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Can I guess your baby's gender? PT.2 - Page 2

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I am 40 weeks 2 days so any day now. Here I am at about 3 weeks ago. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...e/IMG_6944.jpg
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I'm so excited that you've started this thread again! PLEASE guess mine - I'm due the beginning of May (feel free to guess a birthdate, too!). There's a family pic on my blog (sorry, I don't know how to post pictures here). Don't worry about eye or hair color - even I know that the baby will have blonde hair and blue eyes at this point (we don't seem to have a lot of variety)!
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I am due Sept 4 so today, I am 9w4d.

Would you like more info than that? I am not sure what to give you. I am excited to see your response.

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I would love if you give it a guess for me. This our third baby we have a DS(4) and a DD (23 mon). My husband is positive it's a girl (he was right both times with our others) and my kids both say boy...me? I have no clue.

Almost forgot, my due date is Aug 24.
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I'm curious also... This is my #3, due Mar 07 (according to conception) but by LMP I'm due Feb 28. Did you ask for my hair color? It is black and my eye color is brown. I had some symptoms that twin preggo moms experience in the beginning but U/S at 18 weeks said there is only one. I'm thinking probably 1 in there but I wouldn't be surprised if there is another hidden one. I do have family history of twins on father's side. (my father and his father was twin, his aunts and cousins...).
I don't know how you can guess with just these info but sounds cool! If you need more info (like my birthdate), feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your time.
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Hello again Ananas!

You guessed for me last spring (from your web forum)... I ended up miscarrying. You guessed girl for that pregnancy, but asked if I thought there might be 2. This pregnancy, I felt like there were 2, but u/s showed only one. I think there may have been 2 early on. Guess that just means we'll be having another baby after this!

But I'd love a guess this time around! If you get any extra info, I'm interested in possible birth day/dates, and any other info that comes up!

Here's a link to a photo I just took, if that helps!

Sadie Lake
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Oooo fun! I'd love you to guess me (if you have the time)! There's a couple pictures of DH and I in my signature. I'm 13 weeks and 4 days. I'm due in early August (8th). Here's my pic at 13 weeks exactly: Click

Not sure if this makes a difference but about 2 years ago a woman randomly stopped me in a store and told me she was sure my first child would be a son so I'm wondering if she was right...

ETA: 19 week shot
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I'm due Sept. 4, and would also love a guess at the actual date. I know the eye color will be blue.
Here is a picture of me- 10 weeks along- Sorry its not better- dd took it for me. http://s712.photobucket.com/albums/w...Feb2009133.jpg

So fun! Thanks!
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Fun! Thanks for doing this!

I am due with #2 on September 3. Here's a photo of me, DH, and DD.
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I am due June 17th. Can you guess a birth date and anything on looks? I'd like to know if she has light, dark, or medium skin, and if her hair is straight or curly. Sorry if that's too much to ask!! Just curious, as my hubby and I look very different

Here is a link to a picture--not sure if you can see on Facebook but here it is. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/ph...5&id=116700982
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Oooo! I'm game! Sounds like great fun! I'm due in early October with #2. Pictures are in my signature. Thanks so much!
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No point guessing, now. Baby is here.

Want to guess if I'll have another one?
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Oooh guess me! I'm 23 weeks, and not finding out until the birth. Me = brown hair, green eyes.
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Please guess for me, I am due May 9th. I think this baby will be coming a little early due to some complications. Thank you
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im due may 9 and would be really intrested if you could guess the gender and actual day the baby will be born. and do you see any other other babies in my future?
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Oh please guess for me. I am 28 weeks today, due April 29th. This is my second baby, 3rd pregnancy and there is a photo in my sig under the preg belly.
I am so excited to see what you think.

oh maybe this is useful info. This baby is very active. Kicking momma all the time in the bladder.eeek
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I'd love to get in on this! I'm due in July with baby #3. I (and a few other people) have been getting twin vibes so I'm interested in what you think about that.

Here's my picture from today at 18 weeks.
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I already had a little girl and my husband is itching for a boy as well =-)
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a viciously active child =-P
Both my boyfriend and I have brown hair. His eyes are brown and mine are blue. Not too sure that else to say to help you out..

Guess away!
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Im due around September 4th, and would love to hear what you think!
Thank you!
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I'm game. I'm due May 29th.
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