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OK...seriously...how cute is that last picture?!?!?!?
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OMG! Look at the triplets! They've gotten so big! Last I saw them they were TEENY TINY babies!!!
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I can't get over how cute everyone's little ones are!
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I love this thread!!! What ADORABLE babies! So glad I peeked in to see what's up...

Here are Sam & Maggie at 10 months:


They'll be a year old at the end of this month. How'd that happen?!
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no pictures i'm afraid, but mine are 8 weeks adjusted and looking sooooooo different it's crazy. i had a health worker ask me why i had two babies with me because they look different ages!

it would be seriously lovely to all meet up in the flesh.
and expensive :
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such cute babies!!!!!! I am working on uploading pics (can't do it on this computer and dh is using the other one) and will post one soon
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My little guys turned 5 months old yesterday. Err, the day before since it's after midnight I guess. Anyway, here they are:
And here are their sisters at 2 1/2:
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There are some seriously cute babies here!

Heather, your boys have gotten so big already! I don't think I have seen a pic since they were 1st born.
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Here are my girlies around Thanksgiving...

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I've never posted pictures on mdc before. Let me see if I can get this to work. Let me know if you can view it, as I'm not sure my security features allow it or not. Also, "yogafeet", your picture says 'content not found'. Not sure if it's just me or what. Would love to see your girls too.

The girls will be 5 months on the 19th.

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I love the expression on Ria's face!
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I love Ria's expression too!
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Bright eyes and big smiles! Thanks for re-posting!
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this thread has totally made my day! it's so great to see some old friends and see how your babies are! they're all so freaking cute!!!

here are my boys a month ago.

if you click on my photostream, you'll see what they're up to now...
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Oh my gosh! These are absolutely adorable! I looked at every single photo!!

I can't believe mine are 6 months old already! Here is a recent photo of the two of them...

J & V
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Here we are at 6 months I will take these down after a few days.
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