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Originally Posted by CathToria View Post
Is this post about running or crosstraining??? :

ETA: I wil delete this if anyone is offended, I'm just in a joking mood!!!

It was about running, but when I finished running, I found dh lying on our bed with his laptop . . . naked. So, we'll see once I get this run logged!

I was in no mood to run, but hadn't run since Thurs and really need to get on some kind of schedule. I wanted to run long if at all possible, so I decided to set out to do 8 and see what happened. I felt absolutely great after the first mile, and ended up running 8 10 minute miles, plus a warm up and cool down for 8.68 total. Now I can start Feb feeling good!

Need some labor vibes for a 41 1/2 week client - I'd like to see this baby at some point!

Speaking of labor vibes - JenLove will meet her baby Sprout this month! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!
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Good run, today geo! You're way ahead of my mileage and my half is a month before yours, you're gonna do awesome. Glad your new shoes are working for you!

towson, I am : at your FB password!

We just got home from a nice Super Bowl party a few minutes ago. I kind of pathetically posted on FB yesterday that I was sad I didn't have anywhere to go, and voila, an invitation appeared. : I didn't actually invite myself, just put it out there that I didn't have anywhere to go, right? Anyways, it was nice. It was a pretty small party, I got to catch up with a couple of friends I haven't spent much time with lately, the kids played GREAT and with only a couple of incidents of sugar-high crazies. OMG, you guys, I made these banana bars for the party and they were SO crazy good. YUM.

I need to run tomorrow, even though I just did my long run today. Unfortunately, it's the only way I'm gonna get all my runs in this week. The weather looks good, at least, and I'm not feeling like I had a long run today (duh, it was only 5), so hopefully it will be nice and easy.
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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
It was about running, but when I finished running, I found dh lying on our bed with his laptop . . . naked. So, we'll see once I get this run logged!
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jo - I'm glad all was well yesterday when your DH was missing. I was worried.

cath - Now that was funny!

poppy - did you really check in to see how I had done? : aw, I feel so loved!

Well, it went better than I could have hoped for in my wildest dreams! I PRed by about 3:20. Final time was 1:51:01! Most of the race was on PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) right in front of the ocean except for miles 3-6 which run inland up into a neighborhood and back down onto PCH. Not too long after starting someone pointed out dolphins in the water which was pretty cool. I have no idea how I pulled off a PR so soon after my last 7 weeks ago. I really didn't even feel that great and thought I had absolutely no chance of a PR. My splits for the first 11 miles ranged from 8:18 - 8:43, but mile 12 was 7:45, mile 13 was 7:51 and the last .17 was at 7:19. Those last miles totally blow me away because my 5k pace is in the 7:30's. Now I'm totally itching to see what I can do in a 5k but I don't have one scheduled until May. I do have an 8k in three weeks so that will have to do. Thanks for reading!
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WOW. Great race!!! : Sounds gorgeous...I love driving down PCH, I bet running along it is fabulous, too!
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Cornflake--wow! I am in awe.

I was going to walk but DH and I ended up talking. It was an improvement over the all-out fighting we've done all weekend. I'm also beginning to wonder if living with DD is like some subtle form of torture. During the last 26 days, she's woken us up early 9 mornings, and it's not the kind of pat her and tell her go back to sleep, but more like arguing with me about whether she's going to nurse before 7 (for the last time, no!) and then waking us up every 5-10 minutes during the next hour. Small wonder we're spending days like this. She fights bedtime like anything and we've finally gotten a handle on that again, but I hadn't realized just how often it was happening. I'm going to keep tracking it and see if it's just something about this month. She's done it before, but I would have sworn she has a rough period and then a couple of months pass. Now I'm thinking that all this interrupted sleep is messing with my memory. :

In good news, I'm happy to report that I've decided my shoe situation (mostly). Registration for the Platte River 1/2 is open at a local running store and they're offering 25% off Brooks shoes or apparel that's regularly $100 or more, plus $5 off registration this month. So, now I can get the Brooks after all too. Then I won't need new shoes anytime soon either.
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Awesom race, CG!!!! You're really flying! I can't imagine a more gorgeous venue than the PCH. I'm so envious!

realrellim ~ I hope you like your soon-to-be new Brooks as much as I mine. Sorry your DD is giving you sleep issues. If it makes you feel any better, my DD1 got into bed with me at 5:52 this morning and proceeded to announce every time the minute changed ~ "I'ts 5:54, it's 5:55, it's 5:56"! ARGH!!!!!!!

Belly feels much better. Maybe it was the beer.....

Jen, now I have this image of your DH.... naked.... with the laptop.... giving you that look..... ! Hope you got to run AND crosstrain.
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DJen, glad I didn't offend :, I just couldn't help it when I read the words that you typed, hee hee

CFG, :, you are super fast

I was planning a class at teh gym this am. but after reading these rr's, I really want to try to run. I want my 5k at the end of my tri to be faster than a 10mm. I mean, what would it matter if I smoke the swim, but then I take almost double the time as the other runners to finish the run leg. So I think I will run today, yay!

Gear news: I had to order my dd some swim caps, suits, goggles and I got her a swimmer backpack for her Bday. So for me, I ordered a cap made for long hair. I fight with teh regular caps sometimes, so I think I this one will work better for me. I was not excited about the $7.50 price tag (i usually just buy teh private label silicone caps for $2.50 ish) but I'm now excited about getting it.

I think the only other clothign that I need for my tri is a black enell. I still have not 100% figured out how to harness my boobies for both a swim and a run............
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cornflake, way to go on your run. Awesome time! And I bet it was just a beautiful run, too, huh? :

I am SOOOOOOO ready for a beautiful run. Would have broken down and gone outdoors this weekend if I weren't so afraid of injury. Soon. I did my 5 yesterday and am way too beat this AM to run--and my back is really hurting, must be from the bucket brigade work--so today will be rest. A PM walk/jog if I am up to it.

Got to bed around 10 last night, which is just late for me. And my guts have that I-ate-Pakistani-food irritation this morning. But oof.

Gigi, your joke to drjen made me laugh.

real, I remember when Megs (where are you, Megs??) was having trouble with the sleep. It took its toll on her and her dh. to you. I hope you can start getting more sleep soon. And less fighting. And I hope you love your Brooks like I love mine. I am seriously emotionally attached to the brand because of how my shoes have allowed me to run distances I never thought possible. One of the few brands I have any loyalty to.

Was it mothercat who asked about masks? Yeah, we had masks and safety glasses for the tear-down, and this is 109-year-old plaster...under studs...under drywall...under a cake-frosting plaster finish. It was 3 inches thick. : Luckily it was 33* outside so we could shut off the heat all day and open windows so the wind could carry a lot of it out of the house. But I will be cleaning up dust for months to come.

Today is reb's bday.

Dh and I talked some more about the whole workload thing. Just to reiterate my points and make absolutely sure he's clear on where I stand re: coming back home. He gets it. For me, it's all about getting the things done on the house that we need to do so that I can give up the job. The sooner we get there, the sooner I get to walk. That is, if we even both still have jobs then. His employer announced they'll be cutting like a third of their white-collar workforce at his location, and I still would not be surprised if mine made further reductions. So, anything could happen.

Depending on what goes on at work today, I think I may design my garden and write an essay about Dingo(e)s.
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Mornin' mamas.

I might go for an OUTSIDE RUN today when I get home from work.

Dh threw his back out or something and is flat in bed. He is in tremendous pain and I don't know how to help him. Can barely make it to the bathroom. He doesn't want me to stay home (I have no more sick days, due to the fall illness, so any days now are unpaid).

Any ideas? We have an herbal cornhusk heating pad that is currently under him and he took a couple advil, but that's it so far.
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Nick, when my back really freaks out on me, I have used vicodin in the past, and soma. Got better results with soma and advil. As important as it is to keep moving, sometimes the first day or two, you just can't move. It hurts too much. I SO understand that pain. It's overwhelming.

The thing that helped me the most was to remember it would be better in a couple days, and then get better and better. And long term, I saw a PT and I still do the exercises. That said, stress can still open that window for me.

I have recently used valerian with decent results.
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CT..you are too funny!


MC...hope y'all get some answers soon.

JayGee. glad you are feeling better!

CFG..WTG! You are fast!

I have loads of homeschool stuff to do today. I'm not going to get started until I can get in a better frame of mind though. I think doing some exercise first instead of afterwards might be the ticket today. I have PMS and I'm just put out about the same old issue that dh and I always argue about.
I do not like his denomination/church. I've been going along for 10 years now, and I'm tired of trying to fit in there. I'm flat not going to go anymore. I don't know what that means for our family, but I'm done. LOL..how dramatic is that!

Surely I will think more clearly as soon as arrives!

I think I'm packing us up and heading to the park! Need a change of routine for the day!
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I am going to head out for a brisk 20 minute walk shortly. Not a stellar workout, but at least I will be moving. I have already done 20 pushups today and will keep doing sets of 10-15 whenever I think of it. As for the crunches - I don't know which of my tailbone or my abs is protesting more after two months of not doing these! Ouch!!! :Lol

Wish me luck this week. I had a fantastic start to my ENJO business in the fall but it has been slower than slow since Christmas. I have a few demos this week and I am hoping to get many more booked and get things up and running again - I really need the income and to feel like I am not a total flop at everything I try :

1jooj - will we get a chance to see your essay?
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I have been following the thread but not posting due to time issues. January was such a busy month. I have been trying to run three times a week. Yesterday I had a great 5 miles-did the first mile with dh and then we went our separate ways. It was fun.

I'm not so sure about the half in May. I am just going to do my best to get out as much as I can and add milage. There is a delecate balance in being inspired by a running goal and totally stressed out by it for me.

But life is good and I love checking in with the dingos feeling inspiration, awe,
compassion and empathy

Dr. Jen--I don't know if I ever really read the first page but what you wrote on the bottom is hilarious.
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RR: yesterday ran LR of 9 miles. Felt good. Then rushed to church, then to my Dad's where he proceeded to tick me off with his "control" of my kids. sigh. Got car sick on the way home from being emotionally uptight at my Dad's then too much noise on the way home. Went to bed early, got up late, and feel a little "off" today.

It's a rest day, and I have sit ups and push ups planned, some PT and maybe some yoga to get out the yuckies. Loads of cleaning done already as the house was a pit. If I don't do it, it doesn't get done.

It's all good though, sun is shining, house looks and feels better already.
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CFG - :

Back from the gym. 43 minutes on the bike, and then day 1, week 1 of c25k + a little more to make it 2 miles : So about 70 minutes total. It felt good to be back. My right leg is definitely so much more pokey then my left. Between wierd pain in my shins, plus the achilles, plus the outer knee, oy vey. So I focus so hard on my gait to not *hit* a twinge, that I think I cause other things to go wonky : Oh well, one day at a time....
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I wish I had some entertaining crosstraining to report, but by the time I washed my face and got in bed, I developed some horrible stomach cramps. I tossed and turned for quite a while, and rushed to the bathroom several times with the cramps, but nothing ever happened. I finally fell into a fitful sleep, and then woke up soaking wet an hour later. I can't figure out if this was some variety of stomach flu, or did I eat something odd, or was it a variation of the running GI issues I used to get?

I feel a bit better this am, but still feel off. At least today is an off day, and I don't have to feel guilty about it since I finished my 8 last night!
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No RR on the schedule today, just taekwondo later. It's Wendy's birthday today, she would have been three. That simultaneously sounds like such a long time and so fast too. I feel sort of caught between wanting to do something meaningful to mark the day and having a lot of normal routine stuff on the schedule that has to be done regardless. I guess maybe I'll work on getting through all the routine stuff and then give myself some quiet time to think/wallow later on.

CFG - Wow! Great race! How awesome to see dolphins! i love that.

: to
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Subbing. DD had a tummy bug over the weekend so I kept her home from school today and took the day off. We have loads of errands to run but I think my only workout is going to be to a DVD or something.

CathToria, I am fascinated by the idea of your new swim cap, I struggle with my hair and my cap. I used to have this nice tri one that had extra coverage for my ears that was easier to get on over my hair but I ripped it. What kind did you get?
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