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Mommy needed a night w/out baby attached to her. So I made plans for Mr.Evan to stay at my parents house so I could be a woman and have a date night with my husband. Dropped him off about 4pm, went home got ready...sat sobbing crying bc nothing that I have dressy clothes wise fits me(and we were going to a nice place that you can eat and has a little romantic dance floor, so you kind of have to dress nice.) Then we decided to just go to Joe's crab shack bc at that point I didn't care to leave the house, but needed to and the only thing that fits are jeans. We get there, get a drink, eat, then decide to go watch a movie. We leave for the movie theatre(2 exits away from Joe's) and right before we turn...I ask DH to turn RIGHT instead...I wanted to go pick up Evan. . I missed him and we were SO close to my parents house(about 15 minutes.)

I feel kinda silly for going to pick him up and get my parents all excited, which they weren't phased by it at all...they kinda giggled saying they expected me to come get him. But then again...I guess it's still pretty early to leave him overnight. That was the longest I'd been away from him...4 hours. I was good until right after we ate...it HIT me. lol

But I'm very proud of myself for going that long w/out him. DH...love him to death...said that it showed him how much of a good mom I am that I can't go very long w/out my kids. He was proud of me.

How long have you momma's gone w/out your babies?
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We're going out for valentine's day, Malachi will be two and a half months, and I'm terrified DH is going to ask me to leave him.
I've thought about it and decided that I will for the span of dinner only if my mom comes and stays with him, as she can nurse him and her energy is much like mine. I know she would, but I don't know if DH will agree since he's so mad at her right now

Really though, he's super low-needs, sleeps through any time we're out, and is perfectly content in the moby. Why not bring him?

I feel bad leaving him alone long enough to run to the bank right down the street, and I HATE when MIL holds him. I almost cried tonight because he smelled like her icky fabric softener after she held him.

I guess my protective instincts kind of kicked in on overdrive...
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wild fire child - she can nurse him? That's awesome!

I guess the longest is an hour or so, if you count leaving her in another room of the house with DH. I'm not inclined to push myself to: after all, they grow up so fast anyway. I'm not sure when I'll feel comfortable leaving her with someone else and going out, especially since I can't express enough milk for even one feeding (I have plenty otherwise, just can't express it).
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Today will actually be the longest amount of time b/c I am back at work.

We've left Evangeline with my mom for about five hours. I would feel differently if it weren't my mom, I think. I enjoy being out with my DH and reconnecting with him, but it's true that I really, really, really miss my sweet little one when we are out without her.

PLUS my boobs ache and I am so relieved to nurse her as soon as I get home.
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Well considering we are now about 800 miles away from family or anyone we know, and do not know a soul here yet, I'd say it will be a while! My mom is actually coming to visit in 2 weeks so H mentioned that maybe we could go get some dinner then. That would mean breaking out the pump for the first time and attempting to give him a bottle. My lazy self is resisting. It seems like so much work right now.
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DP and I went out on Saturday night for about 2.5 hours. Went to a bar, had some food and beer (but just one!). It was so nice to have some kid free time. We left some ebm with my sister but he only drank a bit. It was fun and I really want to do it again!
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Well, Willem is 6 weeks old and I haven't left him yet, except to take a shower! He has never had a bottle or a pacifier - I know I should introduce him to those things and have someone else feed him so that he doesn't reject it. But it's hard! I crave being with him and have no desire to be away from him at all!
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From about 6am - 3:30pm 5 days a week.
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Originally Posted by Haselnuss View Post
wild fire child - she can nurse him? That's awesome!
Yeah, she's an MDC mama with a 2 year old, she still has plenty of milk. When we were having troubles at first we had him practice with her some
I do have a freezerful of milk, but I don't want him to be fed another way since we finally figured out nursing only a month ago...and I'm just more comfortable with her overall.
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I haven't spent more than an hour away from Lucien yet. I'm starting to think about it tho.

I remember doing that with our other babes. Planning on going out but then picking them up early.

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The longest I/we've been away from Malachi was about 30 minutes. It was right after he went to sleep, and we had just gotten into town (moved north, to Indiana), and DD needed gloves and we wanted to try and find a nice warm hat for DS. I can't imagine leaving him for longer though, I'd miss him too much.
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So far I've ony left for about half an hour. DH watched her while I took DD to get a haircut. She had her 1st bottle of EBM.

dsaucone- I'm sorry you have to be away for so long. I understand though. I'm going back to work in a few weeks. It was really hard to leave my oldest in daycare when she was a baby, and I'm sure it will be just as hard with this one!
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haha I keep doing double-takes because one PP's LO is Lucien, another is Malachi...mine is Malachi Lucius.

Done off-topic now
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My baby was in the NICU for 12 days and I was away from her for 4 nights total during that time.

Since then I have left her with dh for 2-3 hours several times. It is very easy to leave her with him compared to how difficult it was to sleep away from her those nights. We have pumped milk leftover from when she was in NICU and I was pumping and she'll take a bottle from dh. We haven't left her with anybody else.
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I've gone about an hour and a half (about the length of a swim workout), and that's about as long as I'll go right now, because Odin doesn't much care for the bottle or the sippy or really any sort of non-boob feeding paraphenalia. He's not missing any meals (he's been hanging out between the 90th and 93rd percentiles weight-wise), but I hate to think of him being hungry and wanting me and not getting what he wants. I hate this with my big kids too, but I'm more willing to let them miss me, because they already understand that I'll always come back. Odin doesn't have enough life experience yet to know that, so I don't want to leave him longer than I need to for the sake of my health.
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I ran to the movie store one night. So I was gone maybe a half hour and he slept the whole time.
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Originally Posted by ChesapeakeBorn View Post
Well, Willem is 6 weeks old and I haven't left him yet, except to take a shower! He has never had a bottle or a pacifier - I know I should introduce him to those things and have someone else feed him so that he doesn't reject it. But it's hard! I crave being with him and have no desire to be away from him at all!
I'm goofy here...I've never used a bottle at all...and this is my fourth!

I don't even really know how to use a baby bottle.

Funny, huh?

I've left Ian for about two hours doing a quick shopping trip, nursing him right before and when I return!
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Originally Posted by dsaucone View Post
From about 6am - 3:30pm 5 days a week.

That must be so difficult!
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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
I don't even really know how to use a baby bottle.
I wonder if this is my problem -- maybe it's my incompetence at trying to give O a bottle that's making him refuse it! I try tickling the roof of his mouth way up in the back the way I do with the boob when I'm trying to get him to latch on, but it doesn't seem to work.

I'm such a dork.
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Today was the longest I've been away from Alice. I was gone 11:30 - 5:30 for school, then 5:45ish - almost 8 running errands with DH. She was with my mom and DH (who couldn't go to work because we needed $1600 of repairs on my Jetta ) all day. My mom's the only person I'm comfortable leaving her with right now because she's so difficult. Her reflux has been getting worse so she was awake the whole time, I really needed the break since she didn't sleep well last night either.
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