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mommajb - I didn't take it as flippant...

So let's thorw on top of ridiculous hormones a husband who just doesn't get it. He has high cholesterol (controlled by meds), high blood pressure, is at least 50 pounds overweight. His grandfather died of a heart attack, his father has had a heart attack. He does not get enough sleep. He eats like crap. In his favor he works out regularly. Now let's add money issues. Money is always tight here. It's by choice, we have me home as much as possible. But it's a choice that we make. Given that choice though I have learned to be extremely careful with our money and am able to make a little go a long way. I have struggled against my husband the whole time for him to see how the pennies add up...and to try to get him to not fritter money.

This is a simple, stupid, but good example of the problem. I bought him soy yogurt to take for his breakfast (he's got milk issues), it's really expensive. I asked him not to give it to the kids...they can have regular yogurt and it's much less expensive for them (I just buy the tubs of whole fat yogurt). So what does he do? Give it to the kids. So my efforts to try and provide healthy choices for him is nul. My efforts to keep money tight, nul. And all I'm doing is over-reacting. And if you look at the issue on the surface, yes I am. But if you look at what it represents and the struggle I have with him over the little things...it's not.

I'm crazy. I know. And maybe this is just all hormonal, but if it is...can you please be super gentle and nice?

Oh and my cycle is long this month. I think this is the first time in my lifetime except when I was pregnant. And let's just say with all the fighting and bickering between me and the h...well I sure ain't pg. And I feel so sad about that. I do NOT want more kids, but I feel so sad about this being the beginning of the end, IYKWIM?
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Okay sorry for the whine fest...sigh...

I swear I'm not doing consumer therapy. But I need new shoes for work, but that can also be casual wear too...and have been captivated by the keen shoes.

Still not sure I'll spend the money - they're kinda pricey...but which ones do y'all like the best:

http://www.amazon.com/KEEN-Sydney-II...=1OPPX7ORHX8SY - brown

http://www.amazon.com/KEEN-Palermo-M...=1OPPX7ORHX8SY -coffee bean

http://www.amazon.com/Keen-KEEN-Cali...=1OPPX7ORHX8SY - seal brown

http://www.amazon.com/Keen-Womens-Ch...=1OPPX7ORHX8SY - pinecone
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keens - The charleston is my least favorite due to its plainness, the palermo appears to have more of a heel, I just purchased the calistoga locally but I do like the sydney.

FWIW, I don't think you are over-reacting. I feel your pain regarding all the effort to make the most of limited funds and not getting the support from the one person you would expect it from.
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BBM, hugs

Gaye, nice RR. the cold sounds miserable!

Nick, prayers for that family, so sad!
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Nic ~ How horribly sad.

I still haven't been out for a walk. This week it is supposed to warm up, so I might get out with Valentine all bundled then. The blizzard we had was fast and furious. Our yard/driveway/walkway were all covered with snow that same height from all the snowing and blowing. It is sunny and pretty out today though.

I have started on my birth story.. maybe it'll be done in a few days.
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Oh, Nic. How terribly sad. I can't imagine.

RR: HH wanted me to run in a 5k race. Well, no local races this weekend, so I did it on my treadmill. I, sadly, cannot tell you my exact time, because I accidentally pulled the safety clip out of it with one hundreth of a mile to go! I know it was a sub 29 minute 5k, though, and around 9:20 pace. That's just a guestimate, though. It felt good to run all out, though!
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BBM - huge to you

I think it sounds like a lot of issues, stresses from your DH and money, and the hormone thing is making it worse... After my PPAF came back, last year, I was having a lot of issues like you were describing - long cycles (45-55 days), night sweats (usually about 2 wks before AF, emotion - anger and sadness, awful/painful O, etc.

well, I know I forfeited my my MDC/NFL card, but I couldn't handle the physical side to it all, much less the emotional side, so I went on the pill

Definitely made a big difference in evening everything out. Not saying that is what anyone else should do, but just something about knowing that it was hormonal on top of life stresses and not in my head made it a lot easier...

Nic - s to you and my prayers for that family, I am so sorry
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BBM. And please do not apologize even if it IS consumer therapy! Not as good as the real kind, but it'll do in a pinch. I'd go with the Palermo or the Sydney, but I like them all. I got the ones that are like those but more like a sandal, with a strap around the back vs a real back. They ROCK.

And speaking of, I just did some major online shopping at STP for Italy. a big backpack for my carry-on (and only luggage bc I don't trust the airline to not lose it again), my first pair of DANSKOS (big sale!), and a non-wrinkle dress. And some "convertible" pants that you can zip off into shorts bc we're packing super light. I will go ahead and say that it is TOTAL retail therapy from this crazy week/weekend that has turned out NOTHING like I though. It's ending with me, kiddos, dh, and ILs sitting around watching it snow.
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Isn't it time for a new thread?
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RR: ran 10 on the TM before church this morning, then met a friend for our second viewing of Twilight at the dollar theater after church.
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Nic - Oh how horrible! That just makes my blood run cold. I'm sending prayers out for that family.

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Still not back on the running wagon. Headache is under control (a week later) but now with dh home, it is all about the house stuff. I will get back to a normal schedule. This is winter, wearing me out. I will not be defeated!
It'll be okay, we have 20 weeks and that's a long time!

Gaye - Whew! You are hardcore mama.

Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
So let's thorw on top of ridiculous hormones a husband who just doesn't get it.
That has got to be so frustrating, I know it is, I've actually got a similar thing going on here. Not so much with money but the health issues. I'm still trying to find a gentle yet convincing way to get dh the message that he's got to take better care of himself. I think sometimes he gets a kick out of acting (and feeling) like an old man, but he's only 38, so it's not okay (IMNSHO). Add money problems to that and I'd be having rage issues too.

So I did about 12 yesterday. I have to go back and map out what we really ran, I realized after we finished that we forgot one little cul de sac and then another road which looked like a loop on the map turned out to be a warren of driveways and we had to retrace our steps, but it was probably close enough to 12 to call it 12! The hardest part was when we had to run past my house and continue on the final 4.5 loop, we were already feeling tired at that point so I had to just ignore the call of home. When I got home I had to unload some groceries with dh and dd was back from a birthday party and having a sugar crash meltdown so I missed the end of run stretching window. When I finally had a chance I took a very very very cold bath and that really seemed to have instant benefit. Then I took a hot hot shower and I felt more or less human again. We went out in the afternoon which I think might actually be a good long run time since I didn't have to pretend I could focus for very long before we all flopped out in front of a movie an then went to bed .

Okay, now I've got to go back to drywalling. We've almost got the whole ceiling up, and then for the plastering.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
...but which ones do y'all like the best:
I love the Charleston mary janes. As for cost, think about the hours that you spend in a good pair of shoes! That's one thing that I don't feel guilty about. In terms of hours per dollar, they beat anything in my closet except for my jeans, which are ancient.

P.S. for anyone who has yet to see it, Slumdog Millionaire is really good. I am definitely getting the soundtrack for running - it is great! :
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BBM - i hope you find some balance soon

Plady - way to go! wow 12 miles! you're doing so well.

MB and other ATL dingos - enjoy the snow! :


i did the same 7 mile route as last week and it totally sucked this morning. i don't know why but the muscles near my shins were screaming at me for the first 3 miles. i had to keep stopping and try to stretch them out and rub them. ugh.

now that i'm back i looked it up and i think my tight calf muscles might be to blame i've been complaining to dh that they've been feeling tight for a few weeks. i read online that when your calf muscles are tight it can draw your heel back which then makes your shin muscles strain causing shin splints. i always thought shin splints were caused by doing too much too soon (not really my problem) or running on hard surfaces (this could be it)

anyway...i'm trying not to be too down about it and instead do more stretches this week and maybe cut back on my mid-week runs.
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Oh Nic, how truly, truly awful. That poor family. I did love that the article talked about him and his personality and place in the world, some - makes me feel a little connected, too.
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Come on over to the March Thread!
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Nic, I'm holding the family and all who love them in prayer. How sad.

No forward motion here today... I'm so sore from yesterday that I'm taking the day off. And I'm just overwhelmed with work, and had a shitty meeting with the dean of students on Friday (he has no power over me, except for the power to irritate me mightily.) It's just *busy* and I'm not getting breaks.

On the upside, it turns out after my first hockey game - that I love hocky. (As a spectator, I hasten to add!) All the rowdy yelling and trash-talking and spray painting one's hair the team colors was just what I needed.

Oh, eta: there were homophobic protesters outside my church today. Yeah, glad to have *that* confrontation at 10 am on a Sunday. I'm still furious about it.
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