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well here we are...

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I sought the advice of this forum about a year ago when I suspected that my son's need for sameness was more intense than other children his age. The year has passed with me adapting to meet his needs while he progressively has gotten more and more explosive when things don't meet his expectations. His Montessori teachers have now encouraged us to seek a Dx and get him early intervention (he just turned 3).

I'm just having huge amounts of mom guilt. We had a new baby last year and I suffered along with PPD for quite some time, so I feel like this acceleration was somehow caused by me. I didn't spend enough time with him teaching him the life skills he needs to cope, or I was too lenient about his nap schedules (he's a horrid sleeper, plagued by night terrors), or that I was somehow too permissive in letting him lead himself and try to work things out on his own. I'm just questioning everything about my parenting beliefs, which I imagine is normal. It doesn't make it any easier though.

I'm rambling...

Anyway, we've just started the process to have him evaluated. Does anyone know of a website that has log function where we can track his eating habits, sleep, outbursts, etc?
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I have no idea about the other stuff, but early intervention ends when they turn three. After three you transfer into the school system.

I'm sorry you guys are having problems, hope you can figure it all out soon.
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good luck, and try not to blame yourself. dd's behaviors became more noticeable the older she got.
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Yes, I was going to say that we did early intervention and my son got much more difficult at three. I think most kids probably do and kids with difficulties regulating emotions have an even rougher time. It's not your fault. It's gotten better here as we got closer to five. I know that isn't consolation...but my point is that for some kids anyway maturity does need to take place for things to help much.

Early intervention does end at three. In most states at three you will begin working with the school system for services or getting them privately. We ended up getting an autism diagnosis because in our particular state (not true of all states) insurance pays for therapy with that diagnosis but not without.
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I live in Oregon, and we began working with early intervention at 2 (just a few house visits to discuss my concerns and the early intervention process), but after he turned 3, we had evaluation with early intervention with 4 of their specialists and he was placed in the Early Intervention Special Education Preschool program--a joint EI and public school program...
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This is a great website to track progress.
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