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Happy Birthday Plady's Wendy.

And belated happy birthday, Kerc.
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Way to Go Cornflake Girl!!! Awesome PR and what a cool sounding race!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Plady's Wendy
thinking about you Plady
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cfg~Awesome race! Great job!!

plady~I'm thinking of you and Wendy today.

drjen~8 miles on the TM?!?! I don't know if I could do it.
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plady~thinking of you and Wendy. :
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Happy February everyone! I haven't looked yet, is Spring coming on time? :

drjen I hope you feel better soon and you can get back to your crosstraining.

Not much going on here. I walked with SIL while she was here, we were having a serious conversation, so running was kind of out of the question, but at least I was moving. Today is a running day and it's been raining off and on, but hopefully will be off for a while after dh gets up so I can go run.

My ds is sick, and my dd is coughing. I really don't want to get anything because I don't want anything else getting in the way of my running. I really really want to go run, and would run every day if I thought I could.
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Plady, tell Wendy we wish her well on her birthday. More than that, we wish you well.

If I work on the essay, of course I will share with yall.
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Subbing. :
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Happy Birthday to Plady's Wendy and thinking of you today, Plady .

Jo, I want to read your essay when you're done too .

DrJen ~ sorry you weren't feeling well last night .

I ran 5.25 this morning and feel a bit better, although still kind of bloaty. I think my diet soda habit may be the culprit for my stomach woes. I'm going to get off that nasty stuff, starting today. Diet Coke, I sure do love you, but I must say goodbye.
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3.5 done for wendy and plady! :

I really think short distance is my enemy...each of my last several runs have been absolutely miserable for the first mile or so, but once I get past two, I just cruise. I really dread my runs before I go because that first mile sucks so bad. I need to try to refocus, so I'm not thinking about how crappy the beginning of the run is, but rather how good the end of the run is.

Off to go run a few errands...fun stuff, gas, car wash, Target (must get a funnel so I don't spill my kombucha all over the place )
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I think it was probably only about 2 miles, but since I haven't run in a couple months (since having to quit the gym) I think that's okay. Plus not much time, have to go pick up the kids in a few minutes.

Still, it felt so good.
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Plady - and Wendy
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Plady, thinking of you and your family today.

CFG-Dude! You are speedy!

Good zumba class this morning, but it didn't come close to burning off what I ate at Mamabeth's last night. :

I am sore today in my shoulders and calves and I'm not sure why. Weird.

A few days ago they were predicting snow for tonight and we were so excited, but now they've changed it to cold rain. I'm so bummed, we haven't had a real snow here in years.
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: Paige, I was glad when they said that. of course now, it doesn't matter. I wanted my son to go to school, but he's still got a fever so, oh well, snow would be ok!!!!

I went running Only the 1.73 or 1.75 maybe since I tacked on another circle. Anyway, it felt about 34 when I went out, and it's raining, or was sprinkling/drizzling BUT....I have lengthened my stride and my distance (I'm doing a walk/run), I feel like I did great!!

I might go for a bike ride tomorrow....maybe....
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Plady - I hope you've found the right way for you to remember your daughter on her birthday. Happy Birthday Wendy!

I've got plenty of snow to share up here. come and get some. our driveway snowbank is over 9' tall right now.

today is sorta an off day, just yoga tonight. this weekend i didn't get my rides in, i subbed in snowboarding. not looking good for any outside rides this week, maybe on the weekend it will be warm enough. I've been eating so much crap, AF has to be just around the corner. But i MUST stop eating like this or I will reverse all the progress that I made. trying out a new app for my iphone to track my cycles, hopefully it will be easier than the note that i currently keep in my outlook calendar at work.

alrighty. have to head home in a minute and get ready for yoga.
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Was it mothercat who asked about masks? Yeah, we had masks and safety glasses for the tear-down, and this is 109-year-old plaster...under studs...under drywall...under a cake-frosting plaster finish. It was 3 inches thick. : Luckily it was 33* outside so we could shut off the heat all day and open windows so the wind could carry a lot of it out of the house. But I will be cleaning up dust for months to come.

We were tearing out ceiling and walls in 2 big rooms, in humidity, in July. Set up a huge fan by the front door and just blew everything out that way. Are you just tearing out the ceiling? Don't you just love all the stuff you find under the first layer? Deconstruction is messy, but can be so cathartic. Any use of brute force and power tools will do.

cornflake girl: very speedy, thanks for the race report the run sounds beautiful.

autuum breeze: hope the dc feel better soon, and that no one else gets it.

sparkletruck: are you looking at chirunning at all? His advice is that when the gait for one leg is shorter than the other, shorten up the longer side to match the shortest stride. And be careful that you have a mid-foot strike. Heel strikes with the shorter stride leg can cause achilles and shin problems.

doctorjen: hope you stay feeling better today. Too bad about the crosstraining.

nic: yippee for the run. How are you feeling now?

plady and Wendy:

fmr: I biked, I walked, I ran, I walked. Did a half mile and think I was grinning the whole time. Love the new shoes. Ankle's a bit sore, but nothing major.
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Thinking of you Plady (and Wendy too).

Jo ~ I can't wait to read the essay!

at DrJen. I hope you are feeling better today though - sorry that got in the way of your crosstraining.

cfg ~ Way to go!!

DH and I went for a walk with Lizzy this afternoon while the sun was still out. I even jogged a little bit with her. I think I would've ran further into this pregnancy if the weather would've been better. I'm too much of a clutz to run (especially with this belly) on a TM.

I'm skipping out on yoga tonight. Last week was SO difficult for me and I am just exhausted tonight. Seriously, how the heck am I going to birth this baby if I am this tired all of the time?!
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You'll get a burst of energy and you'll do great!!
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Jenlove: yeah, go for the resting and sleeping over all else these last few days.

Plady: I hope you found a way to celebrate that special occasion that felt right to you.

grnmtnmama: I usually don't even notice that my mood/appetite is changing due to my cycles until AFTER the fact. But you are right to track it so that you will know in advance. Knowledge is power, and maybe there is something to do differently during those tough few days? More protein or something?

Nikarolaberry: yay on an outdoor run!

CFG: Wow, that is inspiring. What a great race in a beautiful environment. I love seeing dolphins :

Autumn Breeze: WTG - keep that up!!

To everyone suffering from post-Superbowl gastric distress - feel better soon! I hate that, but I am totally the type to eat the wrong thing in social settings. Like chicken wings, which I totally avoid at all costs because I WILL eat them and they invariably mess me up. I didn't go to a party this year, just stayed home with our youngest who had a slight fever, but it was kind of nice to just snuggle with him a bit.

I spent the weekend visiting my mother. It was the first time spending the night away from my youngest. He was fine! I suffered, though. I was in a complete funk all weekend. Still, it was a way for me to practice relinquishing control over the kids to my dh, and for that, it was fine. He (toddler, not dh) has been nursing at nap time and at night, but I haven't felt like I have any milk left anyway. Now over the weekend and not nursing for 48 hours, I didn't feel a thing in the way of discomfort or engorgement, nothing. I wonder if that means that there is truly no milk left? Maybe he is just nursing for comfort - I wonder. I'm nuts, but this makes me sad. I am spending way too much time feeling like the end of nursing/fertility/birthing/etc. is just like the beginning of old-lady-hood.

Now back home, I'm feeling much better and have taken over the reins again (spoken like a true control freak). Ran for 3.75 today, and it was alright. The first half was awesome; I felt like a million $ and could have totally run faster, but I didn't because I was worried about getting tired. So I kept it moderate but still felt like I ran out of steam at the end. A tad discouraging, but what the heck. I will be so psyched when I am finally running 5 or 6 miles without completely croaking.
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Aw, Mel. I was talking with some menopausal friends this weekend and feeling all sorts of things.

We're on for our refi--and it looks like I'm walking away with a little ching to boot. I am looking forward to getting into financial shape and staying home this summer. It's going to be a very, very good thing. If I can keep my mouth shut and keep my job until then.

Plumber comes tomorrow morning, so I need to get up and get on the TM early to be done in time to meet them. : I wish they'd just come after we leave for the day. Just get through the week, right?
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Add me to the list of post-SB tummy issues. yes I DID have two beers plus fatty fatty fat dip, plus chicken wings, cake, I mean really. I should have just taken a tums before I went to bed like DH! But I did get myself up and run with RP, although as HBM said it wasn't nearly enough to burn off last night. fun though!

CT, I will be interested to see how you harness the girls for a Tri. I have to admit it is one of the things that I would worry about. I can't imagine not running in an enell, even for 3 miles! how do you other mamas do it?

must go put the girl to bed, take care mamas. I am also sad about the lack of snow!
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