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clomid, progesterone and multiples?

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Hey there multiple mamas :-)

I am baaaaarely pregnant, on my first cycle of clomid (50 mgs). My progesterone level at 7DPO was 73, which is quite high. I will get my first HCG results, and newest progesterone level later today.

I just have this odd feeling I am having twins. I have NEVER felt that way in my previous pregnancies (I have 4 older children). But the intuitive sense that I am gestating twins is really powerful this time.

So my questions are these:

-did any of you conceive your babies on clomid alone?

-did any of you have an exceptionally high progesterone reading in early pregnancy?

Thanks for any feedback!
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I had a progesterone level in the 70's and not been pregnant. As you are on Clomid, you more than likely passed more than one egg. The sac left over from that egg secretes progesterone to sustain any possible fertilized egg. This is called a corpus lutum. The more follicles, the more corpus luteums, the higher the progesterone level. It doesn't dictate a pregnancy. However, I hope you are pregnant and have your twins!!
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Thanks! I am definitely pregnant (got 4 strong positives on HPTs over the past two days - at 11 and 12 DPO). Now I am just waiting to find out the first HCG number.

I know I sound like a nut, saying I have this strong feeling I am pregnant with 2, but I really do. I have never wanted twins or imagined having twins. This feeling is really unexpected and strong.
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Yeah!!!!!- I hope you intuition is right!!!! It will be fun to see your beta numbers!!
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Well, clearly, I do not have a career as a psychic in my future ;-).

Not only was my 13DPO beta # not HIGH, it is actually a little lower than I would have liked to see for a singleton pregnancy: 33. My progesterone was 30, tho', so that's good.
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Just curious why everyone gets their beta numbers.

Anyway, to answer your question, I got pg with twins on Clomid (50mg) alone. I never did any blood work so I can't answer your question about progesterone levels although I did do bloodwork the pregnancy prior (singleton) at around the same dpo as you and the number was high (although I think it was more in the 35-40 range, also 50mg Clomid).
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I had my twins via Clomid (100mg), I also did an Ovidrel trigger shot.

At 14DPO by HcG was 150, my RE said he "liked to see" over 50, so when I replied that I was having twins he laughed me off. Of course, my ultrasound two weeks later sure enough showed twins. :
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