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Teach a kid to read in 7 months

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I'm homeschooling, but with the uncertain economy, I want my kids to be ready to go to school if necessary. Currently my first grader doesn't read and I haven't been pushing it. However, I may need the daycare next fall, and I think sending him to second grade unable to read or write would be unkind.

So what's my best bet, do you think? He's a bit resistant incidentally. I feel like I have one chance to do it right! Currently I'm thinking of Reading Eggs and Explode the Code workbooks. He knows all the letters and sounds, but putting it all together has been difficult for him.


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If his problem is sound blending then HeadSprout would be a good choice. Its what we ended up using when my dd got stuck on the blending.
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I'm going to look ignorant, but can you tell me how I would know if it was sound blending that was difficult?

He can spell three letter words for me, but not necessarily read them. He can see and read a word on one page but not remember it on the next. He doesn't seem to get the idea of rhyming words -- that looking at the last two letters and then adding the first letter is easier than sounding out each of the three letters.
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I like The Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading. I think that and Explode the Code are a good combination.
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We had great luck with ClickNRead Phonics. They have free lesson samples online. DH knew the sounds but couldn't read. We skipped up until lesson 10, and then by lesson 21, it had clicked... so maybe 1-2 months later. Now I can't stop him! It's a fun computer game type format...which has worked best for us. We also take out books from the library based on DS's interests.

I've heard lots of good things about Explode the Code as well. I believe they have an online version too.
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That sounds like blending problems. I agree, Headsprout is great for that!!! DS was the same....he could tell you what the individual sounds were, but could not make them into a word.
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BOB books might be a possibility - they aren't terribly exciting, but they work with word families (to help teach what you're talking about with recognizing the ending sound and changing the first letter) and high frequency sight words.

Has he used Starfall.com at all? My kids have loved it and there are work sheets you can print from the site if you want to reinforce things. You can even order books etc from them that have the characters from the site to use at home.
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I enjoyed Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

I absolutely think a child can learn to read if he/she is ready in 7 months.

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Explode the Code books worked well for my kids (and they are cheap!). They also like Reading Reflex. It is a book for parents that has little puzzles that you cut out and then the child uses to learn to blend sounds. This was nice for both my kids, but for my DD who had a hard time with some of the same things your son has a hard time with it was wonderful.
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I second the suggestion for Starfall.com It is great and its free! We bought the workbooks and tear-out book. We also got the board game, which all my kids enjoy playing.
And for writing practice, the starfall journals are nice, there are a few lines at the bottom and room at the top for drawing. This has been a great motivator for my reluctant writer, because he loves to draw!
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My DS is doing great with Reading Reflex, and I like that there's no computer involved. It was great for getting through the beginning stages. We've also been reading the BOB books, and now that we're in the maze of various vowel combinations and just finished the 3rd BOB set, we're finally moving on to some easy readers, to get as much practice as possible. I'm hoping that by the end of 7 months, he won't view it as work! Good luck!
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