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slacker here too..

i havent really done much this month. i feel badly about it but my focus has been elsewhere. i just got home from house sitting for a few days and on homecoming i jumped right in an decluttered my front porch and front hallway and closet. nothing to do with spring cleaning.we had another big dump of snow the last few days. everything is sparkly ands white outside.. but after being in the other house i really realised how nice mine is and want to keep going and get it really really nice. my laundry room is next up and i have 2 days, so the next two days are for that room. and i have some painting to do. i cant wait! my birthday is on march 1st so i figure its a good birthday gift to myself to get the house stuff done so i can relax!
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Originally Posted by vm9799 View Post
i am unequivocally the biggest slacker here

Whoa, whoa, don't take all of the credit.

Our garage is just too cold to step foot into (and I'm a ginormous baby). Bless DH's heart for cleaning up in there. I still have TONS of stuff to donate/sell/whatever.
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Okay, it is February 26 and I am FINISHED!!! :

You can see pictures here! I removed all the "progress" shots, so it is B4 and AFTER for each view.

Without actually finishing the rest of the house, though, we cannot truly FINISH this room. I am very, very, very happy with where it is now!!!

This room is always in a state of flux. We bought our townhouse in the summer of 2000. I painted the South wall dark blue and painted the shelving unit the same color and we stored our bicycles on the top shelf (bolt in stud with bungee cords held them in place). The bicycles blended in. We used this room as den for awhile, then a playroom when DD came along. The table was against the slider or the wall back then and sometimes not even up (it fits under our bed with the legs off). This was also our guest room for several years. We'd just set it up as a guest room for the guests and then convert it back to a playroom shortly after they left. For 2-3 years, I did custom crafts for clients, which involved a LOT of sewing (and paper crafts), and then I decided I didn't want to do that anymore since I was always doing crafts for other people and never had time for my own family's crafts. Either Fall 2005 or Fall 2006 is when all the sewing stuff originally got packed away and we did some big home improvement projects, using this room as the staging area and the backyard (slightly larger than a patio) for the actual work since it is right outside this room. In September 2007, most of our house was practically empty for some major home improvement projects and we lived with my dad (just minutes away). We slowly got the house back to usable order and this room was the staging area for all that. It was clean and set up for home improvement projects from Thanksgiving 2007 to Thanksgiving 2008 while housing all the last bit of "stuff" from each room. During December, we dragged out most of the stuff from the storage closet in this room (goes under stairs) to get the Christmas decor and because I was tired of it being messy and crammed full. After Christmas, I only put back into the closet what I wanted to be stored in there. The room itself was a disaster in January, but oh the closet was simply lovely! So, this challenge was perfectly timed for me to get rid of and reorganize the stuff in the room that had come from the closet and throughout the whole house really from the last few years of home improvement projects. I can sew again!!! I haven't seen most of my sewing supplies for 3-4 years!!! Once we finish other rooms, then I can repaint the blue shelving unit to match the new wall color (all over the room now) and we can store our bicycles on it again. DH will be soooooo happy! :

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I am amazed sunnysansiegan! You get a and a from me! I am happy for you as I sure you are too. Having a project room will be nice for you and your family.

Now for all you slackers out there...... I was going to put in this smilie... but then I thought this one would be better... : Because there is always next month!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
Okay, it is February 26 and I am FINISHED!!! :

You can see pictures here! I removed all the "progress" shots, so it is B4 and AFTER for each view.
Awesome job! You should be incredibly proud!
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Lightheart and SAHDS:


This was as much an emotional journey as a physical decluttering for me. Your support and recognition are very much appreciated.
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sunny: what an amazing journey. :

im starting to get motivated again. i did a bunch of stuff yesterday and i have plans for today. ive been away for a few days, so now that im home i really want to get started again..after my mdc fix im part way done my laundry room and once thats done i think im going to paint in there and the upstairs batrhroom. they are teeny tiny but really need freshening up. it wont take me long to do and i know it will help me want to keep it nicer if it looks better.. hopefully i can get to the hardware store today
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