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talk to me about 33/34 weekers...cross posting in nicu/preemies

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any stories, info, opinions. i'm in the hospital at 33 weeks 5 days with my twin boys. we've done 48 hours of steroids now. as of friday they were estimated at 4lbs 7 oz and 4lbs 9 oz. i am dialating and the procardia slows my contractions, but not really enough.

the neonatologist gave us a bit of an idea of what to expect a few days ago, but he was pretty noncommital.

nicu time?
when did you take em home?

i can't really read/respond from here (i got special permission to hang with my family in the waiting room tonight - where a computer is) but my husband will be reading/responding when he can.
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Can't offer advice but wanted to send hugs. Keep us posted, and we'll be sending good vibes to you and your babes!
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Aja, I am praying for you Mama.
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I had 33-weekers, at 4 lbs., 3 oz. and 4 lbs. 7 oz. They estimated higher in the ultrasounds, so be aware that those estimates aren't always accurate.

Every week counts though, and you're almost at 34!

They were in the NICU for 4 weeks, and had to have artificial surfectant and be on the CPAP for awhile. One had a PDA and had to have a round of medication to close it. It took them quite awhile to learn to suckle.

They were fed my pumped breastmilk in the NICU (I think they added the extra-calorie formula to it), first via tube and then via bottle. Once they were bottling all their feeds and maintaining their temps, they got to come home.

They learned to breastfeed a month after we got home - so for the first month home I was pumping and bottlefeeding. So tiring, but so worth it. Now they're almost one and still nursing like champs!

I know a lot of a lot of other moms who delivered from 32-34 weeks (other monoamniotic twin moms), and I think all of them had at least some NICU stay, ranging from about 2 weeks to about 2 months. So there's quite a range; it just depends on how your individual babies do.

I'm sorry they have to come early, but you have really, really, really good odds of everything being okay at the end at your gestational stage. I hope things go well for you.

Remember when they're in the NICU that they're exactly where they need to be to get strong enough to come home; you are NOT a bad mom because your babies have to start their life in isolettes. You're a mom who is getting them the best care they need.

Don't be afraid to ask the nurses or the neonatologists questions. I found ours very knowledgeable and very able to explain things. I called every night to talk to the girls' night nurse; it was like saying good-night to our girls, and we visited every day (except once, when I had a cold). But we weren't there all day, because of our older two at home. Our twins still bonded with us. If you can't be there every moment, it's okay. Be there when you can, and trust that they'll be okay when you're not.

When you get home, sleep as much as you can. It's good to be physically recovered when they come home from the NICU, because you'll surely need all the energy you can get with two lovely babies demanding your love and attention!
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I had triplets at 34 weeks and they weighed 4lbs 6oz and 4lbs 12 oz. They were estimated the day before at 4.12, 5.11 and 6.10 so that was way off on two of them. I had steroid shots at 32 weeks, and I was on procardia for contractions. I think the steroids helped and I'm glad you've had time to have them! After birth, one baby needed a nasal canula for a few days but with room air, no extra oxygen. The others breathed on their own from birth. Two started bottle feeding at one day old and the third at two days old. They got pumped milk when I had it. Breastfeeding did not work out for us, but I think that was because I had severe supply issues that could not be overcome, not so much that they were preemies (though that added an extra challenge) because my son did latch well eventually, several weeks after his due date. All three came home from the NICU together when they were 10 days old.

Good luck! You have made it so far that if they're born now, they should just be feeders/growers and will be home quickly!
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i had 32 weekers home in 4 weeks. feeding issues can take a bit longer to sort, but it's worth it, so take one day at a time and yay you got those steroids in :

will be praying
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Ds was born at 34 weeks after my water broke out of the blue. He was a huge preemie, 6lb 6oz, but I knew exactly how old he was because I had been charting to get pregnant. Anyway, he had a little trouble breathing and had to stay under the O2 hood for about 8 hours before he was doing well on his own.

We stayed in the hospital together 4 days, then went home. Breastfeeding was pure hell .. he had no sucking reflex and no desire to wake to eat. He lost a ton of weight and I had to pump and syringe feed him while also trying to get him to latch. It took about 6 weeks before he would latch properly, and that was with breast shields. To be honest, we never had a great bf relationship and I let him wean at 14 months.

I wish you the very, very best!
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My twins were born at 34 weeks, A was 5lbs 12oz and B was 4lbs 3oz. While they were both taken to NICU quickly both did very well. A has a slight hole in his heart, that has repaired itself and they were both out of the hosp. in 5 days. It was much better that I thought it would be. Most hosp don't have weight requirments like they use to, it is more important that the babies are feeding well and breathing easy. We also had to do car seat test on the babies before we could bring them home, it was like an hour test to make sure they were breating well in the position that the car seat put them in. We had a good experiance, it was kind of nice to have the 5 days to adjust to the reality that I am now a MOM!
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My first son was born at 34 weeks it was the 2nd time I went into labor with him,1st time he was32 weeks,nursed like a champ,all the nurses worked hard to get him to latch on right.He was 5lbs8oz when he was born,we took him home in 2 days at4lbs 8oz.I'm now 33 weeks 5 days with twin girls,looks like their around 4 lbs,next sono in 3 days.I had a great experience with my son,stay positive,they'll be fine.Were sending positive vibes your way.
Be well,Jodie
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Jesse and Davin were born at 34wks and 4 days. It was a home birth, but I did have a doctor there because of them being early (all my others were UC). I had no steroids (being at home made no difference for this, they were born 3.5 hours after I went into labor). They were 4lbs 10ozs and 4lbs 12ozs. They were on supplemental oxygen for the first few hours, and it was difficult to feed them for the first few days, but none of the issues were severe enough for anyone to consider hospitalizing them. I'm sure they would've been taken away from me and forced into the NICU if it had been a hospital birth, and I'm very glad it wasn't.

All this to say that at 34 weeks you can have perfectly healthy babies.
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My boys were born at 34w2d. They were 4 lbs 11 oz and 5 lbs 12 oz. I was also on Procardia and given steroid shots.

They were in the special care nursery. One of my boys had no problems nursing and the other one took a little bit to get the hang of it. We had some problems with weight gain, ended up having to supplement a few feedings and one of them had nipple preference. We were home after one week. Around their original due date is when breastfeeding got a lot better.
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My twins were born at 34w2d. They were 3.11 and 5.10 -- size discrepancy due to TTTS. They were in the NICU for 7 days, then moved to a pediatric room for 3 days. Baby A (smaller) needed oxygen for a couple days iirc, but after that they were both growing and learning to suck. I did not attempt to breastfeed because I didn't know any better at the time.

10 days didn't seem too bad -- I was prepared for longer.
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Just to further illustrate how variable this can be, mine were born at 30w6d, 3 lb. 12 oz. and 4 lb. 4 oz., and were in NICU for 25 days. No nursing problems. At 9 months they are big and healthy and still pretty much EBF.

good luck!!
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Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It really means a lot to me. I've made it to 34 weeks now. starting to think we might actually hang in there until 35.
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Go, Aja, go, you gestational goddess!
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Yea!!! Best wishes!!!
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So glad you're hanging in there. You sound alot like me--PTL at 32 weeks, and on procardia now. The contractions haven't totally stopped, but they've slowed alot.
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i was discharged today at 35 weeks. taking one more week of procardia. : so glad we have made it this far! it sure is nice to be home, too.
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