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Where do I belong?

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So I finally got a BFP Friday. : After three YEARS of trying!! I had 4 m/c before DS...then found out about low progesterone levels and incompetent cervix, so I'm in for a long ride again!! I also have antiphospholipid syndrome while pregnant so have to do lovenox for the pregnancy.

Anyway, because of all these "issues" I have to be induced at 37 weeks or so, otherwise the risk of fetal death late in pregnancy goes way up due to the clotting issue. My "real" due date would be October, but likely I'll deliver (please God let me make it!) in September.

Where, oh where do I belong????
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Wherever you feel most comfortable mama!!! I'm due the beginning of October but I've gone early with my two others and with my last PG I had to be induced at 36 weeks because of Pre Eclampsia. I'm hoping it doesn't happen again but I'll be surprised if I make it into October. But my EDD is October 2nd so I'm staying here. You're obviously more than welcome to stay here too. I hope your pregnancy goes well and is healthy and happy!!!!!!
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I would stay with us because we are , but I guess I'm biased.

If I were you though, I would stay with Oct because you are going to go through all of the stages with us. But if you are due early Oct, you won't be too off from the stages people are going through in later September. When would your 37 weeks be up in September? If it's later September, I think I'd stay with October too - since I'd rather be one of the first to birth in the club than one of the last. If it's earlier September, I might be more inclined to go with September.

Or, a third option, you could just hang out in both - if you have time!
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Congratulations to you on your BFP!!! :

I am in the same boat kind of. My cycles were wacky last year and lasted anywhere from 21 days to 25 days each month so I have no idea if I'm due late Sept or early October. Either way I figure I'll go in September. I went early with my last one.
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I'm in a different, but similar situation due to my DD's emergency c/s resulting in a very large T-incision on my uterus. The Dr. who preformed my c/s was very grave with his warnings that I should not attempt a vbac due to the fragility of my internal incision, and this is in a hospital which routinely does vbac. So my birth plan involves a Rc/s which I know many on here cringe about, but when my DH told me later that the doctor had pulled him aside and told him that I could very easily have uterine rupture if I were to go into labor I guess it really struck a cord with me. They would want me to schedule around 38 weeks-I personally want wait a bit longer, but that puts me at the end of Sept. All in all I just want everything to be alright for all of us.
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Just repeating that you belong wherever you want to be! Last time, I was due on July 5th and DS ended up coming six days early, on June 29th. I was kinda wondering if I shuld join September's DDC instead, too, but I like joining into a new one better, myself. And, as was pointed out, no matter when the LOs arrive, we're going through the stages of pregnancy together. I think you should stay here.

Norasmomma -- That definitely sounds like a very good reason for a c/s, and that's the purpose of the scheduled ones anyway. So, don't you worry! Your baby needs a healthy and safe mama more than a vaginal birth for sure.
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: : 16dpo my hcg was 444, today at 19 dpo was 2077. : : I'm so excited!! Hoping this one sticks! I think I'll stay with you guys!! I have an ultrasound next Wednesday, hopefully see heartbeat and then start daily shots of lovenox - ugh.
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So happy to hear your numbers are so good! yay!!!! And, very happy to hear you'll stay too! welcome mama!!!
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