102, so now I feel really lucky about that! Glad that he is feeling better now. And the no insurance thing sucks! Especially with a little one! Hang in there!
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emily, I suppose I did spend quite some time on my butt at first, but now I am pretty good so it is super fun! I know what you mean about a money sport, I never went skiing growing up because we just could not afford the clothing, equipment AND tickets too. I was just totally shocked because the daycare is like $25 MORE than your lift ticket!! (that said, just a lift ticket is $95 at that mountain...) I live near a resort and work there so I get a free season pass, it is sooo nice And I probably never would have learned if not for that So I don't often think about what it costs to go. That was my first time at that mountain so it was interesting not knowing where I was going but fun doing some different runs than my usual mountain.

oh my such scary vax reactions Gena and Sarah! I am so glad we have so far delayed any vaccinations for Jackson. My ped is pushing HIB and DTaP but I don't think we will get either of those right now... I was planning to delay until 2, then go from there but the more I read the more I am inclined to say none at all, ever.
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