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I budget $50/week (so about $200/month)

Family of 3 - DH, me (pregnant), and a toddler

We do get WIC, which gives us about $20/week worth of dairy/PB/beans/cereal.

I plan our meals (dinners only) weekly. If I plan something one night that requires a lot of ingredients to buy, I will try to even out the other days by using up stuff we have. Usually I can tell by looking at my grocery list if I'm close to budget or not. We also don't eat a lot of meat, which saves us money. We eat a lot of beans, pasta, etc.

I shop at Aldi & Kroger.

Tips: I only use cash. If I see something cheap (that I usually buy anyway), I stock up. Oh and make a list and stick to it! Don't go down aisles looking at things that aren't on your list