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2008 Mama's...show us your twins!

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I have updated pictures of my babies that I want to show off. They are almost SIX MONTHS OLD already!! Where did the time go? They are fabulous and I love them so much!! We have had an easy time of it so far, with the exception of a couple of sleepless nights and Joel and I having strep at the same time.

The babies

Going out
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Great pics Sarah! I'm dying to share a picture of my girls, who turned one yesterday. How do you do it?
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You can upload your photo onto photobucket.com and then copy and paste the direct link (it will be under the uploaded photo) on this thread.
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Your family is beautiful. I can't wait to hold my twins. great pictures.
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Thanks for the advice. Here (hopefully) are my girls the night before their first birthday:

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Gosh, those are some cute babies!! I need to take some more pictures. Here's one I took a few weeks ago with all four kids. Hope this works.

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Cute babies! Makes me want a few more.
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My babies are 8 months old already!!!! They're crawling, climbing, cruising, cutting teeth, and very very very cute!
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gee whiz. . . photobucket hates me.

Happy Birthday Belle and Izzy!
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Okay we have some seriously adorable babies on this thread. Oh my gosh it is making me anxious to see my own!!!!

Sarah, how can your babies be six months already. It doesn't seem possible! It seems like we were just all watching the days click by as you approached and passed 40 weeks!!!
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Here are mine at 15 weeks. Drew and Will
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There sure are some adorable babies on this thread!: I never need much of an excuse to show my babies off. They are almost 11 months old now, and life is becoming a little more calm and predictable these days.


Leo (eating dirt from a plant)

tubby time

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Oh my goodness that tub picture is fantastic!
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I don't have twins but I'm posting here anyway.


They'll be 6 months old in a week!
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Cute x3! Love it!

Here's my most recent pic of my twins at 16 weeks old:

Amelia & Tommy
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success! dd on the left, ds on the right
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Oh my goodness, these pictures are WONDERFUL! And what wonderful babies!!

Okay, I don't have my regular computer but I can share 2 pics from about 2 weeks ago. One on their half birthday. I totally borrowed the idea of the 1/2 birthday crowns photo op from Ellie's (mama_tigress) blog. And one napping, right after I slid them down (sleeping) from the EZ 2 Nurse pillow onto two Boppies. I have so many photos of them sleeping...I can't get enough of that sight.

Happy half-birthday!

my precious nappers

(they're playing footsie in their sleep!)
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Emily, I'm so glad you tried again! Worth the wait, what sweeties!

Amy, OMG that napping shot! As F&P said, it makes me want "a few more" babies! In a year or two. Or eight.

Deanna's right, we do have a particularly good looking group of babes!
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that pic of footsey at naptime is so heartwarming!
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